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Choosing good cannabis seeds

Choosing marijuana seeds with Philosopher Seeds

The Philosopher Seeds’ team wants to offer you the chance of meditating a bit about the choice of marijuana seeds, trying to give a more technical and precise view on this topic, and also explaining those growing parameters needed to easily grow cannabis seeds.

Detail of a Golo Line strain from Philosopher Seeds

Usually, people start growing marihuana without any horticulture knowledge, just for the pleasure to enjoy this plant and its properties, and do not pay attention to their needs and growing possibilities.

This apparently simple issue can get complicated if we don’t consider a few observations. We could say that having a marijuana garden resembles the responsability of aquiring a pet, in our case a vegetable pet, our dear friend, marijuana. It will also need everyday care and we will have to provide it with everything it needs.

From Philosopher Seeds we suggest these observations as a growing guide useful before choosing the marijuana strain that you are looking for. Thus you can choose the strain that best suits your needs and possibilities as a cannabis user.

Choosing Marijuana seeds by psychoactivity

Growing Fruity Jack strain

Before starting the germination process, we should think about which are our needs from the marijuana plant. Are we looking for a recreational use? Or maybe for a therapeutical treatment? These are the first questions you should answer before germinating your cannabis seeds.

Many people use marijuana without having any diagnosed disease, only for pleasure, without even asking themselves why they do it or what are the advantages of doing it. Well, the vast mjority of these users are making a therapeutical use of cannabis in an unconscious way, some of them looking for fun and joy, others for relaxation and meditation, but all of them finding a wellness feeling because of the therapeutical properties of marijuana. Anyway, there’s a clear distinction between recreational and medicinal users, which look for a more specific effects.

For those looking to have fun and laugh with marijuana, mostly sativa and sativa strains are their best option, with high THC levels and low percentages of other cannabinoids. Keep in mind that these varieties are large, long-flowering and difficult to grow, requiring high light intensity.

On the other hand, for those looking for a state of relaxation or meditation, Indica strains with balanced cannabinoid ratios – THC ,CBD – are perfect for their needs.

Spicy CBD, a high CBD strain

In the case that we look for a specific use to treat an ailment or disease, the choice of the medicinal strain to grow is crucial; we need to know which specific cannabinoids best serve to our health, and then find out which strain suits our needs best. For these people a wrong choice means not taking effective profit from their plants.

For therapeutical uses, we must choose those strains with higher percentages of the following cannabinoids: CBD, THCV, CBC.

Indica strains are often perfect for these purpose, as well as autoflowering varieties. The cannabinoid ratios of these cannabis genetics are perfect to alleviate several ailments and symptoms.

Choosing Indica and Sativa marijuana seeds

Early Maroc, a 100% african sativa strain

Sativa strains are those originally grown in tropical, subtropical and equatorial areas (Africa, Thailand, Colombia. ). Their leafs are long and thin, with narrow leaflets and very jagged edges.

With their vigorous growth, they quickly produce huge plants with a very special effect: cerebral, uplifting, energetic, even psychedelic. Its growing is often difficult, so we must have some knowledge of this genetics before we obtain the best results.

Philosopher Seeds has excellent sativa marijuana strains like Easy Haze or Amnesika 2.0.

Black Bomb, Indica strain from Philosopher Seeds

Indica strains are mainly found in areas between 20º and 40º lattitude of the Tropic of Cancer (Afghanistan, Lebanon. ). Their leafs are wide and large with an intense dark green colour.

Their growth is slower than sativas, more compact and bushy and producing smaller plants, but offering dense and bigger buds in less flowering time. Their effect is relaxing and medicinal. These are the perfect strains for making hashish or any other kind of resin extraction.

Philosopher Seeds has incredible Indica strains like Black Bomb or Tropimango , ideal for outdoor crops.

Choosing between Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Regular strains produce very interesting specimens

Regular marijuana seeds (male, female) are those which don’t have a predetermined sex before germinating. At first, seedbanks only offered these seeds. Today, regular seeds are mainly used for selecting good specimens as mother plants for our medicinal garden.

The genetic potential of regular cannabis seeds is huge, so selecting from several specimens of the same strain is the best way to obtain a phenotype with very special features. Many seedbanks use these seeds to create new hybrids and new generation feminized and autoflowering strains. They are doubtless a great choice for people looking for non-commercial varieties and who enjoy the organoleptic qualities that this type of seeds offer.

With all these people in mind, Philosopher Seeds is working on a new line of regular seeds, aiming to meet the needs of the most demanding growers. With our TEST LINE we are looking for good quality new hybrids which we will enjoy together in the future, like Tramuntana O.G., a very strong crossing with excellent taste and aroma.

Feminized cannabis seeds have played a very important role in the international cannabis scene. Many marijuana growers choose this type of seeds for its ease of growing as we don´t have to remove male plants. They are perfect for indoor growing, suitable for several growing methods like S.O.G., as well as the best choice for small outdoor growing spaces. The safest option if we only want to have 4 or 5 plants.

Orange Candy produces huge frosty trichomes

Marijuana from feminized seeds can have the same quality than from regular seeds if the appropriate selection processes are done. Philosopher Seeds’ team has a large genetic collection which helps developing new hybrids with very remarkable botanical features, such as Orange Candy from our Golo Line . It is important to know each genetic parental to know which features they offer to their offspring. We usually work with different parentals for each variety, being able to offer notable differences between each Philosopher Seeds cannabis strain.

Autoflowering varieties can be grown at any season of the year without any problem, although it is in spring and summer when they offer higher yieldings. They are ready to harvest 75-90 days after seed germination.

Fraggle Skunk autoflowering strain from Philosopher Seeds

These plants grow naturally in areas where daylight hours and light intensity are minimal (Eastern Europe, Russia. ). They have adapted to their enviroment, blooming depending on their size and lifetime from germination (30-40 cm).

Today, autoflowering cannabis strains are created with Ruderalis genetics in which we introduce genes from other commercial hybrids (Super Skunk, White Russian, Cheese. ) so that we achieve plants with better features (smell, taste, potency) which we can be grown at any time of the year. Philosopher Seeds offers a line of autoflowering marijuana seeds of good size, taste and potency, easily grown all year round. Marijuana White Yoda Auto, Cheesy Auto or Fraggle Skunk Auto are some examples of first quality autoflowering genetics.

After reading this information, you can easily choose which marijuana strain meets best your needs and possibilities. Our team appreciates the time spent attending all these indications. Now, it is time to move forward in the growing process and begin germinating your Philosoper marijuana seeds.

10 Markers of a Quality Marijuana Seed

If you’re looking to start growing your own marijuana, the first place to start is with the seed. What should you look for? How can you tell a good cannabis seed from a dud? Chris Bond tells us.

So, you’ve decided to grow your own marijuana from seed. How do you know if those little, round nuggets in your hand will grow up lush and produce beautiful, productive buds? How do you know if they are duds? While ultimately the genetics will determine the destiny of those little weed seeds, and proper care will help them to realize their full potential, there are some markers you can assess to see if what you have is quality seed, indeed.

What to Look for in a Cannabis Seed

#1 Color

While all cannabis seed is not identical in color, there are some consistencies. Healthy, viable seed will be light to dark brown in color. Seed that is light green or even whitish in color is underdeveloped and should be tossed out. Healthy seed will also have a burled or turtle shell-like pattern on its seed coat.

#2 Sheen

A quality cannabis seed will have a waxy, protective coating. Seeds that appear dull are probably not as viable and should be avoided if given a choice.

#3 Shape

Quality cannabis seed will look like a plump teardrop. Flat or misshapen seeds will not likely produce quality plants.

#4 Texture

Quality seed will be firm. Cannabis seed should have a strong seed coat protecting the pre-emerged life inside. Any seed that is tender, pliable or squishy should not be planted; poor results will follow if attempted.

#5 Size

Size is relative, but if you are able to compare several seeds at once, the higher quality seeds are larger. When it comes to seeds, less is more. The fewer seeds that comprise any given amount, an ounce or a gram for example, is generally an indicator of higher quality seeds. The biggest seeds within a species generally have more energy stored within them and have a greater potential to mature into a productive plant. Note that indica strains tend to produce larger seeds than sativa strains so make sure the comparison is made among like seeds.

#6 Weight

Weight often goes hand-in-hand with size, but heavier seeds are generally of higher quality than lighter ones. The older a seed gets, the more potential loss of moisture and nutrients, reducing its overall weight. Damaged seed, which has been cracked can potentially lose those same necessary qualities.

#7 Float test

Quality seeds will sink in water. In glass or vessel, place room temperature water deep enough to full cover the volume of seeds to be tested. Place your seed or seeds in the water. After a couple of hours, anything still floating, should not be considered a quality seed. Soaking seeds will allow moisture to cross over the protective membrane and signal the seed that it is time to grow. As such this test should not be performed if the intent is to store the seeds after testing as it may render otherwise quality seed unviable if not meant to be immediately germinated afterwards.

#8 Storage

You may not have access to see or have verified information on the storage conditions of seeds, but if you can find this out, it is critical to maintaining quality seeds. While cannabis seeds can be viable for over 10 years in some instances, the best seed in terms of productivity is not more than 12 to 18 months old. It should have been stored in dark, cool and dry conditions to prevent mold or the onset of any fungal issues. Storing in a freezer can prolong seeds as well, essentially suspending time.

#9 Age at harvest

This is another aspect you, the buyer may not be privy to. Quality seed is harvest when fully mature. If seed was collected before the plant was able to load as much stored energy into it as possible, then that seed will be starting out life in a deficit. Color, as referenced above can be an indicator of whether or not a seed was harvested at the appropriate time.

#10 Cost

You get what you pay for and a cannabis seed is not exempt from this maxim. Quality seeds are not cheap (at least when compared to other agricultural seeds). This isn’t to say that inferior seeds can’t be overpriced, but if you find cannabis seeds proclaiming excellent genetics for sale at a price that seems too good to be true, caveat emptor.

This is not meant to be a definitive list, as new varieties of cannabis emerge on the scene all the time that may have “normal” traits that would otherwise be viewed as deficiencies in other strains. As always, do your homework, ask other growers who know and buy your seeds from a reputable source.