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Dg cookies seeds

Rythm DG Cookies review

Update. I believe I rushed my review. I smoked a small chillum more and waited a bit. This is definitely a creeper. I’m getting a real nice body high with a clear head. If this was just a tad more potent this could be a strain with potential. I really like the high from this as I ride it out.

I bought some on Tuesday and it is 25% THC/A

I got 2 jars of Cookies today on accident. I know I ordered 1 of the two strains they had on this order but somehow got 2 of these Cookies. Mistakes happen but this one stings. Evidently it is not a hybrid and is an indica, also.

First Rythm flower purchase. Looks real nice! Buds are dry but dense. Needs additional trimming. It has a nice smell. It smells way better than any Aeriz I’ve purchased. This product has been hanging out on the menu for a bit and I think I know why. It comes in at 18.61%. Sadly, they aren’t lying. It has a nice high but is not overly strong. It’s very similar to the Lava Cake I had in a couple ways but that was just a bit more potent. So definitely save your money boys and girls unless the pickings are slim. Really wish Rise didn’t mess up here.

Dg cookies seeds

DG Cookies [orig: GSC x Dosi-Do] is a potent and relaxing indica dominant strain, combining the flavors of pungent, dank earth with an inviting sweetness.

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DJ Short Blueberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Despite their name, DJ Short Blueberry marijuana seeds are not the right pick for a party. The pure indica is better suited to a night at home or in the company of close friends, offering a full-body calm and blissful good cheer .


Don’t be fooled by the party-starting name, DJ Short Blueberry is not the strain you’d like to bring to your next social event. In fact, DJ Short Blueberry marijuana seeds get their name from their original West Coast breeder, DJ Short. Because of its coastal roots, this pure indica is insanely popular in Washington, Oregon, and California — but these days it can be found all over the world.

DJ Short Blueberry has become a popular strain in recent years thanks to its high THC level of 22% on average. This makes it a highly potent indica that promotes deep relaxation to the point of sedation. Before the fatigue kicks in, you’ll feel a rush of blissful happiness and euphoria accompanied by calmness from head to toe. Watch as all your worries and anxieties drift away.

DJ Short Blueberry plants produce a strong blueberry aroma that can trick neighbors into thinking you’re baking a blueberry pie at home. If your neighbors start to get nosy, that’s what you should tell them. DJ Short Blueberry can also be marketed as a medical strain to those with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.