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Critical bilbo seeds

Critical Bilbo Feminized

Originating in Bilboa, Spain through a cross of Afghani and Skunk strains, Critical Bilbo Fem is legendary in its home country. This psychedelic strain has the ability to induce mild visual and auditory hallucinations and should not be taken lightly. However, if you take this mood-altering beast in stride you are in for quite the trip!

These wonder-filled weed seeds did not just happen overnight. This multiple award-winning super-strain was famous in Europe, for its over-the-top effects, long before any North American hands were laid upon it.

The original strain started with Afghani, a strong and bushy 100% indica with a medium to high THC content and properties leaning toward easing the user to sleep. Born in the mountains of Afghanistan, this pure landrace strain is a major player in some of the world’s top seed-breeding and will always hold its own where any competition is concerned.

The other contributor to our Spanish queen is Skunk #1. This Cannabis Cup winning strain is heralded as one of the earliest lineage holders in contemporary breeding today. This famous 50/50 is on par with some of the best marijuana in the world, hence its popularity. With its medium THC content, ease of growth and cultivation, and its amazing ability to uplift, soothe and enliven, it makes a perfect pairing with the hard-hitting Afghani indica.

So, what is feminization? The process of feminization occurs when colloidal silver is added early in a female plant’s development, inducing the production of pollen-sacs. When the sacs have ripened and the pollen is ready, it is collected and painted on the flower nodes of the seed crop. The result is a 100% female seed, absolutely free of any male genetic material. What this means to growers is freedom from the concern that males may pop up to infect your crop, resulting in less than stellar buds.

The process of feminization combined with the genes from Skunk and Afghani has resulted in the crossbred Critical Bilbo Fem strain. It is an indica-dominant, high THC, heavy yielding, fast flowering powerhouse, designed to take you on a trip through the stars.

An often underrated class of hybrid, this strain is one for the high flyers! It is not only going to blow your body and mind, but its incredibly heavy bud production will have you drooling for harvest time long before she is ready. The plants from these cannabis seeds produce such thick, dense, resin-coated buds that you are going to need to support her branches in order to keep her standing!

If this bud has the kind of high-flying expedition you long for, purchase your ticket to ride at i49! Buy Critical Bilbo Fem strain seeds online today and you will be circling the moon before you know it!


At between 7-10 feet tall, this incredible strain is no slouch and, with no special requirements and natural resistance to disease, Critical Bilbo Fem strain seeds are an excellent choice for all levels of cultivators to grow.

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She’s a photoperiod plant so the forest you grow with these weed seeds needs a good strong light source. Because of the nature of her budding cycle, it’s a good idea to give her a boost of nitrogen right off the top, leaning into a bit more phosphorus when she’s flipped over.

Because this is such a dense strain, enjoying Mediterranean climes, humidity should be kept around 40-50% for veg and the beginning of flowering. It is advisable to turn it down to about 20% toward the end of her cycle. These measures, coupled with strong ventilation will protect your crop from any mold issues.

Flowering Time

In as little as 6-8 weeks, Critical Bilbo Fem should produce between 400-450 grams per square feet. With an outdoor grow operation, harvests of up to and including 1900 grams per plant have been reported! Having controlled ambient moisture levels, harvest your outdoor garden by October and you are well on your way to reaping some dank weed.


This plant can be managed easily indoors, whether in soil or grown hydroponically, given some basic horticultural measures are taken. Because of the bushy nature of this plant, the screen of green (ScrOG) method is preferred. ScrOG is a technique through which plants are topped during the vegetation cycle, inducing the growth of inner flower and branch nodes. As the new branching extends, it is then spread out and weaved through a screen and all excess, shading foliage is trimmed away to allow light to penetrate those deeper places.

Ensure that the heat, humidity, and ventilation have been sound and the result you get from these magical marijuana seeds is a plethora of big, beautiful buds sitting neatly atop your screen.


This great ganja loves the sun so make sure she’s got plenty of it. Position your greenhouse in an open, south-facing direction and employ the same methods utilized inside. There is no need to come up with any new-fangled methods for growing these beautiful beans.

If you don’t have a greenhouse, that’s okay too, given your municipality is okay with weed-fringed yards. Pick a sunny, warm location, protected from desiccating winds and this plant will take all the space you’ve got. She’ll ring in at around 8 feet with some routine maintenance including basic trimming. If you provide this herb with the rich soil and nutrients she needs and do some topping early, it will produce more branching, ultimately producing a larger yield.

Medical Application

Given the 21% THC and negligible CBD content, the medicinal benefits of this one will not be so long term, but during the high, great things can happen. The euphoria and all-out separation from reality she offers make this a perfect strain for anyone suffering from stress, depression, and PTSD. Need some motivation? The focused buzz this strain delivers is good for finishing up some chores on your to-do list. Its hard-hitting nature will slacken any tightness throughout the body. This all-natural healer is good for relieving the user of muscle and joint pain due to arthritis and other inflammatory health issues. This wonderful weed has even been helpful for the symptoms of MS and Parkinson’s. It has properties that can slow down an inflamed nervous system and deal rightly with tremors and seizures, allowing for improved quality of life.

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Adverse Reactions

Don’t worry about cottonmouth and dry, red eyes after a session with this Cosita Linda. With Mary Jane this heavy, the visual and auditory hallucinatory properties may bring on anxiety, dizziness, dysphoria, nausea, headache, physical discomfort, increased heart rate, and general panic. Also, for the unseasoned toker, green fever is a reality so take it easy. Enjoy just a couple of hoots. You do not need more than a few puffs to let this beast out of her cage.


Indeed, the force is strong in this one. Users report feeling instantly uplifted and transported to a happier and more lively place. Everything is, to a certain degree, smoothly focused. Another toke brings a heady buzz and certain fun and friendly dizziness, which quickly morphs into a body/mind meld and a heightened sensitivity to energies around you. Another toke is where mild hallucinations may start. Be prepared for a blinking light here or a shadow there. You are feeling her enhanced effects and

A few moments after you blaze, the relaxation of the body begins, accompanied by the sharpness of mind. This is a fun strain for chill conversations with friends and is definitely giggly. Munchies are common at this stage and to follow shortly will be the inevitable body-stone. Because of the sativa traits, couch-lock isn’t always a guarantee, but a good night’s sleep certainly is.


As lovely as the high from this seductive Spaniard is, her accompanying flavors and aromas will set you alight with wonder. Smelling of sweet honey and berries with a hint of fresh earth and tobacco, she is a head-turner.


Quite different from her aroma profile, the flavor of this special strain is one of fresh pine, damp earth and the sweetness of a summer rose. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by her soft comforting honey-like essence. She came to play hard!

Similar Strains

Super fast-flowering and producing high yields when grown under 600w inside, Critical Fast fem is a grape-flavored show-stopper

Heavy, very dense, and bursting with terpene-rich trichomes, Criticall Mass fem buds, with their punky, citrusy twinge will fall right off the bone.

What do you get when you cross Critical Mass with OG Kush? Critical Kush fem. With 25% THC and up to 6% CBD, this mighty medicinal is built to kill all concerns.

If the sativa side is more your speed, try Critical Jack Fem for its uplifting, focusing, and psychologically freeing effects.

Critical Blue fem is another indica-dominant beast known for its sedating serenity. She is a bouquet of flavors on your palate full of lemony blueberries.

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Nick Names

With a weed this incredible and a name like Critical Bilbo, there must be something out there! Take a few tokes with some friends and see what springs to mind.

Final Thoughts

If you have gotten this far, you must be crushing on these strains and our feature, Critical Bilbo Fem strain, but perhaps you have doubts about where to buy them in the USA. Unless you want to waste your time, money, and effort on a fruitless venture, be sure to buy only the best weed seeds at i49. If you want quality and reliability, trust i49 genetics when it comes to growing marijuana seeds. Our dedicated breeders ensure the genetic purity of each seed, so much so that every order is backed with a 100% germination guarantee. i49 is a highly rated, no-fuss, helpful, and professional online seed bank with hundreds of strains to choose from. Our pages are informative and educational, so you know exactly what you are getting. Our secure payment options and fast, discreet delivery service make i49 shopping a cinch.

Critical Bilbo

Critical Bilbo is a powerful indica-dominant strain that holds several Cannabis Cup championships under its belt. A legend among Spain’s cannabis consumers, Critical Bilbo’s resinous, sage-green buds emit a sweet, fruity aroma. Its effects are heavy and narcotic, a top-shelf strain oftentimes too intoxicating for novices. This strain grows best indoors or in greenhouse gardens, and flowers in just 45 to 50 days.

Critical Bilbo is a powerful indica-dominant strain that holds several Cannabis Cup championships under its belt. A legend among Spain’s cannabis consumers, Critical Bilbo’s resinous, sage-green buds emit a sweet, fruity aroma. Its effects are heavy and narcotic, a top-shelf strain oftentimes too intoxicating for novices. This strain grows best indoors or in greenhouse gardens, and flowers in just 45 to 50 days.

Critical bilbo seeds

This plant is famous for its spectular aroma and intense fruity and sweet flavour, and has won various awards throughout the country.

Its INDICA effect is very powerful because of its Afghan origin and its cross with Skunk. The plant is espwcially appreciated in Bilbao, Spain where this particular strain was selected and has maintained a favoured status for many years for the outdoor grower.
It is also most favoured by the 1st time indoor grower.

KRITIKAL BILBO it’s very easy to grow and achieves superb results with minimal attention.

It is a medium height plant and enjoys rapid growth. The flowering stage produces fat and heavy flowers with few leaves. The buds are full of aromatic resin and this needs looking after as the smell is very intense.

This is a real delicacy for the palate. The plant matures after 45 days of indoor flowering, and outdoors between mid and late September.thanks to its early maturity it is not affected much by fungi.

Type: Indica (indica / sativa)

Indoor Production: 550-600 gr/m2

Outdoor Production: 1500-2000 gr/plant

Indoor Flowering: 45-55 days

Outdoor Harvest: September (Northern Hemisphere) – March (Southern Hemisphere)