Chromium Crusher

Diamond Teeth

Diamond Teeth

If you need a heavy-duty yet affordable solution, the Chromium Crusher grinder is one of the best values available. These grinders easily crush your herb with an even consistency, keeping your sticky where you need it and not on your fingers. Find out why they deserve a spot among the best weed grinders available today.

Advantages of Chromium Crusher Grinders

  • Durable – Made from high quality heavy metallic alloy, these grinders are created using a computerized manufacturing process and even include a Teflon ring so that they last for many years and remain in smooth operation. Unlike pure aluminum grinders it is very difficult to even scratch a Chromium Crusher, let alone damage it.

  • Diamond Swirl Teeth – These grinders have 54 razor sharp diamond teeth in a swirl pattern. The teeth are strategically spaced from each other making it a very smooth and easy process that helps keep them sharp for many years.

  • Functional – What the Chromium Crusher brand of herb grinders may lack in style options, they easily make up for with functionality. Because the chromium is heaver than aluminum, they have more leverage and are easier to grind. In addition, they have very powerful magnetic lids that keep your fresh ground from spilling accidentally.

Complaints about Chromium Crushers

The biggest thing to watch out for with this brand are fakes. There are a lot of knockoffs out there so make sure it says “Chromium Crusher” on the lid. The only complaint about the real grinders is that when brand new their might be some shards of metal from the edges of the screen where it was set, so make sure you give it a good rinse before using it.

Chromium Crusher’s Grinder Options

2 Piece

2 Piece

2 Piece ($15-$25)

2 piece grinders from Chromium Crusher come in two sizes. They is a 2.2 inch diameter and a 3 inch diameter option. The 2 piece 2.2 inch grinder is perfect for travel and easily concealed while the 3 inch option can handle a large load of your finest buds.

3 Piece Grinders ($20-$30)

3 piece grinders do not have a pollen screen but they do contain a separate chamber where weed will collect after grinding. The 3 piece options come in 2 sizes, the 2 inch and the 3 inch diameter products.

4 Piece

4 Piece

4 Piece Grinders ($25-$35)

The 4 piece bud grinders from Chromium Crusher include kief screens for collecting pollen in a separate chamber. The sizes include 1.7 inch, 2 inch, 2.2 inch and a 2.5 inch option.

The 4 piece bud grinders include a very fine pollen screen that will only allow the purest crystals to fall through. While many think that larger screens are better for collecting kief, they often do not realize they are not collecting only kief, but also small pieces of plant matter.

The Lowdown on Chromium Crushers

With a sleek polished metal finish and heavy-duty construction, these grinders are both tough and good looking. They don’t have many style options, but when it comes to function and quality the Chromium Crusher herb grinders are one of the best.

Compare Prices

The best prices on Chromium Crushers are definitely found online. Compare prices and save up to 50% off what you’d pay in a smoke shop.

100pc pocket portable smoking cone roller plastic herb grinder
100pc pocket portable smoking cone roller plastic herb grinder
Price: $120.00 Expires: Friday Jul-1 View Deal
Tobacco Herb Grinder Spice Herbal 4 Piece Metal Chromium Alloy Smoke Crusher
Tobacco Herb Grinder Spice Herbal 4 Piece Metal Chromium Alloy Smoke Crusher
Price: $14.77 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
Medium Tobacco Herb Spice Grinder 3 Piece 
Medium Tobacco Herb Spice Grinder 3 Piece 
Price: $11.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
Large Tobacco Herb Spice Grinder 3 Piece 
Large Tobacco Herb Spice Grinder 3 Piece 
Price: $12.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder
Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder
Price: $11.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal

28 Visitor Comments
  1. FL says:

    I picked up a 1.75″ 4-piece (in blue) at a local shop yesterday for around $25. They had a larger one for $2 more. Here’s my review after cleaning and using it once (with some really sticky bud):

    -shiny and sleek
    -cool name
    -choice of colors
    -high quality construction
    -magnetic top
    -many blades & holes
    -smooth grinding & thread action
    -fine mesh screen
    -large kief chamber
    -reasonable price
    -grinds to a good size

    -minor surface imperfections outside
    -several scratches & imperfections inside
    -significant metal dust present before initial cleaning
    -shallow main chamber (7/16″ tall closed, 3/16″ wall when open)
    -oversized kief chamber (9/16″ tall closed, 3/8″ wall when open)
    -often difficult to get all of the pieces to fall through the holes;
    -pieces sometimes get stuck to the top piece or around the edge of the grinding chamber
    -didn’t come packaged or with any accessories

  2. corners says:

    I think your pros and cons are just about spot on.I too got a 4 pc grinder but as robbed at m local head shop on it. But i do love it so guess price matters little to me now. Wish i had gotten the 5 pc tho. I use a small piece of laminated plastic to scrape the screen because sometimes a lot of kief can get stuck on the underside of the screen. Closing the crusher and banging it on something hard or metal usually can also do a trick

    One more gripe a lot of kief seems to get stuck in the threads and places hard to get it out of. But otherwise great product. Ive dropped it so many times with barley a scratch.

  3. 406 says:

    yea i totally agree. The pros and cons couldn’t have been listed any better… the main chamber is just too shallow.

  4. Ben says:

    I ordered a clear top mill handle style one and after giving it is very first kief bang the teeth plate falls out. This may only be one defective model, but I think it shows that the maker my not be to invested in producing a top quality product. Which raises the question, who even makes chromium crushers?

    • rat says:

      love the folks that complain about falling apart, they may have gotten one of the many knockoffs out and about, the real deal is on point and works wonders

      • Jp says:

        I got the 4 piece mill handle one, it worms amazingly!! Heavy construction, increasible finish, I’ve even thrown it off a 20 ft balcony and it’s still in almost perfect condition! The one con I have is the main chamber is a little on the small side, but if his broke from a slight bang, I’d count on it being fake/defective.

  5. jojo says:

    They give you a crude little plastic widget for cleaning the interior, but a fine watercolor brush works much better.

    • Jp says:

      The plastic widget is actually a pollen(keif) scraper it helps collect the fine powdery ganja at the bottom chamber, also if you want to maximize keif output I recommend putting a penny or dime in the main chamber it works like a charm.

  6. 420 says:

    Bought mine a week ago, i’d reccomend it to anyone, one of the best grinders ive seen. googled how to maximize keif output and coincidentally found that the grinder i had randomly bought because it had so many teeth was #3 on the top5 lol

  7. joe says:

    i just bought my 2.5 crusher and i love it. builds kief pretty fast but the weed does get stuck in the drop holes if its good sticky. storage is too small though. for the price, best grinder out there next to the mendo muncher.

  8. Chris says:

    Bought the biggest grinder that this company makes 4 inches grinder never failed and I cant complain it did the job perfectly.

  9. MY KUNT says:

    The best thing to do with theses for max kief is put them in the freezer

  10. Angry stoner says:

    It was a really good grinder I bought two of them and they both lasted for about a month or so before the top plate with the teeth came off the lid. When it happened to the first one I was oh well at least I bought two, but after the same thing happened to the second one I will never buy this product again!!!

  11. CHARLLLOTTE says:

    I bought mine off amazon for mad cheap. $20 and it was the 5 piece with the 2 screens and came with a little kief scraper (which I lost). I guess you can buy replacement scrapers on amazon for .1 but 5.00 shipping haha. I love this product, great for the price. I’ve had it for 3 years now and never had a problem with the stickiest of weeds, and I buy from dispensaries. I would buy it again. online though because I’ve seen it in shops ranging from $40-$80. Online for $20!

  12. meredith says:

    The screen sucks, worst grinder I’ve ever had. I would never purchase a chromoium crusher or advise anyone else to. The hardware is nice and is made really well but the whole point to a 4 piece grinder is kief and this grinder gets non.

  13. mandinomoto says:

    I was lucky enough to pick up a 4″ diameter chromium crusher about 6 years ago and still have it. I take real good care of the screen and have never had to replace it. No metal that I have seem have ever chipped off it. I think the nickle provides somewhat of a non-stick surface which is perfect for fresh herbs. When the screen gets too clogged up (more than 30%) I clean it with butane and it is like new again. It creates sooooo much pollen you would not believe. Every few days, more and more. Shake it up a little, more and more.

    FYI, the pollen collected from the butane gets boiled down to honey oil :), so nothings gets wasted…except me!

  14. Smk1 says:

    This grinder sux!!! Didn’t last a month before the center fell out don’t buy wast of money booooooo!!!!!!!FUCKERS

  15. John says:

    Chromium Crushers also make one with a handle and clear top. I’ve never owned one but my Sharpstone just stripped the main allen head screw so it’s dead….

  16. phil9980 says:

    I have been using the same crusher for prob close to 5 or more years now; seems alot longer that i have had it.
    It is by far the best grinder out there… i agree the main chamber is too small, but it is still very functionable (smush and turn) i also agree that it gets stuck in threads ect. but a routine cleaning does the trick every time ( i use rubbing alchol then rinse and dry; she still looks brand new)

  17. loakr26 says:

    Best grinder I’ve had so far . top notch , better than my Cali crusher, and sharp stone. Nice heavy feel and grinds threw weed like nothing, smooth quiet grinding.

  18. ThisGrinderSucks says:

    They fact that I have had this grinder for maybe a year and it has completely fallen apart says that this grinder is all cons with absolutely no pros… This “grinder” barely grinded my nug. It jams more than the office copier on office space. The top teeth have completely fallen out of the top quarter. The grinders mesh to separate the nug and keif area got completely coated and stopped any keif from falling in the catcher. This grinder is shit. It’s definitely not worth the 35 I spent on it. Honestly a little stoked it broke because I can now get a quality grinder that may actually do it job.

    • Libby says:

      Nettopp det at SV bevegar seg i retning Venstre og borgerleg side nÃ¥r det gjeld økonomisk politikk, er vel eit teikn pÃ¥ at det ikkje er &#il;02sosia28stiske” alternativ som kjem til Ã¥ vere løysinga framover. Og eit teikn pÃ¥ at det ikkje er frÃ¥ den sida det kjem til Ã¥ komme nye idéar heller.

  19. Hellfier316 says:

    So I have a Chromium Crusher 2 0 Inch 4 Piece. Got it at a giggle’s PD50 2 much! BUT I have had this grinder 2 Y now. Smoke a Zip every 2 week’s. Now I take AMAZING CARE OF IT! However it has help up well. I use grinder grease on the thread’s. They are holding up just fine. Big thing with this grinder is that you need 2 be nice to your’e thread’s. Let them click and lock in kinda b4 u start 2 put the part’s back on. Dont just go to start twisting the fucker and force it on.I have had the finish change on the top and the bottom is still super dark…IDK tho it work’s just fine. The 1 thing i don’t like much is in the past 6 MO i have had 2 really get at the screen on it. It has a hard time not getting clogged then the stuff in the bottom wont come throw as much. I use the tip on my blade i have to scrape it and kinda get her going. This however i THINK can be bad over time…Any advice? As well the center mag came out as have the one’s on the top part. This could of been bad and broken the grinder had i not felt them come out. However i caught it right away but still kinda did some grinding on one of the mag’s. But it all in all to this day as I type work’s jusat fine. I kinda want a better grinder that give’s more pollen but what i see the screen’s on all the good grinder’s are as fine and set up the same as the 1 I have now.

  20. Anonymous says:

    i need one

  21. Krishna says:

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  22. aj says:

    can the mesh be replace with a different mesh not so fine? if so sure can I order it and how do i replace it

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