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Gorilla cannabis seeds uk review

Anyone bought from Gorilla Seed Bank?

I can’t seem to find any reviews for Gorilla Seed bank. Anyone bought from them?

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I placed an order today due to the May promo running. got 9 FREE feminized seeds with my order. I’ll let you know if & when they arrive!! I got my fingers crossed!

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If you have any questions about Gorilla Seeds (or want a coupon code), feel free to PM me.

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I can give a review but it will have to be fair and accurate but limited to my own experiences. I have ordered from them twice. That should give a clue as to whether they are worth your time. Both orders came with a little bit of trouble.
The first order was 5 regular THC Bomb. The currency calculator was not on par with the payment company Gorilla was using AT THAT TIME. This appears to have been remedied. The second order is in route. The money was collected and I was informed that my payment had been received but Gorilla shipping didn’t jump on the delivery any time soon. I did the one thing that I knew to do. I sent a PM, at a forum, to the same people that handle PR for Gorilla at this forum. Steve was the one to respond to my dilemma. He handled it quickly (a little too quickly for my taste since compensation came in a useless form (that is, useless for me)). We ended up getting to an equitable solution and my order is at customs as I type this.
The point you should take from this review is that Gorilla cares so much that you are satisfied that they saw fit to give you access to problem solvers that are right here under your nose. I know that they have made me work to get what I want but I wouldn’t trade them for a big corporate company who is profit driven. I’ll give them a year of loyalty from my first order and decide later if I need a change.

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Annnnnnd we have yet ANOTHER seedbank that is being talked about regularly these days with posts being made by new members, who contribute absolutely nothing to these forums but a seedbank review.

No bueno Sherry

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EDITED: to include the following quote:

Annnnnnd we have yet ANOTHER seedbank that is being talked about regularly these days with posts being made by new members, who contribute absolutely nothing to these forums but a seedbank review.

No bueno Sherry

I’ll show your presumptuous ass why I have so little to offer. I just have to drive my big rig home. I doubt Sherry drives one of these. Btw, my old lady’s name is Sherry too. Stay tune to see what an ass this troller has shown himself to be.

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The Girl is my old lady’s (who is pictured in the dash of my truck and in the background behind the girl) granddaughter. Btw, I’m identifying what I can in order of upload. The Before pictures of my grow. These are the non-feminized THC Bomb. You can see where my equipment is now. All because the mother of the baby wanted to live a life full of REAL drugs when she could have just came home from a responsible job and smoked a joint and been lavished with all the love of that sweet little girl who helps her spinally injured (hence the natural pain reliever/dulling agents in cannabis that I was trying to supply) grandmother to keep me broke. So if you want to give someone a hard time, try to smoke a little and consider it again after your mood is light.

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@Xepshunall i wasnt talking about your old lady. I never speak ill or bad mouth ones women (unless she has inserted herself into the confrontation) and most certainly NEVER talk about anyones children. Anyways, how would I know what your womens name is anyways?

Nice pics of the grow, see – now you have contributed a bit.

The reason for my post is that there are many seedbanks in which random “new members” join ONLY to give a bank a rave review and are never to be seen or heard from again. Then what happens is a new grower comes in, reads these reviews of how great a place is, goes anf makes a order and ends up losing their money. Happens all of the time.

People are scared to order seeds. They fear for their safety. They fear for their freedom. They fear for losing $100 that most people dont have the spare cash to lose. So they rely on forums to learn how to and where to order beans. Because of this, their are people who take advantage of this and steal a sick patients money.

This shit happens all of the time. And everytime, EVERY SINGLE TIME, it is a smaller obscure seed bank, filled with reviews coming from new members. I am on these boards daily, and you never see random new members join ONLY to review Attitude, herbies or any of the other well known banks.

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I understand your point and I notice it too but you just slammed the first person who helped me when Gorilla dropped the ball on my first order form them. Sherry really is an honest person and I’ve read some of her other posts but I’m new here. What I’ve seen is at GCF (in case full names are not allowed) where I am also a member with the same username. She’s against false statements and her partner Steve openly shared an opinion with me that he shouldn’t but it showed me that they are fair. I’ve been offered freebies for the troubles I had with Gorilla. I never said they were awesome and could pull off miracles. I said you need to babysit your order. My point was you will be treated good enough by them, not like you’re their top priority. But Sherry and Steve are good honest people and are here for us even if they are paid by Gorilla to keep customer loyalty as high as it can be. I simply shopped around and found a low-priced, honest company and gave them a little faith ($42 cash sent US mail). I wouldn’t change jobs to make money as a forum liar no matter the pay. I make $50 per round trip run and can come and go on my own schedule. Pot is a passion because of it’s healing qualities. I hate drugs and alcohol but I love cannabis even though I can’t use it myself. I want to help with whatever I learn and I learned that Gorilla is honest and that the money they make is just a perk to the true purpose for their existence. They want to get the best genetics out to the growing community at a price that helps them and us. That’s the reason I deal with them. I’m going to grow again some day, either when it becomes legal to grow for Sherry (MY Sherry. Not the one who runs interference for the seed bank) or when the baby is with someone who can and will take as good of care of her as we would like to if we were young and able bodied enough to keep up with her needs as she reaches for adulthood. I miss my plants and regret that they never made it to maturity, let alone harvest. We all get cheated in life. I’ll be damned if I get on here and help a person get cheated by a seed bank. I HAVE HAD SUCCESS WITH GORILLA. I have no experience with any other seed bank. I can’t say they’re the best but the prices overcome any wish I might have to keep my orders stress free. When money is no issue, I’ll try some others and be completely honest about them too. As for my relative newbie-ism, I signed up once to see an image expanded. I found this site again when I did a Google search for “Gorilla seed bank login”. It just grabbed my attention.

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The edit is to eliminate any false impressions I may have had about the relationship between Gorilla and their representatives here and to explain that just because someone is new and answers a question, doesn’t mean that they are looking for an opportunity to be dishonest.

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First of all, I hate it when people join a site only to say something good or bad about a company they’ve dealt with. At times, I’ll point that out & encourage these new members to stick around & become part of the community.

Second, because we’re not yet a sponsor here, I’d prefer it if people put their comments, good or bad, on one of our sponsored forums. I’m certainly not encouraging anyone to post here & try to take people to email wherever possible.

Third, because of the response here, I’ve got the go ahead to look into a Rollitup sponsorship – I just can’t seem to get a response from where I think I’m supposed to ask. If we do become a sponsor, we’ll be allowed to advertise & offer a variety of discounts/comps/etc. like we do on other sites within the boundaries or Rollitup’s rules – so you’ll see more of me, or most likely more of Steve who works with me.

Fourth, I have the flu & feel like crap, so if I sound a little snippy, I apologize. I hate coming to the forums to see people bickering even when I’m in the best mood.

If anyone doesn’t want to buy from us, we’re certainly not trying to pressure anyone. If you do, we try to be here to help – it’s as simple as that.

Gorilla Seed Bank Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 26 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Gorilla Seed Bank is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

User Reviews

guest United States, July 2019

Where to begin . I ordered 12 reg Kings Banner from Darkhorse genetics through gorilla $ 112.00 . When I ordered off their website I received a confirmation # quickly with instructions for payment . I sent out the funds the next day ,and after a couple of days I received a follow up email confirmation that they had received the funds , with a note stating they actually didnt have my product and they would take care of me with a replacement or try to sorce it out . At this point I started getting frustrated. I finally decided to pick a substitute Barneys farm Blue gelato 41 10 fem seeds $ 88.00 they got back to me stating they would send substitute seeds with a new invoice all of a sudden were repriced at $112.00 . They still advertise 10 fem Barneys farm for $ 88.00 . Yeah they were taking care of me alright. Still havent heard back about the $24.00 difference . I recieved the package today relieved , only to find out they only sent me 1 seed . Yep 1 seed $112.00 . At this point Im pretty frustrated , only to get a reply from customer associate ( Andy ) saying why didnt you say you wanted more than one ? Well because you sent me a revised receipt stating you were sending me 10 seeds , thats why . Oh lord . Absolutely horrible .

guest United States, July 2019

ordered online . Paid in cash . Then got got confirmation of funds received , with a note stating they actually didnt have my product , and had to sorce it out . Finally picked a Barneys Farm product. Havent received anything yet .

garybo United States, April 2018

Seeds were small and possibly old, bought 25 seeds, germination rate was 60%

guest United Kingdom, January 2018

The gorilla really helped me out this new year fast delivery fresh seeds and amazing freebies on top of it all . The gorilla is legit ?

guest United States, July 2017

Ive ordered 3 times from these guys, you can ask for packs of seeds with your orders. i live in california with wire transfer i recieved my seeds in one week. these guys are on point! love the gorilla.

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guest South Africa, June 2017

This is by far the worst seed bank that I have ever ordered from. I placed an order in excess of £100, and never received my order. When I contacted the Seedbank, they just told me “Sorry there is nothing we can do about it”, and I just had to accept that my money is gone. Very unprofessional load of monkeys.

guest United States, May 2017

Did not send what I ordered. What they did send was crap and most were not even any good. Customer service was rude and did not even offer any kind of replacement. Will never order from gorilla seeds again! The word will be put out.

guest United States, April 2017

This was my first purchase & Im now a customer for life!! Extremely discreet shipping affordable prices make this a no brainer! Will recommend to everyone!!

guest United States, March 2017

Easy to navigate website, it took 8 days to receive payment, and another 8 days to get to me. Thats been the standard for me give or take a couple days.
customer service is friendly.

guest United States, March 2017

Horrible customer service. I am letting every message board know that they are a horrible company.

null0 United States, March 2017

The only real problem I have had is that when a seed was selected and paid for sometimes it would not be in stock. The n they substitute on their own. Like that they take bitcoin.

guest United States, February 2017

Quick order, good freebees, Seeds all germinated and grew strong.

MaOGreen United States, February 2017

Online showed in stock when it actually was not causing a delay and a back and forth with customer service. they offered a replacement but the genetics were not comparable.

guest United States, December 2016

Gorilla enticed me with a promotional seed offer – Barneys Blue Cheese. Its the reason I placed the order. They were stocked out on the item I did order, even though they took my order, and tried to talk me into a swap which was not appealing to me. Then they went ahead and sent out order. I received correct items ordered, but they swapped me out on the promotional with an arbitrary substitution. Whats worse, the seed showed up flat as a pancake. Their customer service explained that it would not be cost effective to send me out a replacement seed. They also explained that they send out the seeds the way they got them from the breeder. Does that mean the packer knew the seed was flatted before they packed it? Quite possibly. Anyways their explanation for the substitution was that they reserve the right to do that and the promotions only go until supplies run out. I asked them if it was my fault they delayed my order because of the stock-out. They were not sympathetic. They said next time i order, they might throw in a couple extra seeds but that was about all they could do for me. I told them fat chance in getting interested in any of their free seeds in the future if its arbitrary what they send me. I think this kind of attitude doesnt deserve a repeat order.

guest United States, October 2016

Ordered west coast og and white widow and they were out of white widow so offered me a free upgrade to the widow that they charged me for, and the the west coast og seeds i got were all crap i got 5 and they were all under a foot and a half with under a quarter on each. The widow was ok decent yeild by no means an upgrade of white widow and i had to pay more. I got girl scout cookie from another bank and it kills the widow. Never again garbage

guest United States, August 2016

Purchase 10 Kandy Kush with 0 out 10 germinating. No offer to replace seeds as their reply stated there only for souveniers. No problems with free seeds or Fruit Juice that germinated 7 of 10 seeds. I have a request for notice on out of stock seeds but not sure if buying from people that dont stand by theyre product is a company that I want to fund!

guest United States, August 2016

First time buyer and for sure a last time.I was sent bogus seeds that were either old or no good at all.Most of them would crack the shell and the tap root wouldnt grow no more than 1/8th of an inch,and then do nothing more when placed in various planting modes.I feel I was ripped off,very dissatisfied with your products.

guest United Kingdom, May 2016

Very good stock of seeds and quick delivery. But I have serious questions over their costings and the quality of seeds. When payment was made it was through a foreign bank account which charged me over 5% extra for currency exchange, this is not apparent at time of purchase. Most annoying though was that a high percentage of seeds would not germinate. From my first order only 60% germinated, which I thought was not very good. As they seemed one of the only places that had strains I wanted I tried them again, and got terrible results again. From 13 seeds only 8 germinated, which is about the same failure rate again. With the combination of hidden charges and poor quality seeds they are actually costing me almost twice the advertised price.

guest United States, April 2016

Sent the money through Western Union April 13. Was sent an email stating they couldnt find that i did not sent mtcn number. I get another email saying they found the information I sent. Days later i get another email and was told they couldnt pick it up because WU wont allow the receiving name i was given to pick up any more money orders. Went back to WU store and resent money under new name supplied by gorilla. April 28 received another email that there was no money sent under that mtcn number. I drove for a third time to WU and confirmed that ALL the numbers were correct and there were no typos. Called “Gavin” at the U.S. number and he had several excuses from blaming it on the people in the U.K. to blaming it on WU. Cant be both of their faults so he lies. I was very polite and tried to explain to him that i checked with WU and confirmed the money was waiting to be picked up since the day i sent it. Gavin hung up on me. I immediately went to WU and pulled the money. Lost 26 dollars in WU fees, quite a bit of time, and my whole growing season. I guess i should consider myself lucky that it only cost me $26 dollars to learn this lesson. This was my first time attempting to order from Gorilla but have ordered a dozen times from other companies with zero problems. Maybe some folks have success with Gorilla but this was my experience. BEWARE – there is a good chance that at minimum you will be out time and money. Never again will I be scammed by these people.

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guest United States, April 2016

Very friendly,sent emails from bank processing to mailing, kept well informed about my order. I ordered something that they just ran out of, offered me a same strain ( gave me 5 seeds when I only ordered 3. )for same price. will definitely buy from again. Good people. MGK

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Gorilla Seed Bank Review in 2022 – 9.1/10 Star Rating by 2,200+ Customers

Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from a very small company to one of the best online marijuana seeds bank. They are professionals at handling their customers in a very nice manner.

The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in nice safe packaging.

The gorilla seed bank is not a very old company. Still, they have made their name in the marijuana sector.

The UK based company has customers buying their high-quality cannabis seeds from all over the world. Let us tell you about these fantastic people in details in the Gorilla seed bank review below.


Company Reputation

Gorilla Seeds is a well-known brand for buying marijuana seeds. People love them, and the proof is the high ratings that customers give them.

Trustpilot has 9.1-star ratings out of 10.

This high rating has been given by 2,00+ genuine customers who bought marijuana from Gorilla seed bank. Their policy of treating every single customer with personalized customer care is one of the most important reasons behind the company’s rise in a short period of time.

Gorilla seed bank team is active on forums and other marijuana-related websites; they regularly post and solve people’s questions and queries.

If you want a personalized experience of buying marijuana seeds and after-sales support , then you ought to try them once.

History of Gorilla Seed Bank

Although the company is new, the people who work there have more than 40 years of experience in the marijuana field. A lot of experts who were working on their own and were good at stuff just came together with each other to make this awesome Gorilla seed bank.

Initially, the founder of Gorilla seeds Alex used to order marijuana seeds from various other seed banks. He was being disappointed by other seed banks and was tired of not finding that one good seed bank which checked all the marks.

So next, he made up his mind to make his own cannabis seed bank in the year 2020. Slowly and steadily, other experts joined under his banner and started to give people personalized marijuana shopping experience.

The idea behind this seed bank is to give people personalized service.

If you would like to know more about them, just head over to their About US page.

Online Store Website

You go their homepage and boom! You get to see all the cannabis seeds right at the center of the homepage. No BS, straight to the point , we like it!

There are the menus on the top which redirect you to their best seller marijuana strains, feminized strains, list of seedbanks, autoflowering seeds, and many other options.

It’s really easy to follow this website and navigate all the pages. We don’t see any jumbled and clutter design anywhere on their website.

You can even browse cannabis strains by their types, like High Yield, High THC, Beginner Strains, CBD Strains, etc.

Quality of Seeds at Gorilla Seed Bank

Gorilla seed bank team is constantly on the lookout for the best strains on the market. They test their seed to maintain high-quality standards.

All the seeds that are available on Gorilla seed bank are sourced from various seed banks and seed breeders like Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha, Dinafem, etc.

Because these seeds come from different kinds of breeders and seedbanks, all of them are going to have different levels of quality.

Gorilla Seeds have their own selected seed bank from where they order seeds, so they do have an eye on the seed quality of the seed banks.

All the strains they have selected to sell are really famous and are only selected when they think they are of high quality and will satisfy the customers.

The whole stock of Gorilla seed bank is well-curated and made up of high-quality seeds only.

Gorilla Seeds Strains Variety

No matter if you love greenhouse growing, indoor growing or outdoor marijuana growing, Gorilla seeds have something for everyone.

They also have feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, high CBD and high THC cannabis seeds , and many more.