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Chocolate covered strawberries seeds

Chocolate covered strawberries seeds

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without chocolate covered strawberries, and my Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cubes are the perfect, simple, and easy Valentine’s Day treat! Plus, this recipe is unexpectedly full of gut-friendly ingredients, and what’s better than a recipe that is good for your gut AND delicious?! This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan, so it’s sure to satisfy anyone that you love!

Friends, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started your prep yet, then this recipe is totally going to be for you. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I am the queen of last-minute prep, and thankfully, if you’re going to prep last-minute, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for that. After all, nothing is more quintessential Valentine’s Day than some yummy chocolate and a bouquet of flowers (and someone to share them with too!) So, in terms of holidays, Valentine’s Day is the most simple, in my opinion!

But, just because something is simple, doesn’t mean that it isn’t delicious! This recipe is an explosion of flavors and textures, and again – it’s gut-friendly. How do I know that? Because of my friends at Seed ! Seed is not only an incredible resource for all-things gut health education, but the are also the creators of the amazing DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic, which is a huge part of my life. I am so excited to share this recipe with you, in partnership with Seed, for a healthy, delicious, Valentine’s Day treat!

For the past few years, I ’ ve been taking the Seed Daily Synbiotic , and it has been a game changer, and that’s because it’s both a probiotic and prebiotic, and because the capsule is made with two layers, the inner probiotic capsule actually survives your GI tract for 100% delivery to your colon. Most probiotics on the market die in your stomach, thanks to our stomach acids and such, rendering them ineffective. And, Seed contains 53.6 Billion AFU, which means it’s powerful AF. Like all things in life, you can’t take a supplement for a day and expect it to work a miracle. Be consistent and commit to supporting your gut health. If you want to try Seed for yourself, use code KALEJUNKIE15 for 15% off your first month’s supply .

How to Know if a Food is Gut-Friendly

Taking care of our gut health is so, so important. Over the years, I ’ ve been on a journey to heal my gut from a pretty severe eating disorder. Along the way, I learned that decreasing inflammatory foods (note: DECREASING, not cutting out completely!) like dairy, gluten, and refined sugars helped a lot. But it’s not just about straying away from foods that can be inflammatory – it’s also about increasing the amount of gut-friendly foods that we include in our diet!

And luckily, Seed makes it easy to understand exactly what these foods are. The Periodic Table of Microbiome-Friendly Foods is an easy-to-follow resource for learning which foods are good for your gut. In this recipe, ALL of the ingredients that we are using can be found on this list – from the coconut oil to the sesame seeds, and yes, even the dark chocolate.

What You Need to Make These Gut-Friendly Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cubes

  • Dark Chocolate Chips: Friends, if you didn’t know that dark chocolate is actually good for you, then NOW YOU KNOW! Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, iron, and antioxidants – as if you needed another excuse to eat it!
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a great source of healthy fats and antioxidants!
  • Strawberries: Strawberries contain high amounts of fiber and antioxidants to keep your gut happy and healthy!
  • Finely Shredded Unsweetened Coconut: Just like with the coconut oil, the shredded coconut is also a great source of healthy fats and antioxidants. Just make sure to use unsweetened shredded coconut, to avoid the extra sugars! This recipe is sweet enough as is.
  • Finely Chopped Almonds: Almonds contain those healthy fats that your gut just loves, as well as a little bit of plant-based protein. Woohoo!
  • White Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds have a host of vitamins, from selenium to zinc to iron and B vitamins! These seeds may be tiny, but they pack a powerful punch.

How to Make These Gut-Friendly Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cubes

Start by placing your chocolate chips and coconut oil into a small bowl, and microwave in 30-second increments until the chocolate is fully melted. Stir the chocolate and oil together until it’s fully incorporated.

Next, grab your ice cube tray and pour the chocolate into each cavity, until they’re a little less than halfway full.

Sprinkle your sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut, and chopped almonds over the tops of your strawberries, being careful not to get too much in the chocolate.

When the chocolate dipped strawberries are done, pop them out of the freezer, eat, and enjoy! Store any leftovers back in the freezer, for up to two weeks.

Ready to Try out Seed? I’ve Got You!

If you are interested in trying out Seed, I’ve linked it for you, and you can use code KALEJUNKIE15 at checkout to save 15% off your first month’s supply of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic. I can’t wait to hear how Seed is working for you, so if you decide to try it out, be sure to come back and leave a comment below!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Here you can find all info about Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Exotic Genetix. If you are searching for information about Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Exotic Genetix, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information – or list all Chocolate Covered Strawberries Strains (2) to find a different version. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a mostly indica variety from Exotic Genetix and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±53 days ) and outdoors . Exotic Genetix’ Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Exotic Genetix’ Chocolate Covered Strawberries Description

Now I know most everyone has encountered a strain that was suppose to smell and taste like strawberry, only to be kinda like ehhhh. maybe a little bit lol. Don’t worry, the wait is officially over! Strawberries to the max. This crazy lady packs on very colorful aromatic buds that reak and emulate an artificial strawberry to a T. If that isn’t enough. how about adding a little chocolate on top. Truth be told. that’s exactly how it smells and tastes. Simply put. its a party in your mouth! Expect exceptional yields, and an assortment of strawberry smells while growing her. Most phenos range from medium-tall but nothing too outrageous or uncontrollable. Colors and aromas come early from underneath the colas on out. Be ready to give the ax at 8 weeks as there’s no waiting around for this one. She wont disappoint the most veteran of growers with her unique taste and palette, a fruity pot lovers delight!

Mother: Fire Alien Black
Father: Starfighter F2
Family: 60/40 Indica Dom
Growing Conditions: Multi Topped Robust bush
Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor Flowering Time: 50-56 Days
Yield: Medium- Heavy Producer

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Seeds

Derived from the cross of Fire Alien Black and Starfighter F2 strains, Chocolate Covered Strawberries Seeds are a regular indica-dominant plant well known for its quick finish and for exceptional and unique taste of strawberry and chocolate. Get more and check out our dope seeds.

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More about Chocolate Covered Strawberries Seeds


Variety: Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoors, outdoors
Sex: Regular Seeds
Flowering time: 50-56 days
Harvest month: October
Yield: Heavy
Height: Tall