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Why Didn’t my Seeds Germinate?

Why didn’t my seeds germinate? This is a question often asked by novice and experienced growers alike. Some people think that it’s because they bought old seeds or badly made seeds, but it’s generally because the germination process isn’t done properly. Cannabis seeds have a 99% germination chance, even after being in a box for up to 5 years.

Cannabis seeds are life matter, and if germination isn’t done correctly then the seeds are worthless. Cannabis plants are generally quite sturdy and they grow quite fast, but they’re extremely fragile before they begin their growth spurt. You need to germinate in humid places with a decent temperature, and make sure that the seeds have enough humidity for the 2-10 days it can take for them to germinate. Just because it hasn’t shown any roots in four days doesn’t mean that the seed isn’t going to open, you just have to wait and have some patience.

One of the most common errors is just leaving them in some damp kitchen paper on a plate, as they’ll dry up before they can root. You need to make sure that the paper isn’t dry, if it’s dry you’ll need to give them a bit more water, some people give them too much water in case they dry out etc. These practices are what cause seeds to dry out or to drown in too much water; it’s not the seed’s fault, but generally the grower’s.

Another big mistake is germinating in a glass of water. The issue with this method is many people don’t take into account the water temperature. If the water’s too cold then the seeds will sit there for days until they eventually rot due to the low temperature in the water. This method’s okay for warm summer months when there’s a decent temperature and the water doesn’t get too cold. This still isn’t the seed’s fault.

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One of the biggest mistakes is germinating straight in a jiffy or soil. The issue here is that the seeds will most likely take much more than 48h to germinate, and by then the upper layers of soil will have dried out, and if it doesn’t die off due to that then it will probably die if you try and water it to keep humidity up; in these cases, the seed tends to come to the surface or they can sink even further into the soil. Once again, this is the grower’s fault.

The only way to be sure that your plants are going to get a chance to grow is to germinate them before putting them in the desired medium. The only way to make sure that they germinate is to make sure that the temperature never goes below 20º and that the paper doesn’t dry. How? By using a simple plastic kitchen container. If you germinate your seeds in a plastic container with some damp kitchen paper and you keep it closed, the water from the paper won’t evaporate and dry out. Even if it takes 10 days it will still germinate. Once the seeds have opened, you’ll need to place them in a properly watered pot because you won’t be able to water again until the seedling pops through the surface, although this should only take one day indoors and maybe 2 outdoors. With this system you can germinate hundreds of seeds in a small Tupperware container. If it’s summer and it’s warm, you can just stick them anywhere out of direct light. If it’s the winter and it’s colder you can place the container on top of your TV or internet box to give it that extra bit of heat. If it’s going to be somewhere where light can get to it, cover the box in tin foil.

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So, now you know the best way to germinate your seeds. You might have been doing it one of the “wrong” ways and you’ve been lucky so far, but the only way you can germinate and blame the seeds if it doesn’t work is if you use the correct method we mentioned last. Happy growing!

How To Germinate & Plant Cannabis Seeds – Cybele Labs

So you want to start growing cannabis, huh? Great! Where do you start? What do you need? How do you have a successful germination rate?

If reading is not your thing, check out our video tutorial on YouTube. Let’s get right into it!

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Things you’ll need

  1. Your favourite cannabis seeds
  2. Glass of tap water (any container works)
  3. Paper towel
  4. Tupperware container

Get yourself a glass and fill it with water, tap water is perfectly fine. Drop your seeds in and place the glass in a dark space like a cabinet or cupboard and check back in 12 hours. Make sure its a dark spot so you can restrict all light, this will allow your seeds to germinate properly. If you have multiple different seeds (strains) be sure to label each glass and separate them accordingly.

Now once you come back you’ll notice most of the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the glass, If you see some floaters, give them a poke and they should drop to the bottom. Back into the dark space for another 12 hours.

At this point your seeds will begin to crack open and you’ll notice a small white spot, this is the beginning of a tap root. Now you’re ready for the next step, get some paper towel and dump the water plus seeds onto the paper towel to soak it completely. Reposition your seeds so they’re evenly spaced and fold the paper towel over, ensure the seeds have full contact with the soaking wet paper towel. At this point you can place the paper towel into a tupperware container and put it back into a dark spot for 12 – 24 hours.

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After 12 – 24 hours you will see a tap root approximately 5 millimetres long, your cannabis seeds are now ready to be planted in a growing medium of your choice! We used soil in this tutorial.

How To Plant Cannabis Seeds

Things you’ll need

  1. Your germinated cannabis seeds
  2. Small pots or a seed starting tray
  3. Your favourite seed starting mix
  4. Toothpick
  5. Spray bottle filled with warm water
  6. Dome or plastic cover
  7. Heating pad (optional)

Fill your starting tray with a seed starting mix and gently pack the soil down with your finger. Use a toothpick to poke a 1inch hole directly in the centre of each pot and then place each seed, tap root down into the hole. This will allow the tap root to shoot down into the soil and anchor itself, don’t burry the seed, make sure it’s completely visible.

Spray each individual pot with warm water and cover the pots with a plastic dome or plastic cover. Now the goal is to have your germinated seeds anchor into the soil and shoot straight up which is the beginning of your cannabis plants stem. Cover the dome with a blanket or towel and use a heating pad to help speed up the process, this is totally optional. Check back in 24 hours, throw the pots under some grow lights and boom, you’re on the way to growing some cannabis.