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Do customs seize cannabis seeds

German customs officers seize record 2.3 million cannabis seeds

Authorities say more than 300 soccer fields could have been planted with the seeds, generating a crop likely to fetch €2.3 billion at street prices at conservative estimates. The find was made at Cologne/Bonn airport.

Cologne’s main customs office said that it was the biggest seed seizure in German history

German customs officers announced Tuesday they found a record 2.3 million cannabis seeds during cargo checks at Cologne/Bonn airport.

Airport workers discovered the seeds in four containers of 50 kilograms each on May 30, 2021. They were headed to Lithuania from the US, where cannabis is legal in various states.

The discovery could only be revealed on Tuesday because of ongoing investigations and operations after the seizure, Cologne’s customs offices said.

The contraband cargo touched down at Cologne/Bonn airport in transit, en route from the US to Lithauania

Estimated yield worth north of €2 billion at street level

“Never before have German customs found such a large quantity of cannabis seeds,” said Jens Ahland, spokesman for Cologne’s main customs office.

He said the seeds could be used to make a farm spanning “almost 336 soccer pitches.”

Ahland said that if you went by what he called a “conservative assumption” of 100 grams yielded per seed, “the total amount of marijuana would have been around 230 metric tons with an estimated street value of more than €2.3 billion (roughly $2.7 billion).”

What Happens When Cannabis Seeds are Stopped by Customs?

This is a question lurking in the minds of many seed-buyers and the ‘cannabis curious.’ Theoretically speaking, selling and buying cannabis seeds is not illegal. However, because cannabis seeds are related to cannabis, there is going to be some murky grey areas when it gets to real life situations. Let’s take a look at what really happens if your seeds get stopped by customs.

So, we all know that the topic of cannabis’s legal status is more than just a little controversial. But, let’s put away our opinions for now and take a look at what the UK law actually says:

Currently, cannabis seeds are legal to possess. They are also legal to trade, meaning that it is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. Before you get too excited, there is something that you should know with regards to this legality. It is not legal to germinate, grow, or cultivate those seeds in any way. Therefore, the grey area is born.

Now, if seeds are legal to have, shouldn’t they be permitted at customs? Not necessarily. Customs can stop seeds if they suspect that there is an intent to germinate, cultivate and then sell the cannabis plant. And if this intent to grow and then sell is proven, then harsh penalties can follow suit.

Have your Seeds been Stopped at Customs?

If you have had your seeds stopped at customs, then you should expect a ‘friendly’ letter to arrive in the mail. It could come with the empty package in place of where your seeds used to be, or it could arrive without the original packaging altogether. Either way, further action usually does not follow this letter. The letter will usual detail that the seeds have been confiscated, but no further action is generally taken. In non-EU countries, there are some cases where you may be in deeper trouble, and you may have to be taken in for an interview for further investigations. You can find out more information about the strictest countries here. If you want to find out more information about the legal status of cannabis and cannabis sees in Europe, you can find out more here.

Some Sage Words of Advice for Possessing Seeds

Remember, possessing cannabis seeds may be legal, but the moment the seeds becomes a plant, you could be in trouble. It is illegal to germinate, cultivate, possess and sell cannabis in the UK. But yes, purchasing the cannabis seeds is legal. The reasons could be the following:

– Collector’s items
– Bird food
– fish bait
– anything else that can be passed off as general interest