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Golden soda seeds

Black Cherry Soda Seeds – Feminized Marijuana

The Black Cherry Soda seeds are famous for their equal Sativa and Indica properties. Marijuana enthusiasts looking for a mix of calmness and energizing effects settle for Black Cherry Soda. On the other hand, weed-growers prefer Black Cherry Soda seeds due to their ease of growing. Without further ado, let’s delve into and understand this marijuana strain better.


Indoor 1.3 – 1.6 (oz/ft²)

Outdoor 17 – 21 oz per plant


Indoor 56 – 63 days


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The Genotype of Black Cherry Soda Seeds

Black Cherry Soda marijuana seeds are a hybrid of Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades. The strain contains 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, making it one of the unique strains you would ever find in the market today. The genotypes in Black Cherry Soda marijuana seeds explain why the plants project a mix of Indica and Sativa properties.

The Phenotype of Black Cherry Soda Seeds

The phenotypes present in Black Cherry Soda are responsible for its features. When the Black Cherry cannabis seeds germinate and bloom into mature plants, the unique features start emerging, giving the strain its distinct features.

The green buds from the cannabis plant grown out of Black Cherry Soda seeds are easy to locate. Although green is the standard color for the buds, you might notice hints of light purple. On rare occasions, the buds might have dark purple color. Regardless of their color, the buds are covered with sparse orange pistils and sticky trichomes.

Another notable feature in Black Cherry Soda strain seeds is that the plants grow tall. Favorable growing conditions can allow the plant to grow to seven feet.

Flowering Time of Black Cherry Soda Seeds

The flowering period for cannabis plants grown from Black Cherry Soda strain seeds depends on whether the plant was grown indoors or outdoors. Although Black Cherry Soda seeds can germinate in both environments, most growers prefer an indoor setup. The flowering of Black Cherry Soda in an indoor environment ends between 56 and 63 days. On the other hand, when you cultivate Black Cherry Soda seeds outdoors, the flowering period ends between late September and early October.

Black Cherry Soda weed seeds are famous for their incredible THC levels, which range between 15% and 20%, which is enough to make you high as a kite. A combination of the THC, Sativa, and Indica properties strikes a balance to the users, preventing the risk of developing paranoia or couch-lock.

The CBD levels in Black Cherry Soda seeds are extremely low, with most buds recording 0% of this non-psychotic cannabinoid. The low CBD levels explain why THC, Sativa, and Indica high feel abnormal.

Effects of Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda seeds are in high demand due to their unique effects. The Indica properties are responsible for inducing relaxing effects to its users. The Indica properties also induce creativity in the users. High intake of this weed by novices might introduce sedating effects or couch-lock due to the Indica properties.

On the other hand, the Sativa properties might induce euphoric effects. The euphoric effects are characterized by insane energy levels that might make you more productive. A combination of the Indica and Sativa eventually causes mild body high, which causes overall relaxation and composure.

The combination of THC, Indica, and Sativa causes the body to increase extreme cottonmouth characterized by dry eyes, mouth, and throat. Cottonmouth occurs due to less production of saliva and is prevalent in most cannabis strains. Taking enough fluids before or after a session suppresses the severity of the cottonmouth.

Recreational Effects

One of the primary reasons for developing Black Cherry Soda feminized seeds was to tap its optimal recreational benefits. First things first, the Sativa properties are why Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds are in high demand in the recreational arena. The energizing effects make it easy for you to interact with other people seamlessly. The euphoric effects from Sativa also make this strain the best choice for wake n’ bake.

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The Indica properties in Black Cherry Soda marijuana seeds manifest in the flower buds and are responsible for relaxing your mind during meditation. Having a session of this marijuana strain also allows you to remain focused during movie time.

Medical Effects

Black Cherry Soda seeds can be used for medical purposes, although the benefits are limited. First, Black Cherry Soda marijuana’s relaxing effects make it ideal for managing anxiety disorders, including bipolar disorder and depression.

Second, the Indica properties in this marijuana strain trigger hunger pangs. Medics believe that Black Cherry Soda’s ability to offset hunger shows that it can manage hunger disorders.

Third, the high potency of this strain makes it ideal for managing chronic pain. If you have rheumatic arthritis (RA), muscle spasms, and headaches, using Black Cherry Soda would come in handy.

Taste and Aroma of Black Cherry Soda

Most marijuana growers prefer Black Cherry Soda seeds due to the taste and aroma of the buds they get from them. The Black Cherry Soda marijuana has a rare combination of flavors that you might never find in other strains. Inhaling buds from this strain leaves your mouth with cherry, strawberry, and sweet tropical taste. When you exhale, notes of sweet strawberry remain in the mouth for a long time, making you yearn for more.

When you crack the marijuana’s buds, a strong scent of berries fills the air. You can also smell notes of berries and sweet fragrances with earthy undertones.

The Yield of Black Cherry Soda Seeds

Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds require moderate temperature with low humidity to thrive, common in many areas. The total yield depends on the prevailing conditions that Black Cherry Soda marijuana grew. Growing marijuana plants indoors or outdoors can give yield different results due to the prevailing conditions.

Indoor-grown Black Cherry Soda cannabis can yield between 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft 2 (400 – 500 g/m 2 ). On the other hand, when the same strain is grown outdoor, it produces between 17 – 21 oz (500 – 600 gr) per plant.

Final Thoughts on Black Cherry Soda Seeds

The continued legalization of marijuana has made it easy for sellers to stock Black Cherry Soda seeds. Although the decision is sound in many ways, it increases the risk of buying bad seeds. As a buyer, you should carry out a background check to establish authenticity of the seller. The ease of growing, high yields in indoor and outdoor conditions, and resistance to pests make this strain one of the best in the market. Once you get a taste of Black Cherry Soda cannabis, you never go back.

Golden Soda seeds

Buy Golden Soda seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Golden Soda cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Golden Soda seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Golden Soda seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Golden Soda seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Golden Soda seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Golden Soda seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Golden Soda seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

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Golden Soda specifications

Read the Golden Soda seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Golden Soda seeds.

Variety 30% Indica and 70% Sativa
THC level 14.5%
CBD Level Low

About Golden Soda seeds

Golden Soda is a hybrid strain with a THC level of 14.5 percent. The CBD level of this strain is low. Golden Soda is abbreviated as Goc with a variety of 70% sativa and 30% sativa. Golden Soda will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with a fine return in harvest. It is not hard to grow these Golden Soda seeds, you keep an eye on this plant will it grows, the flowering period is pretty average.

Golden Soda seeds are not available to buy online at the moment, we will update the information as soon as we have a seedbank selling Golden Soda seeds.

Golden Goat Seeds – Feminized Marijuana

Golden Goat seeds have established themself as an ideal choice for novice marijuana enthusiasts, thanks to its Sativa dominance, average THC level, and ease in growth. Paranoid marijuana users who cannot stand the overwhelming stoning effects of Indica prefer buying Golden Goat seeds since the strain quenches their thirst for euphoria. Without further ado, let’s get deeper to understand factors that give this marijuana strain the X-factor.


Indoor 1.3 – 1.5 oz/ft² (400 – 450 g/m²)

Outdoor 12 – 14 oz (350 – 400 gr) per plant


Indoor 63 – 77 days


Table of content

The Genotype of Golden Goat Seeds

Genotypes refer to a plant’s genetic makeup and cannot be modified easily. The genotypes in Golden Goat seeds refer to the composition of Indica, Sativa, and parent strains. To start with, Golden Goat marijuana is a Sativa-dominant strain, with this compound making up 65%, while the Indica takes 35%. The parent strains for Golden Goat are Hawaiian-Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk.

The Phenotype of Golden Goat Seeds

Phenotypes refer to the visible features of a marijuana plant. The interaction between the genotypes in Golden Goat seeds and growing conditions gives rise to the strain’s phenotypes. The following are some of the phenotypes in this marijuana strain.

First, the nugs in Golden Goat marijuana are covered in frosty trichomes responsible for their high potency. The leaves have a distinct light green to pink color and are covered in bright red trichomes, giving them a neon appearance.

The Yield of Golden Goat Seeds

Golden Goat seeds are versatile and can grow both indoors and outdoors. The strain might not give insanely high yields but compensates this with the ease of growing. The latter explains why the demand for Golden Goat marijuana seeds is on an all-time high.

When the Golden Goat cannabis seeds are cultivated indoors, they yield between 1.3 – 1.5 oz/ft² (400 – 450 g/m²). On the other hand, growing the same strain outdoors should yield between 12 – 14 oz (350 – 400 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

After the germination of Golden Goat seeds and vegetation, you should expect the flowering to end 63 and 77 days in an indoor setup. Although the strain can flower in both indoor and outdoor setups, most growers prefer the indoor setup to monitor the health of the flowers.

Taste and Aroma of Golden Goat

You can only know the true flavor and aroma of a strain after the germination of its seeds, and Golden Goat seeds are not exceptional. First things first, the buds’ flavor grown from Golden Goat feminized seeds is highly influenced by the Hawaiian parent strains. When you inhale the smoke from this cannabis, you get a citrusy sweet aroma with earthy notes. After exhaling the smoke, you might get tropical-fruity notes on the taste buds. A combination of these flavors partly explains why Golden Goat marijuana seeds are in high demand.

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Golden Goat marijuana seeds are famous for the buds, producing a strong fragrant, citrusy aroma that can be overwhelmingly attractive. When you combust the weed during smoking, it produces an earthy aroma.

Effects of Golden Goat

When the Golden Goat weed seeds germinate, the potency starts to develop. Although the average THC level might not permit high potency development, we cannot overlook the existing effects.

First, when you start a session, the euphoric effects of marijuana kick in almost immediately. You first feel lightheadedness before waves of energetic effects take over other parts of the body. The euphoric effects might also raise your mood, making you smile involuntarily. If you are a novice marijuana user, the euphoric effects might induce paranoic effects. However, the euphoric effects only last for a few minutes.

Second, once the euphoric effects fade away, the body starts to experience mellow calming effects. The calming effects make you focus more, although novice users might get a chain of thoughts, inducing paranoia in the process.

Finally, consuming marijuana grown from Golden Goat cannabis seeds induces cottonmouth to users. Cottonmouth is a condition that occurs due to the THC properties. Cottonmouth is characterized by itchy eyes, throat, and dry mouth. You can suppress the cottonmouth symptoms by taking enough fluids immediately after completing your session.

Recreational Effects

Another reason for the demand for Golden Goat strain seeds is the recreational benefits. The euphoric effects in Sativa make this marijuana strain ideal for boosting your morale during hard times. If you are a sucker for doing physical activities, this is the right strain to steer you in that direction.

The Indica properties, on the other hand, induce a calming effect on the brain. These effects allow you to focus better and keep cool. A few puffs of marijuana grown from the Golden Goat feminized seeds can help you focus better during movie time or meditation.

Medical Effects

Golden Goat strain seeds might not harbor high medical properties, but we cannot overlook the existing ones. First things first, this marijuana strain is Sativa-dominant, whose effects help in managing stress and depression. The euphoric effects also help in suppressing chronic fatigue that is synonymous with stress.

On the other hand, the mellow calming effects from Indica properties play a crucial role in minimizing chronic pain and inflammation. Doctors have recommended the use and even infused the cannabis into pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications. This marijuana is therefore effective in managing joint pain, migraines, menstrual cramps, and chronic pain.

Golden Goat marijuana might not have the highest THC levels, especially for experienced smokers. The average THC levels for this marijuana strain ranges from 15 to 20%. The average THC level explains why the demand for Golden Goat cannabis seeds among novice marijuana enthusiasts might not drop anytime soon.

Golden Goas feminized seeds contain one of the lowest CBD properties. The highest CBD level that this strain has ever recorded was 1.42%. But most plants have about 0% of this non-psychotic cannabinoid.

Final Thoughts on Golden Goat Seeds

Golden Goat cannabis seeds are what every novice marijuana enthusiast requires. The average THC level, Sativa dominance, and low CBD properties make it ideal for marijuana explorers paranoid of the stoning effects. Our shop stocks top-shelf grade Golden Goat seeds and we sell them at affordable prices. Instead of whining about highly-priced marijuana seeds, reach out to us and have all your needs attended to.