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Critical x gorilla glue auto cannabis seeds

Critical Glue #4 Auto

Alchimia is pleased to present Critical Glue #4 Auto by High Speed Seeds, an automatic hybrid with Gorilla Glue #4 genes, high yields and a great flavour. It is ready to harvest in just 8 weeks from germination. It is now available in our auto-flowering cannabis seeds catalogue.

Critical Glue #4 Auto, high yielding auto-flowering cannabis

Critical Glue #4 Auto contains 70% Indica genetics. It is a vigorous growing plant, a cross between Critical and Gorilla Glue #4. It offers incredible features in terms of growth, yield and aroma. It can reach up to 1m in height indoors, and about 1.20m outdoors. The harvest is ready in about 8-9 weeks from seed germination, with a dry flower yield of up to 550g per m2.

Critical Glue #4 Auto Cannabis Strain, flavours with a citric background

Critical Glue #4 Auto, thanks to its parentals heritage, expresses strong aromas. A heavy Critical influence with a strong fruity Skunk component on a lemony citrus background inherited from Gorilla Glue #4.

Critical x GG4 formerly Original Glue Autoflower

An esteemed member of the super heavyweight class of cannabis, Critical x Guerilla Glue formally Original Glue Autoflower produces immense nuggets that are coated with an absurd amount of gluey trichomes. One of its progenitors, Critical Diesel Auto, provides a lemony, fuel-like aroma, while the other, Guerilla Glue formally Gorilla Glue #4, delivers profound relaxation. Add to them a dash of Ruderalis and you have a strain that is easy to grow and fast-yielding. Even if you are an absolute beginner, it won’t give you any trouble at all. So, make this autoflower a part of your collection and luxuriate in bliss whenever you like.


Critical x GG4 formerly Original Glue Autoflower traces its lineage to several award-winning hybrids and landrace varieties. The result of generations of meticulous interbreeding is a 50/50 Indica-Sativa mix. Nevertheless, the addition of Ruderalis’ height-dampening genes makes it a stocky, mid-sized plant. Furthermore, it is stronger and more resilient – able to resist common pests and mold infestations. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions, giving cultivators who live farther up north the chance to enjoy its delights.

Moreover, the life cycle of this strain is brief, producing a harvest in record time. As a matter of fact, multiple crops can be achieved throughout the year with careful planning. Unlike photoperiod plants, it does not depend on the number of daylight hours it receives to trigger flowering. It relies on its age instead. After a relatively abrupt period of vegetation, it gets ready to procreate. This is what the buds are – the female reproductive organs of marijuana.

When using grow lights, you will not have to switch the schedule from 18/6 to 12/12. Simply keep the lights on for 18 to 20 consecutive hours a day from the seedling to flowering stages. Some growers even choose to give the plants 24 hours of light all the time. This makes the foliage thicker, although some experts warn that it raises the grow room temperature too much. This could potentially cause light burn and decrease the uptake of nutrients.

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As stated, this strain is tough enough to thrive in a cool outdoor environment. However, growing it indoors will generate more abundant yields. Due to its size, it adapts very well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method. For newbies, all this means is packing several plants close together, but not too close so that air circulation is unhindered. The tops of the plants will form a verdant carpet that will catch light more efficiently. Naturally, this also makes the best use of limited space.

Flowering Time

From germination to blooming, this strain takes 8 to 10 weeks. In a grow room or tent, the extra two weeks encourages more buds to emerge and boosts the THC level to a maximum of 22%. In the great outdoors, it is better to harvest as soon as you can to prevent theft, by either humans or animals.


Indoors, growing in soil mixed with 30% coco coir will give the best results. If implementing the SOG technique, then a close eye must be kept on the temperature and relative humidity since the grow room will get hotter with a higher moisture level. Suffice it to say, a digital hygrometer will be the most useful tool in your arsenal. If all goes well, a square meter of grow space can yield 450 to 500 grams (16 to 18 ounces) of usable marijuana.


In the open air, each plant produces 100 to 200 grams (3.5 to 7 ounces). This may not seem a lot, but sowing the seeds twice a year will bump up the yield considerably. The first batch of buds can be harvested in June, and the second one in October. Without the restriction of a ceiling, the plants can grow to 120 cm (4 feet). That is already quite short, so any sort of high-stress training (HST) should be avoided. Trying to control the height, even to increase the bud sites, is not recommended because autoflowers’ life cycles are so condensed that they will not have time to recover from deliberate injury.

Medical Application

Critical x GG4 Autoflower is high in THC, but the CBD range is between 0 and 1%. Consequently, it does not have some of the benefits of the non-psychoactive (and increasingly more popular) cannabidiol. For instance, it is not suitable as a retardant of epileptic seizures. Nonetheless, this strain has therapeutic value for a wide array of illnesses despite its low CBD.

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The THC it contains is a potent analgesic. A study from New Mexico found that cannabis that has a sizable amount of tetrahydrocannabinol is an effective palliative for the five most prevalent types of pain. Thus, this strain can temporarily, albeit significantly, alleviate anything from mild headaches to arthritis to chronic neuropathic pain.

Additionally, it has advantages for individuals suffering from mental disorders. With its powerful sedative properties, it can reduce stress and anxiety. It lifts the mood, giving it broad application as an anti-depressant. The psychological upliftment extends to the body, making it a suitable sleeping aid for insomniacs.

Adverse Reactions

As with all marijuana strains, the inescapable repercussions are cotton mouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. These are easily remedied by drinking plenty of fluids and using eye drops. A vasoconstrictor like Visine will reduce the redness, while a lubricant like artificial tears will relieve the dryness.

Besides those mild discomforts, be aware that the 22% THC concentration of Critical x GG4 Autoflower could cause dizziness or paranoia. Know your personal limitations and dose accordingly. With this strain, less is more.


With a name like Critical x GG4 Autoflower, you can expect a powerful barrage of effects. As a balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid, it has a one-two punch. At first, it induces an uplifting and energetic buzz, thanks to its Sativa heritage. It creates a cheerful, worry-free mindset that progresses to chatty exuberance. This liveliness does not last long, though.

Soon, the body will begin to feel heavy. Deep relaxation will spread through the muscles. Before you know it, you will be couch-locked. This hard-hitting Indica impact spares no one, so just let the euphoric tranquility wash over you until you drift off to sleep.


The Critical x GG4 Autoflower aroma is a blend of its parents’ signature scents. It is sweet and sour, fruity and diesel – all mixed together. But after the initial sniff, you will become aware of some coffee and chocolate undertones. This is only fitting as the strain generates a caffeine-like kick.


The flavor is also very complex. The first puff fills the mouth with the taste of punchy fruit-based candy. Afterwards, the mocha essence comes through. As you exhale, the spiced woodiness of pine cones can be savored.

Similar Strains

If you are curious about other strains, we have a wide selection of seeds to choose from. For example, the celebrated ancestor of Critical Gorilla, GG4 strain , would make an excellent addition to any garden. This exceedingly sticky photoperiod varietal is powered by 26 to 28% THC and will glue you to your couch. Easy to grow with a short flowering time, it truly deserved to be named Best Hybrid at numerous cannabis competitions.

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However, if you would rather stick to more compact autoflowers, why not try Auto Super Silver Haze Fem? This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors without any trouble, topping out at a height of 110 to 150 cm (3.6 to 5 feet). It is Sativa-dominant, which means that it has an energizing effect. It is popularly used as a wake ‘n bake because it acts just like a cup of joe.

One of the most highly-sought autos is Auto Banana Kush Fem. The Kush family has brought forth a lot of great strains throughout the years, and this one is no exception. The sweet, tropical aroma is irresistible and the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting. You will love the submarine-shaped buds completely covered by snow-white trichomes.

Or perhaps you are interested in cannabis that is less psychoactive and more therapeutic. Auto CBD White Widow Fem is specially bred to produce 10% CBD, the cannabinoid that has been proven effective in reducing the frequency of epileptic seizures. More tests are being conducted that show potential benefits against PTSD and heroin addiction. And White Widow tastes amazing! The chunky flowers with sunset-orange pistils have a mouthwatering candied citrus flavor.

Nick Names

One of the parents of this strain goes by a number of nicknames. Original Glue, also known as “Gorilla Glue”, Gorilla Glue #4, GG, and GG#4 – they are one and the same. Therefore, it would not be wrong to refer to Critical x GG4 Autoflower as Critical GG or Critical GG#4. But, the most common pet name is the whimsical “Critical Gorilla” It brings to mind a crotchety (but lovable) old silverback who wears grandpa glasses. Take note, though, that this has “Auto” in its name. There is a non-auto version which has a different genealogy and thus, a different set of aroma and effects.

Final Thoughts

These lovely strains are just some of the many options available at i49. With our high-grade seeds sourced from the most reputable breeders, we are always ready to fulfill any order, big or small. Shipping is quick and discreet, and our germination guarantee is an assurance of superior handling from our hands to yours. Order Critical x GG4 Autoflower seeds from us now and experience the 5-star service that our customers are raving about.