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Dreadlock seeds

Dreadlocks Amaranth – Approx 200 Seeds

This unique Love-Lies-Bleeding cultivar adds a dramatic touch in your garden. Grow this plant for its edible leaves and seeds as well as the decorative qualities.

Seed Type: Organic – Harvested from our own plants


Dreadlocks Amaranth seeds. Dreadlocks Amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus gibbosus ‘Dreadlocks’) is also known as Giant Love-Lies-Bleeding, Love-Lies-Bleeding Dreadlocks, Careless Dreadlocks. This unique Love-Lies-Bleeding cultivar adds a dramatic touch in your garden. Its distinctive long, long flower clusters of deepest maroon-red resemble knotted ropes and hang almost to the ground.

This really striking plant, grows up to around 150cm tall and 90cm wide. Amaranthus is a sun-loving annual that is easy to grow and very long-blooming. Grow this plant for its edible leaves and seeds as well as the decorative qualities of its bright clumps and hanging tassels of magenta flowers, which bloom in late summer or fall.

Dreadlocks Amaranth Culinary Uses

Amaranth was an important food crop for the Aztecs and Incas. It is also used as a food crop by many people in South Africa.

  • The seeds and the young leaves are edible.
  • The youngest leaves are good to use in salads.
  • The mature leaves are better cooked like spinach.
  • The leaves can also be sauteed with chilies and spices.
  • Anything you would use spinach for, just use amaranth leaves exactly the same way.
  • The iron and calcium rich seeds can be dried and then cooked and eaten as you would oatmeal or porridge, or ground into a flour.

Growing Dreadlocks Amaranth

  • Direct sow Dreadlocks Amaranth seeds into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost in groups of 4 seeds spaced 18-24 inches apart.
  • Thin to the strongest plant.
  • Or, scatter seed over ground that has had the top 1 inch of soil loosened. Rake seed in lightly, walk over area to firm soil.
  • Keep moist until germination. Amaranthus seed is easy to germinate provided the soil is warm.
  • Seed can also be started indoors in cell packs or containers.
  • Kept at 18 – 21 Celsius , germination is in 10-21 days.
  • Grow in full or part sun.
  • Plants tolerate high heat, and will grow in any soil as long as drainage is good.
  • Amaranthus will grow faster, produce more flowers with regular water, but will tolerate some drought once established.
  • Seed heads attract birds.
Medical Disclaimer

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Amaranth Dreadlocks

A fountain of eye-catching magenta-burgundy blooms! Here’s a different amaranth—curious flower heads in a weeping habit, with “tassels” sometimes reaching down to the ground. Plants seldom exceed 3 feet in height. A form of Love-Lies-Bleeding, so the seeds and young leaves are edible. Combine with Spider Flower or flowering tobacco for some serious drama!

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