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Dragon dreams seeds

Seed Dreams

Below is a list of most of our current offerings. The Port Townsend Collection consists of seeds that are locally-adapted for Port Townsen.

Port Townsend Collection

BEAN, BUSH DRY Phaseolus Vulgaris

algarrobo 2003 anasazi 2007 baccicia 2002 clem and sarah’s big bean 2005 cranberry horticultural 2009 cranberry iroquois .

BEAN, BUSH SNAP Phaseolus vulgaris

amigo 2000 black delgado 1999 blue bloom 2008 buckskin girl 2010 comrades, ukranian 1998 corbett refugee 1999 dona bobolink .

BEAN, POLE DRY Phaseolus vulgaris

blue shackamaxon 2003 dove 2003 hidatsa sheild figure 2002 indian mound 2000 succotash 2002 zapotec 1999

BEAN, BUSH WAX Phaseolus vulgaris

century gold 2003 dragon tongue 2010 gauch wax 2010 lois monahan’s candy wax 2000 pisarecka zlutoluske 2004 sunrise 2003

BEAN, POLE SNAP Phaseolus vulgaris

alice whitis 2000 anderson’s purple king 2005 big mama 2010 blue coco 2009 brejo 2010 cherokee cornfield 2005 cherokee trail.

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