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Godzilla seeds

Godzilla Glue Cannabis Seeds

We are talking about a super yielder in every fields, dried flowers, resin, branches … this plant is a beast in every way.

To create it, we started with our master cut of King Kong baptized as ‘Brutal Cut’ pollinated with the famous clone Gorilla Glue 4, which today is worldwide known who has not heard of him.

Gorilla Glue 4 was the result of an accident between a Chem Sis and a Sour Dubb, producing a plant that is already legendary, we adding our King Kong parental we managed to shorten the flowering to 8 weeks approx. maintaining a brutal yield and quality, remember that the original clone of Gorilla Glue 4 is collected in 9 – 10 weeks.

The buds are completely white, also the leaves closest to these, form large easy manicure heads but you will discover that it is better not to throw away the remains, everything has resin.

The aroma and flavor is sweet, with touches of pine and a strong Diesel background that will leave you in love. The effect is pleasant, strong and stimulating, you will laugh without stopping. Without a doubt, a plant that you can not miss.


In BSF Seeds this year they presented a new Draft Line player, Godzilla glue. A monster that comes from the crossing of the two most recognized varieties in America for their effects: the great Gorilla Glue #4 and our elite Girl Scout Cookies clone (mentholated phenotype).

The cannabis seed of Godzilla Glue generates one of the strongest varieties we have ever seen; it grows vigorously from the first stage but it needs to be well fertilized to reach its full potential. Its structure offers us a large apical top in the center with powerful side branches positioned at the same height; very suitable for the Sog and Scrog methods. The resin production of the Godzilla Glue is impressive, it covers all the flowers like a large white coat that makes even the 30% of THC; this makes it much stronger than common hybrids on the market. Thanks to its large quantity of resin, Godzilla Glue is recommended for all types of extractions. His earthy and mentholated terpenes make this new Draft Line member a real treat in the mouth. In addition to its intense earthy flavor with touches of wood, lemon and mint, this variety has strong medicinal properties that help in treating, among others, eating problems, depression, epilepsy, nausea, vomiting, anorexia.

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Godzilla Glue is without doubt one of the best hybrids on the market.


From the Marijuana seeds of BSF Seeds we present the other newcomer to the Draft Line, a gem for lovers of american genetics, the monstrous Godzilla Glue Auto.

We have been through two of the most sought after American genetics of recent times: as a mother we use our “California Beast” (La Gorilla Glue #4) and as a father the Grils Scout Cookies.

Godzilla Glue Auto is an easy-to-cultivate plant that loves to be well nourished throughout its process, but especially in the flowering phase where it will require more food. We recommend continuous irrigation without being stressed in the initial phase. Its structure is characterized by a large central apical top covered by a mantle of resin, which results in high levels of THC. Its ntoxicating and powerful odor will not go unnoticed, so we suggest using the odor filter during the whole flowering process.

Its extraordinary taste reveals its origins: you will feel the strong taste of the damp earth of the mother and the taste of the biscuit and mint chocolate of the father. Its medicinal properties have been tested with great efficiency in the problems of insomnia, muscle pain, vomiting and spasms.

Godzilla Seeds

Godzilla Seeds is mostly Indica marijuana strain from Cana de Espana farms and has the genetics of original GodBud (Jordan of the Islands). With a flowering period of 55 days, the Godzilla Seeds produces vibrant buds. This strain boast of a THC content of 15-18% and can be grown either or outdoor conditions. With a sour berry flavor and hints of vanilla, the Godzilla strain delivers a Crushing euphoria and sedation to the users.

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