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Freakshow seeds

Freakshow 10 fem seeds

One of the most unique and novel creations to ever grace the world of cannabis has to be the Freakshow strain, lovingly referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra . Possibly becoming a 4 th subspecies of marijuana with a completely new morphology that separates it distinctly from the rest, the Freakshow simply has to be seen and experienced to believe. With over 40 years of hands-on breeding experience, the California breeder known as Shapeshifter spent years selecting for cannabis oddities as a personal challenge. “When you’ve worked as many cannabis lines as I have, 40 years worth , normalcy starts to get a little monotonous” says Shapeshifter. The 2019 debut release of the Freakshow seed that was produced by Humboldt Seed Company will without a doubt effect the world of cannabis for ever more and we’re proud to be a part of it. Freakshow is not genetically engineered or modified in any way and these seeds were produced without the use of any chemicals!

Freakshow does not require any different treatment when growing indoors or out. The identification of the male vs female Freakshow can be a bit tougher than regular cannabis. We still encourage people to see our YouTube Channel where we have a cannabis sex identification training video. We will add specific Freakshow videos over time. We hope you enjoy this wonderful, terpene rich, beautiful plant! Love, Humboldt.

Freakshow Regular Seeds – 10

Freakshow has been affectionately named Cannabis Lusus Monstra (deformed cannabis monster) by the growers at Humboldt Seed Co. Freakshow sports a unique morphology and was originally developed by Cali breeder Shapeshifter in his quest to preserve cannabis oddities and rarities. It is 90% sativa and is a Bx4 which has resulted in its stabilisation. Big plants with great terpene production, it is quite tricky to differentiate male and female plants, at least to the inexperienced eye.

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Indoor growers will find a longer flowering time of 65 days while those cultivators exploiting the great outdoors in the northern hemisphere should see harvests ready between October 5th and 15th.

THC levels of 18% are to be expected as is an uplifting sativa-style effect.