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Death star seeds

Death Star Seeds | Death Star Strain Feminized Seeds

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Death Star Seeds

The only thing better than a good, old-fashioned death is a wonderful cannabis strain! Enjoy the benefits of a hard-hitting Indica with plentiful yields and an easy-to-grow nature. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to take on space war yourself or just want to make some new friends in low Earth orbit, grab Death Star Seeds today! The perfect combination of hybrid genetics and potent levels of THC make this variety ready for anything the universe throws at it. Explosive results are guaranteed – get yours today and watch your stash never run dry.

The scent you’ll get from your cannabis plant will be as strong as a punch to the face. You can expect something that smells like citrus freshly squeezed from its peel, mixed with some spicy and earthy notes.

If you’re looking for that tantalizing taste that you’ll love, then expect to get some citrus notes on Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds flavor. However, it is not as acidic as other strains, so don’t worry about your tongue getting shocked! It also has some hints of diesel and indulgent skunks to go with its amazing aromas.

Your THC levels may reach up to 24% if you’re lucky enough, so expect some quality whack if used liberally. Death Star Seeds Indica dominance is undeniable at 70%! It brings about heavy eyelids and couch-lock! The 30% Sativa component in its genetics will make you feel like you’re floating on air.

Effects of Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No proper smoke session would be complete without the perfect after-effects. However, your high maybe a little bit too strong for some people at first, but don’t worry; it will gradually mellow out into an invigorating and relaxing experience that you won’t ever forget!

Nothing beats the good vibes that Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds can give you. You’ll feel happy, contented, and just overall uplifted no matter how high your stresses are!

Many Indica cannabis seeds tend to affect your physical and mental states. However, with Death Star Strain, you get a marijuana flower that is relaxing and not too psychotic! So if you’re someone who just wants to relax after a long day of work, then Death Star Strain is an excellent variety for you!

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Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds have a tendency of making smokers sleepy. This is great for those who just want to smoke after having dinner and going to bed! The high coming from Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds is suitable for use any time of the day! Whether you’re having a smoke at night or just chilling during the day, this variety will surely deliver on all fronts.

Overall, Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for those who are looking to fight insomnia, chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, stress, and more! Another great benefit of this plant is that it can help you stay active throughout your day. Most people report feeling energized yet relaxed at the same time after smoking this strain.

How Does Death Star Seeds Grow?

One of the best things about Death Star Seeds is that it has easy maintenance. If you’re new to growing your cannabis at home, then this one will be perfect for you! It also doesn’t require much attention, so if you want to grow some weed without having to constantly check on them, then go ahead with Death Star Strain.

You can expect your Death Star Seeds to grow to a short height. This is the perfect height for growers who are looking for maximum yields without being too bulky. Plus, you won’t have any problems with this plant in terms of stealth and discretion!

Your cannabis leaves will have a mix of green and purple, with the latter being more dominant around the buds. You can also expect to see some hints of red here and there! As for trichomes, you’ll love how they form a light frost on your plant’s beautiful buds!

Expect your Death Star Strain to flower in about 55-65 days. This isn’t too bad at all, considering the fact that some cannabis seeds take much longer to finish flowering! With this, it will be easier for you to monitor your plant’s progress and give it the right treatments in time!

Expect up to 400 grams per square meter indoors from Death Star Strain! Outdoors, you can expect up to 350 grams per plant! Plus, if you want to have some more for yourself, expect to be able to harvest at least four times a year! Just make sure you have someplace secure to keep it as this strain’s scent can give its location away!

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History of Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Our Death Star Strain is a Sensi Star and Sour Diesel cross. The result is a potent Indica that brings the best of two worlds: top-notch yields with high THC levels and a cerebral buzz that gives you the relaxation to help you conquer anything!

Jedi Death Star

Jedi Death Star Bud is for the indica lover. Jedi Death Star Bud was all about having the right Three C’s. The secret Cannabinoid Combination my friends.

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Buy Jedi Death Star Clones Online

Jedi Death Star genetic lineage. Jedi 41 % THC crossed with our unreleased 46% White Death Star. She’s an Indica landrace strain that produces pure white with trichomes. Much unlike White Widow, which has sativa in her genes to get her those white trichomes.

Powerful Combination

With this combination you’ll get a powerful 43.5 % THC strain with the correct cannabinoid combination (CCC) for Indica lovers. Her trichome’s outweigh the plant matter 4:1 so she’s sweet and her flavor comes through smoothly in every toke. You don’t need to add molasses to smooth out the harshness, as it doesn’t exist. Indica lovers will find it nice to have such an easy on the lungs smoke that packs the strongest Indica punch, next to our Indica 50.

Jedi Death Star Cannabinoid Combo

But even that cannabinoid combo is not as good as our Jedi Death Star. Don’t let the 6.5% less THC fool you, often it’s the correct cannabinoid combo (CCC) that gets you the best high.

Mostly Indica Hybrid

88% Indica / 12% Sativa

Regular Seeds (Male and Female)

10 Reviews for for Jedi Death Star

Jon cron – January 12, 2021 :

Absolute bullshit . 4500 for a pack of beans
There is no flower hitting 43% thc the highest known in 2021 is 37% in flower and this was ten years ago . I think your an absolute disgrace to the cannabis industry .

Archie – January 2, 2020 :

I’m American and Im interested buy some varieties of seeds from your shop, how can I buy them please?

Rick H – April 25, 2019 :

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My seeds came straight away, they doubled my Jedi pack which is cool of them. I had to save up for a while to afford these, let’s hope they live up to their hype. I already tried Elephant Bud and was surprised, that’s why I took the leap of faith again ordering these pricey seeds.

René Grégoire – October 22, 2016 :

3 days to reach me in rural new brunswick

kotoske – October 22, 2016 :

Fast Shipping to NSW mates, legit seed bank

doc lam – July 6, 2016 :

I’m happy with the yield and potency of this medical grow.

Francois Fogeron – December 8, 2015 :

I took the plunge last year and paid the big bucks for this strain. After my payment arrived with confirmation that my order was shipped, I felt a bit of relief, and then when my order arrived with all these expensive high end freebies and extra’s above and beyond, I felt even better. Then at harvest when i realized that the strains I ordered and the freebies I was given are the best quality, best clean high and how much my friends tell me how great it is, i felt even better, I felt really great, really really great after smoking too! Each strain is high end, i don’t know what they do to their genetics to make them so potent yet clean at the same time, just real pure raw quality in every strain. This company is legit, great, fast discrete shipping , excellent products no complaints, just gratitude for a seed bank that lives up to its name and expectations.

Azevedo Da Rocha – June 17, 2012 :

The cannabinoids sure give you a vacillating ride into a place you’ll want to keep visiting. Another top-notch strain. This strain also grew up good and proper with stable heights

Gael Godin – May 25, 2011 :

Top Shelf Strain. Fast delivery to NSW. Me and my mates are enjoying some Death Star Bud with a few tinny’s right now. Only trust the stealth shipping from BC Seeds, other seed banks are rubbish.

Colton Campbell – September 29, 2009 :