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Dead bread seeds

Pan de Muerto con Ajonjoli – Day of the Dead Bread – 16 oz 16 oz

This Day of the Dead Bread or Pan de Muerto is good for 6 people (Diameter 8″).

Day of the Dead History and Tradition

Although the exact origins of the Day of the Dead holiday are uncertain, the Dia de Muertos has its roots since the prehispanic Mexico, when the conquistadores came from Spain and their traditions blended with the Catholic holidays. So, on November 1st its celebrated the All Saints Day or All Hallows Day and on November 2nd its the Day of the Souls or Day of the Dead, in Spanish Dia de Muertos. In the US very close to this holidays its celebrated Halloween in many ways close to some traditions of the Day of the Dead.

On the Day of the Dead there is a tradition in Mexico to go to the cemeteries to visit your deceased loved ones and mount an altar right next to the tomb or in their houses to remember them. On the altars people place flowers, candles, fruits, tamales, mole and the favorite foods of the dead person. The altar is decorated with sugar skulls (calaveras de azucar) and Pan de Muerto. Some people will spend the whole night saying recitations, praying the rosary and in their imagination the deceased will come and partake the aromas of their favorite Mexican foods. The next day the families will eat and enjoy this foods placed on the altars to remember their friends and past relatives.

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The bread of the dead or Pan de Muerto is round shaped with strips of dough attached on the top to resemble bones. Mexican Bakeries every year has the tradition to bake this special Mexican sweet bread to continue the tradition of the holiday and enjoy a delicious and unique cake type bread.

The ingredients to bake the Pan de Muerto are similar of the egg bread done with butter, coated with sugar and flavored with a special aroma used for this occasion. Usually Pan de Muerto is eaten with a cup of hot Mexican chocolate.

Enjoy this Mexican holiday tradition, very important of our past and culture, so pass to your love ones the tradition of Dia de Muertos to conserve them for the next generations.


Pan de Muerto con Ajonjoli, sin Azucar arriba Mediano – 454 g para 6 personas

Dia de Muertos Historia y Tradiciones

A pesar de que no se conocen los origines exactos de la tradicion del Dia de los Muertos, se cree, que el culto de los muertos tiene sus raices desde la epoca prehispanica, ya que estas culturas daban gran atencion a la muerte. All llegar los espanoles a Mexico, esta tradicion se fusiono con las tradiciones Catolicas. El Dia de Todos los Santos se celebra el Primero de Noviembre y el Dia de Muertos o de los Fieles Difuntos se celebra el 2 de Noviembre.

En muchos estados de la Republica Mexicana se recuerdan a familiares, amigos y en general a sus seres amados mediante la edificacion de Altares decorativos. Estos Altares para recordar a los muertos se montan ya sea en los cementerios sobre las tumbas del difunto o en las casas de los familiares alrededor de esa fecha del Dia de Muertos. La creacion de estos altares consiste en ponerle ofrendas a los muertos sobre todo aquellos platillos que constituoan sus comidas favoritas del difunto. A manera de decoracion en el altar se ponen flores, velas, agua, frutas, tamales, mole u otra comida favorita del fallecido, claveritas de azucar y Pan de Muerto.

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Para conmemorar el Dia de los Muertos algunas personas pasan toda a noche recitando el rosario o rezando oraciones para que los difuntos vengan simbolicamente a disfrutar de esas ofrendas decorativas y platillos favoritos. Al Dia siguiente los familiares disfrutan y se comen esa comida que se coloco en los altares en recuerdo de los desaparecidos.

El Pan de Muerto constituye una parte muy tradicional en los Altares de Muertos, las formas del pan de muertos pueden ser variadas, pero la mas tradicional es de un Pan Redondo con bolitas decorativas simulando huesos o canillas de esqueletos de muerto.

La pasteleria hace el Pan de Muerto en la forma tradicional redonda con la receta autentica a base de huevo con mantequilla y espolvoreandole de azucar, ligeramente aromatizado.

Es tradicional comer el Pan de Muertos acompanado de una taza de chocolate caliente.

Las tradiciones del Dia de los Muertos son parte importante de nuestro pasado. Conservemos la tradicion del Pan de Muertos y Felices Fiestas les desea MexGrocer.

Our Bread Facts!

You’ll NEVER find THESE in our breads:


Eating bread with active yeast is particularly dangerous b ecause yeast is alive and it consumes food and sugars and releases waste like carbon dioxide and alcohol. If a person consumes anything with yeast still activated, the yeast will begin breaking down sugar compounds found in the stomach and use it as it’s food. Yeast also grows in very warm environments, like your stomach, which can result in digestive tract issues as carbon dioxide and alcohol accumulate. As the yeast breaks down the food and sugars, the stomach will be filled with large amounts of carbon dioxide and alcohol. This is particularly dangerous because fermentation will occur inside your tender stomach, slowly breaking down the thin mucus lining that coats the inner walls of your stomach resulting in many different health issues like gout and others. This is why we do not ship bread to you unless it is 100% safe to eat, so rest assured that when you receive your loaves, they are ready to enjoy right away!!

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Because our breads do not contain harmful preservatives and dough conditioners, we not only ship them frozen, but they have a unique shelf life: