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Critical purple autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds

Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds | Feminized Critical Purple Strain

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Critical Purple Cannabis Strain

Critical Purple has been a popular cannabis strain on the market for years, making itself a name amongst newbie and experienced growers alike. It’s a well-balanced strain, very easy to grow, and will not disappoint you in terms of yield or potency!

Our Critical Purple Cannabis strain falls under the Indica-dominant hybrid classification. It has a THC content of 27%, whose effects are to reckon with. The genetics of Critical Purple is a heavy 90% Indica compared to the 10% Sativa, whose benefits are not much suppressed for this amazing queen. Critical Purple is known for its purple tint, grape taste, and amazing THC production.

When you grind the plant, the smell will be very pungent and strong. The flavor of Critical Purple is very fruity and light. With terpenes being more abundant in this strain, the flavor is less kerosene and more floral. When you smoke Critical Purple, you will also experience the limonene citrusy and lemony tones many connoisseurs crave for. That is why you’d need our Critical Purple feminized auto flower seeds, so you never run out of one of the most revered flowers of all time.

Effects of Critical Purple

This strain is known for its strong effects, which are both cerebral and physical. The intensity of the high it brings on is quite potent, making you feel the full impact of the THC and other cannabinoids it releases in your body. You will first experience a tingling feeling all over your body, followed by a sudden burst of relaxation.

After the initial rush, you will begin to feel an intense pressure building up between your eyes. If smoked in large quantities, this sensation can become overwhelming, making you feel sleepy and tired.

Being an Indica dominant hybrid, Critical Purple has great medicinal properties that can treat various health conditions ranging from stress disorders to chronic pain syndromes. The ability of the plant to induce drowsiness helps people with insomnia get their much-needed restful sleep, thus improving their overall quality of life. Just a little bit of the smoke, and you will begin to feel really mellow, with this being one of the most effective ways to relax your mind and body after a hectic day.

Critical Purple is a good strain when it comes to tackling depression and anxiety, giving you some peace of mind at last before falling into a deep sleep. It is also known to relieve stress and anxiety, thus making it a good alternative for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression. In fact, it is often recommended for this particular condition because it can help curb your appetite, which aids in weight loss and provides you with energy to perform daily tasks.

One of the biggest talking points of the critical purple cannabis strain is its long-lasting high. Well, this is often mentioned in tandem with how the strain gets to work fast, spewing its effects and benefits from head to toe in minutes. Newbies will experience the high coming in more vigorously as experienced stoners sit back and feel it creep in. The peak lasts longer than your average strain. You can expect it to last up to an hour before tapering off.

How Does Critical Purple Grow?

Critical Purple is a hardy strain that does exceptionally well either indoors and outdoors. It can be grown in different kinds of climates and vegetation well, even with minor novice errors.

The strain wants to grow to a medium height and may need support at some stages of growth. Outdoors it also grows well and can be easily cultivated. Care should be taken to protect it against harsh weather conditions. Such as too much wind or when it could stay dormant during winter months.

Is critical Purple really purple? Yes, it is! A quick look at the plant reveals dark green leaves with unmistakable hues of Purple. The buds are deep green but covered by dark purples hairs that give them a dusky hue. When you break open the nugs, what lies within are bright orange pistils amidst vibrant shades of green sugar-coated trichomes.

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Indoors, you can expect Critical Purple to yield between 500 and 650 grams per square meter. The Indica heavy plant takes an average of 8 – 9 weeks in flowering before it is ready for harvesting. It is important to take care of any plant because it may fall victim to mold and pest attacks with extensive errors in an indoor setup.

When grown outdoors, you will be able to get yields of up to 900 grams per harvest with an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks. The strain prefers areas that have been prepared with soil containing manure or compost beforehand. It is a hardy strain that does well in all types of climates and conditions.

History of Critical Purple Seeds

The Seed Fair’s Critical purple marijuana strain has bagged sweet words from its users all over the world it came to conquer. All thanks to its powerful lineage. The strain was created by crossing two heavyweights, Critical Mass and Big Bud. The result was impressive, with critical Purple taking on a hybrid of its parents’ superior qualities.

Going back to its parents, Big Bud was a perfect cross between three world-renowned strains. Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1, while Critical mass is a creation from Afghani and Skunk #1. Notice the Afghani and Skunk #1 common factor. These two have also been crossed with other superior strains to give off lots of new hybrid strains. As well have gone ahead to be loved and adored in equal measure by many growers and users.

The Big Bud and Critical Mass cross created a mix of Indica and Sativa genetics that would combine to give a shorter flowering time. Making them ideal for colder climates that experience shorter growing seasons. The result was a plant that flowers fast compared to other plants. However it has higher resistance against mold and pest attacks because of its short growth period.

Autoflower Critical Purple

The name says it all – massive yields of beautiful purple nugs. This strain is the result of Critical Mass and Big Bud interbreeding, with a dash of Ruderalis thrown in. An Indica-dominant hybrid, it produces exquisite relaxation that melts into a heavy stone. Not the right weed for daytime use, although it can help insomniacs and anxiety-ridden individuals immensely. The buds are gigantic and tinged with lavender, and have the heady aroma of citrus and flowers. And since it is an autoflowering plant, it’s perfect for guerilla growing.


Auto Critical Purple Fem is a straightforward and enjoyable grow for cultivators of all experience levels. Through the addition of Ruderalis genes, the plant is hardy and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. It is short and compact, making it easy to hide or fit in small spaces. Furthermore, it matures in a flash – just 10 weeks from sprouting to harvest. This decreases the downtime and allows multiple harvests in a single year.

This strain is suitable for either indoor or outdoor growing. It will not mind the colder temperatures up north and in fact, it will produce leaves with a vibrant purple hue as the mercury drops. Its height peaks at 80 to 150 cm (30 to 60 inches), but it will branch out laterally. This creates more bud sites that can be exposed to the light. Each plant becomes more efficient and production is boosted.

As an autoflowering strain, Auto Critical Purple does not bloom according to a change in the light schedule. Unlike photoperiod plants that depend on a 12/12 program, it produces flowers by following its internal clock. Inside a grow room, the lights can be kept on for at least 18 consecutive hours a day from the seedling to the flowering stage. Some growers even choose to leave the lights on for a full 24 hours. More light equals more vegetation, although experts can’t seem to agree if this is really an advantage. Some of them point out that the grow lights could raise the temperature too much and cause light burn.

Nevertheless, this hybrid is not very finicky. Simply keep a close eye on the temperature and relative humidity, and it will not give you any trouble. Due to its short stature and brief life cycle, it does not require any training. Similar to most cannabis varietals, it should be fed with nitrogen during the vegetative stage, whereas phosphorous and potassium are more beneficial for the blossoms. Before harvesting, give the plants a thorough flushing to prevent a chemical taste in the buds.

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Flowering Time

The development of this strain takes about 10 weeks from start to finish, but you could wait an extra two weeks to increase the yield and enhance the potency. In a controlled setting like a grow room or tent, production can be continuous. Whereas in the great outdoors, you could germinate two batches of seeds – late March and at the end of June. This lets you harvest twice, in June and October.


Because it is an Indica-dominant cultivar (both parents, Critical Mass and Big Bud, are Indicas), Auto Critical Purple tends to grow low and bushy. Compared to Sativas, the nodes are spaced more closely together and the leaves are broader. The purple coloration can be triggered by manipulating the temperature, but this is best left to growers with more experience. When harvest time comes, you can anticipate a yield of about 300 grams (12 ounces) per square meter. The buds will be sticky and rounded, with orange pistils wrapped tightly around them.


Outdoors, this strain can survive in climates that are usually unsuitable for growing marijuana. However, it is better if the temperature does not fall below 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, the more sunlight there is, the more it will flourish. It is highly resistant to pests and diseases, so no problems there. Upon maturity, each plant will give you up to 150 grams (5 ounces) of usable weed.

Medical Application

Since Auto Critical Purple’s progenitors are Indica-doms, it is no surprise that its impact is solidly Indica. The effect is more physical than cerebral, but there is still some euphoric element to it. Because it relaxes the body, a mental calmness typically follows. This is a huge advantage for medical marijuana users who are fighting chronic depression and anxiety disorders.

In particular, sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the best candidates for this treatment. Unlike Sativa strains, this one does not stimulate the imagination. As a result, the recollection of traumatic events can be avoided. Additionally, the sedative effect promotes drowsiness, leading to a deeper and more restful slumber. It does not give one any hangover-like symptoms, either, such as those caused by prescription drugs.

Moreover, the THC level of this strain is moderate to high at 19%. Studies have shown that high-THC cannabis can be a palliative for a wide range of pain-related ailments. It can relieve migraines, dysmenorrhea, and neuropathic pain, for example. Most importantly, it is non-addicting.

Adverse Reactions

Due to its tranquilizing consequences, Auto Critical Purple can sometimes cause dizziness. If that is the case for you, stay still for a few moments and the feeling should pass. Likewise, people who are sensitive to THC should take it easy to avoid any uncomfortable psychoactive effects. To avoid increased anxiety or paranoia from too much THC, micro-dosing is a good method for enjoying this strain.

The other downsides are inevitable, such as cotton mouth and bloodshot eyes. These are easily relieved by adequate hydration. Just drink plenty of water and have a bottle of moisturizing eye drops ready.


The physical effects of Auto Critical Purple take a bit of time to manifest, but you may experience increased mental clarity right from the start. This calm state of mind sets the stage for the body buzz that is soon to follow.

After a few minutes, a warm, tingling sensation spreads through the limbs. You will feel heavy and lethargic, signaling that it’s time to settle down in your favorite armchair. The muscle relaxation intensifies until eventually, you have no choice but to bask in blissful tranquility.

Total couch-lock is not uncommon, and so this strain is best consumed at the end of the day. You might also experience an increase in appetite, in which case it is a good idea to keep some snacks and drinks within arm’s reach.


The scent of this strain’s buds is not especially skunky. Instead, it leans more towards the fruity and floral. This can be attributed to a high concentration of linalool, a terpene that smells sweet and tangy. The fragrance is uplifting and stress-reducing. On top of that, there are some herby and woody tones.

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Auto Critical Purple’s flavor is subtle and not in-your-face, and yet it is extremely pleasant. The smoke is sweet and smooth, without a hint of harshness. It teases with a hint of lemon that keeps you coming back for more. When you exhale, you will detect the earthiness of parsley or thyme.

Similar Strains

If you prefer the ease of growing autoflowers but want to try different effects, we have a huge selection of auto fem seeds to choose from. For a more psychedelic kick, try Auto Northern Lights x Mazar Fem. This strain can neutralize nausea and muscle spasms while delivering the mind-bending trip characteristic of the uber-popular Northern Lights.

If sweet flavors are your jam, though, Auto Blue Fruit Fem is an excellent choice. It has a relatively low level of THC (14%), but it tastes amazingly like blueberry pie. The plant is beautiful, too, with myrtle-green fan leaves and canary-yellow pistils. It contains anthocyanins that produce violet hues, just like Auto Critical Purple.

A balanced high distinguishes Auto Critical x Gorilla Glue Fem. You will get energetic euphoria paired with relaxation. Not to mention, its Gorilla Glue heritage results in exceptionally resinous buds. The entire plant is covered in trichomes, giving it a snow-dusted, Christmas-y appearance.

Finally, for users who aren’t too keen on the psychoactive potential of THC, Auto White Widow CBD Fem is bred to bring out 10% CBD. Its chunky flowers have numerous health benefits, such as the reduction of epileptic seizure episodes. It also engenders more mental resilience for people who are chronically exposed to stress.

Nick Names

This strain does not have any nicknames per se, but it could sometimes be confused with Critical Autoflowering or Auto Purple. Take note that those are different varietals with a stronger Sativa influence.

Final Thoughts

These strains and more are available to buy on i49. Stocked with the highest-quality products, our seed bank is ready and waiting to help you get started on your growing adventure. Your order will be shipped to you quickly and discreetly, and with extreme care to preserve the seeds’ viability. With our germination guarantee, you can be assured of success. So, don’t hesitate! Place your order now and be one of our legions of satisfied customers.

Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 12 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 11 oz/plant
THC 25%
CBD 0,7%
HEIGHT 24 – 47 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Insomnia Pain Stress
EFFECTS Calming Happy Sedative
FLAVOR Earthy Sweet Woody
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

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