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Cream cannabis seeds

Indica Cream Cannabis Seeds

The flavor is very sweet and caramel aftertaste, like candy. The psychoactivity of this variety is quite high and the levels of THC and CBD are also high.

Indica Cream Cannabis Seeds from Kannabia Seeds

This variety has been preparing for a long time. It is a blend of Indica varieties from our room mothers. The goal was to look not so much a fast-flowering variety, but take advantage of this hybrid vigor of Indic Molotov cocktail. This plant has the best characteristics of the varieties of Kannabia catalog: fast, productive and easy to grow. Our Karamelo is a plant that develops their full potential outside pass for although the two meters of pure heart, you pick it up in mid-late September. In our tests, a specimen came to be ready in just over 6 weeks, although the 7 weeks will be the most logical for proper maturation of all trichomes. The buds are dense and fluffy, but they are hard as rock in the last weeks of their life cycle. The flowers give off a pungent, sweet smell from the first weeks of flowering.

It is not convenient saturate Karamelo roots with an excess of fertilizer, since the growth of the plant is constant. For indoor controlled growth, growing the plants for at least 15 days after germination (under photo-period of 18 hours and with a CD in growth, never exceeding 1.4. In hydroponic systems can achieve EC of 1.6).

The structure is typical of indica varieties: large central bud and many side branches, ideal for indoor cultivation. The distance between nodes is short and has a good relationship calyx-leaf, producing flowers compact easy to manicure. It withstands the high temperatures and long periods of drought. It is very resistant to insect pests and fungal attacks.

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One of the most outstanding qualities of this variety is the speed of maturation. Within days you can see how the trichomes become clear to milky, and very quickly turns into coffee tone. Sign that is fully mature.

The flavor is very sweet and caramel aftertaste, like candy. The psychoactivity of this variety is quite high and the levels of THC and CBD are also high. Enough to induce states relaxants and antidepressants. What gives medicinal properties for some growers.

This is a variety that produces good hash, but the ice-o-lator of Karamelo is sweet too tempting

Honey Cream Fast Version strain

Honey Cream Fast Version by Royal Queen Seeds is a feminized cannabis seed that has its origins in the crossing of a Blue Black, a Maple Leaf and a White Rhino. It is a small to medium sized and robust indica-dominant marijuana plant that produces numerous dense and resinous buds in a remarkably short time.

The Honey Cream Fast version by RQS is ideal for beginners and experts alike. She thrives outdoors in dry/well temperate/Mediterranean climates and is ready to harvest in about 6 weeks, so she is unlikely to suffer from humidity-related problems. It also grows well indoors, so we can confidently recommend this cannabis plant for both outdoor and indoor growing.

The flavor and aroma of Honey Cream Fast Version are intense, with hints of candy, caramel and earth. It is an ideal variety of cannabis, for any person in search of a relaxing effect, a good power and of long duration.

Spice Cream Regular Cannabis Seeds (Free Born Selection) by Emerald Mountain

Spice Cream Regular Cannabis Seeds (Freeborn Selection) by Emerald Mountain are one of the latest strains to come out of the labs of Emerald Mountain. The genetics of the new Spice Cream seeds were created by crossing not 2 but 3 strains together to get the perfect combination of genetics.

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First, they started with Blackberry Kush, which is an Indica dominant hybrid created by combining Afghani & Blackberry which give it its dense beautiful buds.

The second strain that was used would be Diesel Maui Dog , this again is mostly an Indica strain chosen for its strong genetics and its relatively short flowering time.

Finally, last but by no means least, we have Royal Kush, one of Emerald Mountain’s own strains. The Royal Kush strain was created from powerful genetics , Afghani no:1 adding a little height to the situation and Skunk #1, adding a little bit of a kick to the strain.

Finally, in the end, we are left with a beautiful powerhouse hybrid know today as Spice Cream .