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Egg roll seeds

Egg roll seeds

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Best Egg Rolls

Crispy egg rolls filled with seasoned pork, cabbage, and carrots are a fabulous side dish to serve alongside stir-fry dishes. These homemade egg rolls are almost identical to what you’d get at a Chinese restaurant! Serve warm with egg roll sauce or soy sauce if desired.


Recipe Summary

It’s easier than you think to make restaurant-worthy egg rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen. With this top-rated recipe, you’ll learn how to make perfect egg rolls (and how to roll egg rolls) in less than half an hour.

What Is An Egg Roll?

An egg roll is a fried appetizer that’s found on countless Chinese-American restaurant menus. It consists of a thick, crispy wheat flour skin filled with shredded cabbage, pork, and other ingredients. Egg rolls are fried in hot oil, served warm, and usually dipped in duck sauce or soy sauce.

Why Are Eggs Rolls Called Egg Rolls?

Contrary to popular belief, egg rolls don’t contain any eggs. So where does the name come from? Nobody quite knows, but there are a couple of theories. One legend holds that the popular appetizer is a twist on a dish called Dan Gun, which consists of ingredients (such as ham, sprouts, and mushrooms) wrapped in a thin omelet. Since omelets are made of eggs, the newer dish was called an “egg roll.”

What’s In An Egg Roll?

This egg roll recipe calls for a ginger- and garlic-packed filling of pork, cabbage, and carrots. The filling is stuffed in a store-bought egg roll wrapper, which is sealed with a flour paste and fried to crispy perfection in hot peanut oil.

Egg Roll vs. Spring Roll

Egg rolls and spring rolls are both cylindrical appetizers associated with Chinese cuisines, but there are few notable differences. Spring rolls are wrapped in thin flour or rice wrappers before being baked, fried, or left uncooked. Egg rolls, meanwhile, are wrapped in a thick wrapper that is then deep-fried.

Spring rolls, which have ancient Chinese origins, are usually stuffed with seasonal vegetables and sometimes chicken or shrimp. Egg rolls, which were likely invented in the U.S, are often filled with pork and veggies. The egg roll is an ancestor of the spring roll.

How to Make Egg Rolls

You’ll find the full recipe below (including step-by-step instructions for how to roll egg rolls), but here’s a brief overview of what can you can expect:

Make the Filling

Cook seasoned ground pork until brown and crumbly. Mix cooked pork, cabbage, and carrots in a large bowl. Meanwhile, mix flour and water in a small bowl.

Fill and Roll

Lay one egg roll wrapper on a clean work surface. Place a scoop of the filling in the center of the wrapper and roll. Fold tightly and seal with flour paste.

Fry and Serve

Fry the egg rolls until they’re golden-brown and crispy. Drain on wire racks and/or paper towels. Sprinkle the finished egg rolls with sesame seeds (if you have them) and serve with your dipping sauce of choice.

Egg Roll Dipping Sauce

Pair your homemade egg rolls with soy sauce, duck sauce, or one of these Asian-inspired ideas:

Explore our entire collection of Sauces and Condiments.

Where to Buy Egg Roll Wrappers

You can typically find egg roll wrappers in the international food aisle, the produce section, or the deli section of the grocery store. If your local grocery store doesn’t have egg roll wrappers, you may have to check the nearest Asian market or order them online.

Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

“Best egg rolls ever,” raves jen. “I made these last night and my husband liked them so much he asked me to make them again tonight. They’re super easy to make. I doubled the amount of ginger and used fresh minced garlic.”

“These are great, although after making them a few times, I would recommend using canola oil to fry them in,” says one Allrecipes community member. “I got a much crispier egg roll using that instead of peanut oil. Also, I added scrambled eggs, and extra cabbage. Beware, this recipe makes a lot of filling!!”

“This was a great, easy recipe,” according to Melanie S. “I added soy sauce to the meat before rolling as others had suggested and they were wonderful. The entire crowd was thrilled! This one’s a keeper! Thanks!”


  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger, or more to taste
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder, or more to taste
  • 2 cups shredded cabbage
  • 2 ounces shredded carrots
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 quart peanut oil for frying, or as needed
  • 8 (7 inch square) egg roll wrappers
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds (Optional)
  • Step 1

Season pork with ginger and garlic powder in a large bowl; mix until thoroughly combined.

Place pork in a medium skillet over medium heat. Cook and stir until pork is browned and crumbly, 5 to 7 minutes.

Combine cooked pork, cabbage, and carrots in a large bowl; mix until egg roll filling is well combined.

Mix four and water together in a small bowl until a paste forms.

Heat oil in a large skillet to about 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) or medium high heat.

While oil is heating, prepare egg rolls: Lay one egg roll wrapper on a work surface with one corner pointed toward you like a diamond. Place about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of the filling in the center of the wrapper. Fold the bottom corner up and over the filling. Fold the left and right corners in toward the center. Push the egg roll away from you and roll toward the top corner. Brush a bit of the flour paste over the inside of that corner to help seal the egg roll.

Fry egg rolls in the hot oil, turning occasionally, until golden brown and crispy, 5 to 8 minutes. Remove from oil and drain on paper towels or rack.

Place egg rolls on a serving plate and sprinkle sesame seeds over top.

To save on prep time, use a store-bought coleslaw mix instead of slicing your own cabbage and carrots.

Editor’s Note:

We have determined the nutritional value of oil for frying based on a retention value of 10% after cooking. The exact amount will vary depending on cooking time and temperature, ingredient density, and the specific type of oil used.

334 calories; protein 14.2g; carbohydrates 22.6g; fat 20.5g; cholesterol 39.7mg; sodium 220.2mg. Full Nutrition

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Reviews ( 545 )

Most helpful positive review

These are the easiest egg rolls I have ever made, and they are tasty. Next time I would add a little more seasoning to the filling. I also used a bag of cole slaw. i JUST MADE THESE AGAIN AND I USED SPICY PORK SAUSAGE VERY GOOD.

Most helpful critical review

Good egg rolls but I think I’ll have to play around with some spices to make it taste better. Possibly lemon pepper seasoning. Also, instead of chopping up cabbage and carrots, I used 2 cups worth of pre-shredded cole slaw. same results and saves on time. I’ll try these again to see if I can find the right spice combinations.

  • 5 star values:

These are the easiest egg rolls I have ever made, and they are tasty. Next time I would add a little more seasoning to the filling. I also used a bag of cole slaw. i JUST MADE THESE AGAIN AND I USED SPICY PORK SAUSAGE VERY GOOD.

These were the first egg rolls I’ve ever made and I must say they were impressive. Instead of chopping everthing up (carrots, etc.) I bought a bag of coleslaw mix and used that. They were delicious, but they are not very “jazzy.” To quote Emeril, “You gotta kick these up a notch or two.” We experimented and added hot sauce to the mix, and next time (we WILL make them again) we are going to add garlic, etc. We don’t like things crazy spicey but these egg rolls as is are just way too bland. We give the author 4 stars because we never would have made these without her help and ideas. Thank you!

These are great, although after making them a few times, I would recommend using canola oil to fry them in. I got a much crispier egg roll using that instead of peanut oil. Also, I added scrambled eggs, and extra cabbage. Beware, this recipe makes a lot of filling!!

These are good. I tried them with Lumpia Wrappers instead of egg roll wrappers and they were even better! The lumpia wrappers come out nice and crispy the way my kids like them. Lumpia wrappers are hard to find, check asian markets for them. They are much thinner than eggroll wrappers and look a bit like an egg crepe. They fry up very crispy sort of like Filo does.

Good egg rolls but I think I’ll have to play around with some spices to make it taste better. Possibly lemon pepper seasoning. Also, instead of chopping up cabbage and carrots, I used 2 cups worth of pre-shredded cole slaw. same results and saves on time. I’ll try these again to see if I can find the right spice combinations.

These egg rolls are the best I’ve had. I used minced garlic from a container you buy at the store instead of the powder. I also used a package of coleslaw for the cabbage and carrots, made it much easier. I mixed the cabbage in with the meat after it was cook to help make the rolling easier. I also added about 1 tablespoon soy sauce to the meat mixture as other reviews suggested as well. I tried deep frying, frying in a skillet with a little oil and baking in the oven. I found that deep frying them make them very greasy. baking in the oven made the egg roll wrapper rubbery. Frying in the skillet with just a little oil was the best, they weren’t too oily and were still crunchy. I’ve made these with both the seasoned sausage and plain ground sausage and I prefer the plain. These rolls are very meaty and with the seasoned sausage it was just too over powering. I uploaded a picture of one of the egg rolls I made picture #26. It shows you the inside of the roll so you can see how meaty these guys are. I was thinking about adding more cabbage, but my family protested saying they liked them the way they are, nice and meaty. I made Sweet and Sour Sauce II from this site to go with these egg rolls and it was the best sweet and sour sauce too! I will differently be making these over and over again! YUM

My best friend and I made these one night.They were so great! My children are 2 and 5. They loved them. We did add lemon pepper, soy sauce and minced garlic to the pork when browning the meat.

This is a good basic egg roll recipe. I like to add a little soy sauce to the veggies while they’re cooking, along with garlic and onion powder. You can add anything you like to spice up the filling. Once fryed, we like to dip these babies into vinegar.

These were great thanks so much for the recipe. The only thing I did differently was bake them at 400 for 30 minutes instead of frying them. Next time I might add some shrimp as well like they do in the restaurants. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love egg rolls but hate paying the high price of buying them at the grocery store. So I was happy to find this recipe to give me an idea of how to make them myself ๐Ÿ™‚ I used a beaten egg for “the glue” instead of the flour/water mixture. Also, after cooking my meat I simply added my cabbage, carrots, and 2 tbs. soy sauce, 2 tbs. water and cooked it all together until the cabbage was tender. I used a package of pre shredded angel hair cabbage; I dunno if it was because the cabbage was sliced so thin or what but I had to use twice as much as this recipe called for. Anyway, they came out great!

I worked in a chinese restaurant in college, and I could tell by the recipe that these were very close to the one’s we used to serve. Turns out I was right, these taste identical! I forgot the peanut oil, so I mixed canola and sesame oil (next time I’ll do it right), and they were fantastic. A little time consuming, but not too bad, especially since I’m an ‘experienced’ egg-roller =) The only thing I did differently was that I boiled the cabbage for about 3 minutes before rolling, just to soften them up a tiny bit. They were great!

Double up on the spices and these are fantastic. I also add a little soy sauce and celery seed, and cook the cabbage/carrot mixture with the meat for the last few minutes. I am constantly being asked to make these for parties!

Good egg rolls but I think I’ll have to play around with some spices to make it taste better. Possibly lemon pepper seasoning. Also, instead of chopping up cabbage and carrots, I used 2 cups worth of pre-shredded cole slaw. same results and saves on time. I’ll try these again to see if I can find the right spice combinations.

I’ve made these a couple of times now but had to make several changes because they were very bland and REALLY meaty. I used 4-5 cups of cabbage (entire bag of premade coleslaw ๐Ÿ™‚ which sounds like a lot but the orignaly recipe ends up being too meaty. Also I added a bit of low-sodium soysauce (1/2-1 T) AND onion powder (1/4-1/2 T). The onion powder and soy sauce gives these so much flavor! You HAVE to boil the cabbage for a few minutes before mixing everything together. Yes, and I fried the first batch and they were greasy like whoa. My husband and I ended up steaming them for 5-6 minutes and they end up like giant cabbage wontons. They are so good steamed and a lot less fattening.

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Definitely listen to the reviews on seasoning. I took “snowflakes” advice and doubled the garlic and ginger added 2 tbs soy sauce and 1/2 tsp Chinese five spice. Gave the filling a really good flavor. Plus using the slaw mix is a no brainer but you need more like 3-4 cups per 1 lb of pork or the ratio is way off. I also deep fried mine at 350 so the edges didn’t burn. I’m always stuffing things into egg roll wrappers but this is my first traditional style and is going to remain my go to recipe with the above mentioned alterations.

My family gobbles these up whenever I make them! Must use Sweet Chili Sauce for dipping for an over the top authentic asian taste!! Chili sauce goes PERFECTLY with these even though I know it’s a Thai condiment. (Mae Ploy is brand I use and can find it in my local Walmart). I too doubled seasoning as it tasted too bland as called for. Also, no need to make flour paste. Dipping your fingers in water and smoothing on seams does the exact same job. Lastly, I mix the seasoned pork immediately after cooking with the cabbage & carrots ahead of time and let sit so the flavors blend together. It also makes the vegetables limp so they’re fully cooked after I deep fry them. Canola oil works just great if you don’t have peanut oil or if allergic. I keep the pork mixture in fridge for a few days and can assemble and fry in no time for a quick snack.

I never thought homemade eggrolls would be so easy but alas, they are! They taste just as great with ground beed or turkey too. My only suggestion is too add more cabbage. i didn’t think there was enough, but then again I prefer more cabbage than meat in my eggrolls.

these were good, not sure they were “the best” but certainly better than what most take out places offer. I used half a pound of ground pork, a few chicken tenders I had and a few shrimp. I chopped all the meat fairly small (maybe even considered minced?). Chopping it smaller really helps to A) make the meat go further, B) not bite into pork and wrapper and C) IMO cuts down on the “greasiness”. I upped the cabbage–maybe doubled? I cut off 2 cups of cabbage and didn’t like the meat to veggie ratio (too much meat) so I kept adding until it looked better. I had a small amount of cabbage leftover to use as a side the next day so no idea how many cups but basically a whole head of a small cabbage. I chopped it up small and seasoned and cooked for a bit as others suggested. Because of the extra cabbage, I upped the seasoning. I used the thin wrappers (not the thick, tortilla like wrappers) and had just enough for 25-30. I put the ones I did not cook in a freezer bag and froze. Love the convenience of just going in and frying a few at a time to go with meals Just an update. I made these for a second time. used 1/2 pound pork and 10 shrimp. cut up very small. used less cabbage because some of it was going bad and still got nearly 30 eggrolls. Upped the seasonings a bit and added some onion powder.

Fabulous! My husband, who considers himself somewhat of an egg roll connoisseur, declared they were as good or better than the Chinese restaurant recently rated the best in our Metro area! Not as hard to make as I was expecting. I found that using 1/3 cup of filling, I was able to fill 12 wraps instead of 8. (Note: do not attempt to fry in a deep fryer – they constantly roll over onto the fried side). Thanks for a great recipe, Angela!

Have made these twice. Doubled the seasonings and added soy sauce and 5 spice powder. The family loves them and using slaw mix makes them pretty easy to make. In the future I will cut back on the meat and add more cabbage/carrots but that is totally a personal preference issue, not a recipe issue. They aren’t as good as our favorite Cambodian restaurant’s but they are a very good substitute.

I tried a little bit of everyones suggestions on this recipe and the fans went wild. The ginger added something my others attempts lacked. I like this variation.

My hubby and I just loved these! I cooked the pork mixture in the morning (cooking the carrots and cabbage w/it, and adding a few TBS. of chopped onion and a dash of soy sauce). Then I put it in the fridge until dinnertime, when I was ready to make dinner. The folding directions were really good on this recipe- which was good for me, since I’ve never made anything like these before. I loved the flour paste too- it was just like glue and my egg rolls stayed shut tight. These made way more than 8- I don’t know how many egg wrappers my package had, but I believe it was about 20, and the pork filling was the exact perfect amount for the 20 egg wrappers. I fried these in my small 8-inch skillet in about an inch of canola oil- 3 at a time. I kept the temp of the oil steady (with the help of my instant-read thermomter). We had these with fresh pineapple, sweet and sour sauce and fried rice (both from this site).

These were really good! I doubled the veggies and added some red pepper flakes to the cabbage mixture. I kept the meat seperate incase we didn’t like them – so I wouldn’t waste it. I’d just put a scoop of the veggie mixture and then a pinch of meat, and a gob of flour paste at the top and roll it up – worked great! After they were fried I placed them on a dinner plate that had the sesame seeds on it. Next time, I’ll do this but line the plate w/ a paper plate first. I pan-fried them in an electric fry pan about 3 mins on each side, into a elongated triangle, sorta. It was good! For dessert, I took the leftover wrapper I had, slivered up part of an apple, sprinkeld with cin/sugar and put a gob of cream cheese in it and folded it in half (into a triangle) and sealed w/ the flour mixture. Fried it. Ate it. YUM!

We love them. I used cole slaw mix, added some chinese 5 spice and some bean sprouts. Served them with ginger/sesame soy dipping sauce and sweet and sour sauce.

DO NOT WRAP THESE UNTIL RIGHT BEFORE FRYING. I wrapped them mid-afternoon, covered, and stored in the fridge. They were a mushy mess, ripped and gooey, that I had to re-wrap. Oh – and don’t use the store bought carrots if the shread is too big as they are too brittle that way and poke through while wrapping. I gave a 4 as the only recipe change I would make is to double the cabbage.

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Love love love love them! I do recommend adding half an onion to the cabbage and carrot mixture for extra flavor. Like another reviewer recommended, sauteing the veggies with the meat is a must to make them a little softer! One other thing,if you don’t want to end up with 20 eggrolls in one sitting, you can store the extra mixture and in the following day or two you can easily pop the fresh from the fridge mix into an egg roll wrapper and it will be just right once its done frying (Perhaps even more flavorful after the seasonings have set in)!

These were a great beginner egg roll recipe. I’d read a couple reviews and made my own variations, as well. First I added 1/2 tsp garlic powder and 1/2 tsp crushed garlic. I am a garlic lover so to me just garlic powder didn’t seem like enough flavor. I also only added slightly less than 1 tsp of ginger and did add 2T of soy sauce. I did the coleslaw mixture, too, but added 2 1/4 cup instead of just 2 cups. This made 12 egg rolls instead of 8. We loved these dipped in sweet and sour sauce. Also wanted to mention, make sure your oil isn’t too hot or else you’ll have a big gust of smoke rise up when you throw your first egg roll in ๐Ÿ™‚

Delicious indeed. well worth the effort.

I must admit that this was my first attempt to make egg rolls. Grocery store brands were lacking in flavor and substance so what did I have to lose. I tried this recipe. Preparation was easy. The flavor is second to none. I am very impressed with this egg roll and plan to include it in many future meals. Family and friends alike were equally impressed! Thanks Angela and keep up the great work.

I am writing this while still chewing my first homemade egg roll. Even those I am an extremely experienced cook, I have to admit I’ve been afraid to make them myself. I purchased some store bought pork dumplings which were very tasty, but really expensive for what I got. So I decided to try my hand at them so that I could eat as many as I want. I made my first bath of potstickers and was not impressed with my results. When I purchase the dumpling skins I purchased egg roll wrappers too and thought I’d give it the old college try. I followed this recipe and some of the suggestions of other reviewers – add a little soy sauce, and about a cup of bean sprouts. After I cooked the meat I added the remaining ingredients to the skillet and cooked down any of the water coming out of the cabbage, then I rolled and fried them. Heaven! I was so excited they were perfect!

These were really quick and easy to make. They tasted a bit bland so next time I will add some minced garlic and onions and some soysauce to the meat mixture to jazz it up a bit. They were good though with spicy mustard.

I should have read some of the reviews before making these. They really need extra seasoning b/c they are kind of bland. Even though I drained on paper towels as suggested mine retained alot of the oil. Sorry, this was not a keeper for me!

Delicious. Added fresh garlic, and extra of both the garlic and ginger. Also added soy sauce. I sauteed the cabbage and carrots to soften them slightly. Turned out delicious!

These were delicious! And very easy to make. I would use less oil to fry them in, otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks Angela!

These eggrolls were great! I did quite a bit of tweaking, but it’s a good recipe to kind of go by. I used chicken instead of pork and I fried the cabbage and carrots. Then I threw in the chicken. I also used a lot of seasoning and it was a hit with my family! I will definitely make them again!

Excellent. I used a prechopped and washed cabbage from the salad aisle. Be sure not to overfill the rolls or they will not turn out quite as good. These are great frozen and then reheated in the oven.

very good and easy to make!

I use coleslaw mix, add bean sprouts. Will sub eggs for meat ( just fry a couple up with the cabbage and sprouts) Also can be baked by spraying cooking spray or brushing with olive oil at 325

Good basic go to recipe. I tweaked it a bit, but I do that with many recipes. I like green onion and do increase the garlic and ginger. I also add just a splash of aromatic sesame oil in the filling just before adding/rolling it in the egg roll wraps and frying. I serve it with a trifecta of three sauces : A decent sweet and sour sauce as well as a wasabi based – mustard sauce. I also serve it with a jazzed up version of soy sauce too. Perfection.

I’ve made this recipe 3 times and only spiced it up a little to suit our taste. I added pepper flakes to the sausage and a little soy sauce to the cabbage. To freeze: Fry until golden brown, cool, wrap 2 in wax paper, and wrap in foil or place in a plastic container. When ready to eat, thaw and warm in toaster oven heated at 350 for about 10 minutes. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

I made these and my family loved them!

This is one of the best and easy recipe of egg rolls ever. I made these egg rolls for my wife, after she was healing from surgery. She ate everyone of them and now she want me made them once a month.

Really good!! I added some Sriracha to the mix to spice it up a bit. I also baked the egg rolls at 425 for 10-15 minutes with a little nonstick cooking spray on them rather than frying to make them a bit healthier.

This is great recipe to help start you out. I added a can of cooked shrimp and a mixture of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and pinch of sugar to the cooked cabbage and pork mixture, very yummy, the whole family goobled them up and asked for more. This was a great recipe to help feed my chinese food addiction. Thanks!

Wish I could give it 10 stars! Crispy and delicious! Add other stuff to the filling if you want to, or just make it as written – great either way!

I marinated the pork in soysauce first for an hour. Also make sure to drain the cabbage and carrots (I also added some celery) REALLY WELL to prevent soggy egg rolls.