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Fireball seeds

Fireball Hot Pepper

About 110–200/g, except Thai Hot.

Hybrid pepper seed is expensive so A-size packets are modest. 0.1g packets contain 10-20 seeds. We pack by weight and not by seed count so there will be variation.

Chiles have been consumed in Mexico for more than 5,000 years. In the U.S. hot peppers have increased dramatically in popularity.

Capsaicin compounds cause most of the heat in peppers. Warm nighttime temperatures stimulate maximum development of capsaicins and increase pungency levels. Pungency is expressed in Scoville units, after Wilbur Scoville, an Englishman who devised the method used for eighty years to measure the heat in peppers.

Some Scoville ratings for general categories are:

  • Bell, Banana and Pimiento peppers 0
  • Habanada
  • Beaver Dam

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Strawflower, ‘Monstrosum Fireball’

(Bracteantha bracteata) Remarkable scarlet red blooms to set your garden on fire! Bright red outer petals fade to orange and yellow centers on multi-branched upright 3-4′ plants. The blooms have a dried papery texture even while fresh on the plant. Great for cut flowers, fresh and dried, and beautiful in flower wreaths, garlands, and garlic braids. Strawflowers are such cool and versatile flowers! Last well into frosty late fall days.
75-85 days. TR

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