Cosmic Case

Rasta 4 Piece Grinder

Rasta 4 Piece Grinder

If you are looking for a high-end grinder with style, Cosmic Case may have the right accessory for you. Continue reading for a break down on the premium features that make Cosmic brand products great contenders for the best weed grinder on the market today.

What Sets Cosmic Case Grinders Apart

  • Easy to grind – All Cosmic grinders have precision razor teeth that break-up even the stickiest buds with ease. In addition to the shredding power, they also have a Delrin plastic glide ring to make turning the grind operation easy on your wrist.

  • Magnetic lids – If you have ever experienced a full grinder accidentally spilling in your pocket or all over the floor, then you will definitely appreciate the lids on these cases. While lots of other grinders feature magnets, they are often weak or poorly attached. The neodymium earth magnets used for keeping the lid on Cosmic Cases are the strongest magnets available.

  • American Quality – You can rest assured knowing that small children did not participate in the manufacturing of Cosmic Case herb grinders. The company is located in Southern California and has over 60 years experience in the metal industry. They make their grinders with a high quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has an ultimate tensile strength of over 42,000 psi.

Weaknesses of Cosmic Cases

As of today, we are unaware of any complaints about Cosmic Cases. They seem to hold up very well. If you own one and have any feedback in this area, please leave a comment below.

Cosmic Case’s Grinder Options

2 Piece Grinders ($20-$40)

2 Piece Grinder

2 Piece Grinder

2 piece herb grinders are the less expensive and more compact option. If you are looking for something simple that gets the job done without have to worry about clogging or cleaning pollen screens, then a 2 piece is for you.

The Cosmic 2 piece grinders come in three sizes and six colors. The mini is only 1.625 inches in diameter, the small is 2.125 inches, and the large is 2.75 inches. Choose your favorite color from classic polish, passion purple, mystic blue, ruby red, stoney green, or cosmic smoke.

4 Piece Grinders ($45-$105)

4 Piece Grinder

4 Piece Grinder

4 piece herb grinders have the added benefit of pollen screens for collecting kief. As you grind, a 316 grade steel screen sifts your bud and allows high THC resin glands to accumulate in a special chamber.

The Cosmic 4 pieces come in four sizes. In addition to the mini, small and large sizes, the extra large grinder is a full 3.5 inch diameter beast, perfect for large blunts. Maybe two ;)

The mini and small 4 piece colors are classic polish, passion purple, mystic blue, ruby red, stoney green, cosmic smoke and Rasta. The large and extra large color choices are classic polish, cosmic smoke, and Rasta. (Rasta is my favorite… Capturing the spirit of smoking weed!)

Super Shredder Triple Grinder

Super Shredder Triple Grinder

The Super Shredder Small Triple grinder also is a 4 piece with a kief screen, but has an innovative teeth layout that produces a courser grind. While I personally like a finer grind for rolling joints, the Super Shredder is perfect for bowls. The color options include classic polish, cosmic smoke, and Rasta, but the only size offered is the small 2.125 inch diameter.

The Lowdown on Cosmic Cases

Cosmic Case makes top-notch American quality products that have all the features we look for in a premium bud grinder. The razor teeth and glide ring make breaking up buds easy and the strong neodymium earth magnet will keep the lid on your precious herb while you party like a rock star. Going with Cosmic Case is a no brainer– the only hard decision is having to choose from the large array of sizes and color options available.

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  1. T says:

    Do you have any Rasta grinders in stock?

  2. Levi Beckett says:

    Hello Sir or Ma’am,
    I would like to make a video compiling unboxings and reviews of all common and affordable vaporizers. I want to give a good range of all vaporizers and I have heard of and experienced using your top of the line vaporizer. I would greatly appreciate if you sent me one of your vapes to review and feature in my youtube channel.
    Regards, Levi Beckett

  3. hollaback! says:

    Yo what’s your channel!?

  4. Asiaya says:

    Hey there,

    This is Asiaya from CSP company, we are the manufacturer for the herb grinders, there are so many types herb grinders in our company, add my Skype asiayayin2014 for more detailed information.

    best regards

  5. josh says:

    The place where i biught my grinder told me thst a current of electricity is put through the grinder and the color is the same all the way trhough the metal she told me if i cut my hreen grinder in half thst it would be green but i guess this is not true cuz it got scrached today and i see sliver other then being lied to by a sales person the grinder is pretty good

  6. Jacob says:

    I was thinking about snidpeng some money on a , but there’s so many different things to consider, many of which I’ve never even heard of before, such as: How long does it take to actually grind the coffee beans? How much can I grind at one time? Is the grinder electric or manual? Is the grinder a space saver? How many coarness levels does the grinder have, ie; fine, ultrafine or coarse, medium coarseness. How was the cost of a grinder? What is difference in the most expensive grinder to the less expensive grinders? Can you use any flavor of coffee to grind? Does the coffee bean grinder come attached to a coffee maker? Will the coffee grinder have a preset timer- along with some type of auto shut off?

  7. blake says:

    Hi there. This is an irrelevant question.. Ever seen a grinder that doesn’t have blades? Wondered how it magically grinds anything? I seen one of those in my local shop the other day, forgot what it was. Does anyone know what those grinders are called?

  8. JaxBeach says:

    My personal favorite. Have been using it for 3 years now. Chromium Crusher was good, but the metal started flaking after a couple years. This one seems like it will last forever.

  9. Karen says:

    I only have one complaint. The black ring that goes between the top&bottom piece broke and no longer turns very easy and hard to get apart with out it.

  10. Irie says:

    The screen gets a little clogged over time, but I think they all do that. This is a great grinder.

  11. marissa moss says:

    I was told tbat cosmic went out of business?

  12. Anthony Bessette says:

    Hey could anybody send this yo my email pls,
    So anyway i have a cosmic grinder 2 pc and it has 2 rows of teeth, can anyone tell me what size it is? Thanks✌

  13. StrongTreesNiko says:

    One of the best grinders i own i actually own 3 a one piece for blunts and i have 2 3 chamber pieces and i have To say they are my favorite grinder i also Own a Santa Cruz shredder but honestly cosmic is a better grinder all around and it actully last Iv had 2 of my cosmic for 11 years now and they are still are in good condition other than the dents on the out side from me banging them together but a normal small dent nothing not complain about it is one of the best and no i am Not being paid to say this. Wish i could Attach pictures to this

  14. StrongTreesNiko says:

    One of the best rated by StrongTreesNiko

  15. StrongTreesNiko says:

    I guess They call them 4 pieces i call Them 3 because the to top pieces are one basic in my eyes lmfao sorry I’m a stoner

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