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Cheap feminized outdoor cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds recommendations | TOP 10 Outdoor Strains

An early harvest is important to you? Here you will find a compilation of the best outdoor cannabis seeds for climates with shorter summers, such as in in northern Europe, northern parts of USA and Canada.

All cannabis seeds listed here deliver very good results when grown outdoors. These are not autoflowering cannabis seeds, but only varieties that follow the normal cycle, starting to flower in late summer and due to the longer life cycle, yield higher yields than auto varieties.

All the marijuana seeds listed here are ripe for harvest by the end of September or by mid-October at the latest, each with above-average yields.

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Our high-quality selection of outdoor cannabis seeds are certain to provide the more resilient characteristics to ensure they are able to match the outdoor growth conditions, whether this relates to a balcony, mini greenhouse, or garden.

52 results
Afghan Outdoor feminized
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
Top 44 feminized
Critical Feminized
AK 47 Autoflowering
Jack Herer Autoflowering
OG Kush Autoflowering
Northern Light Autoflowering
Lowryder Autoflowering
Amnesia Haze Autoflowering
Amnesia Feminized
K2 feminized
Misty feminized
Hollands Hope Feminized
Pure Power Plant feminized
Afghan Feminized
California Orange Bud Feminized
Aurora Indica Feminized
Ice feminized
Purple Power Feminized
Crystal Feminized
White Widow Autoflowering
Durban Poison feminized
Haze Feminized
Big Bud Autoflowering
Power Plant Autoflowering
Cheese Autoflowering
Diesel Autoflowering
Somango feminized
Diesel Feminized
Nebula CBD Feminized
Skunk Autoflowering
Jack Herer feminized
Cheese Feminized
Northern Light x Shiva Feminized
Early Special Feminized
White Widow Feminized
Big Bud Feminized
B-52 Feminized
Skunk 1 Feminized
Super Skunk Feminized
Afghani Hindu Kush Feminized
Master Kush Feminized
Original Highway Delight Feminized
Marijuana Seeds Mix Feminized
Four Way Specials Feminized
Early Bud Feminized
Early Misty Feminized
Northern Light Feminized
Citral Feminized
Pineapple Express autoflowering
Zkittlez feminized

Some of the popular strains of outdoor seeds are likely to include Hollands Hope, Blue Berries, Northern Light Shiva, and Afghan Outdoor. A quality aspect of the outdoor plant species is that they are more resilient to disease and mould due to the stronger properties. Even though these plants are fully intended for outdoor growth it is still necessary to provide a regular inspection to ensure the plants are healthy and not experiencing any issues due to long spells of cold or wet weather, which is a particular issue during the blooming cycle.

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A positive of the outdoor crops is less reliance on fertilising and watering since the soil in the garden is likely to naturally provide the necessary plant food for successful growth. It helps to water and fertiliser the plants if experiencing dry spells. An outdoor cannabis plants is also able to prosper inside, so these seeds offer wide-ranging possibilities.