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Elephant seeds

Elephant Head Amaranth

Elephant Head Amaranth (Amaranthus gangeticus) is a striking heirloom variety brought to the United States in the late 1800s. Plants typically reach a stout two to three feet and form giant burgundy flower heads shaped like an elephant’s trunk. Young edible leaves are delicious steamed like spinach and the mature seeds are high in protein, and can be cooked like a grain or ground to make flour.

70 days to flower. Annual.
Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Lucky Elephant Bean Seed With 12 Tiny Elephants Inside The Bean(bone) Gold

This little bean with the tiny elephants brings me back to my childhood days when I had a very similar one. I never thought I’d see another tiny thing like this again. Brings back happy memories.

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Happy customer

Hi there..I got ur lovely pkg.The pretty blue Pouches are really nice.I thank You for this surprise.And I think I got my pkg quickly so its really awesom and I love the little gold vials.. Thank You again Barb G

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The mini elephants inside the bean pod were unrecognizeable. The bone chips (mini elephants) were a disappointment and not anything like the one I bought a decade ago. The gold and personal note were very nice.

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Great item

I love it. Thanks i have looked for this for many many years. Glad i finally found it