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Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers are a fresh, new, up and coming cannabis seed bank that cannabis collectors are likely to get very excited about! With over 30 years of cannabis breeding experience, not to mention fantastic connections within the marijuana industry, Seed Stockers bring their passion for quality cannabis genetics into everything that they do. By carefully selecting only the best Dutch and Spanish cannabis breeders to buy from, Seed Stockers can ensure the high quality of each weed seed they sell, and by buying their high quality cannabis seeds in bulk, Seed Stockers can pass on their savings to you, the collector, as all pot seeds are available at incredibly low prices – especially when you buy here at Seed City! Our price guarantee means that we can offer the very best prices anywhere online.

Popular Seed Stockers cannabis seeds include Sticky Monkey GC#4, Big Bud Auto, Super Skunk, AK420, and Maple Sherbet x Pre ’89 Skunk. You’ll find all these and more available here at Seed City with secure discreet delivery right to your door.

Humboldt x Seedstockers come with the tagline “Premium Cali Seeds” and this is at the heart of what they are doing. Seedstockers are a very well known producer of seeds with a great reputation for quality, having produced such well known and well regarded cannabis strains as Blackberry Gum, Santa Marta Haze, Candy Dawg and Fruit Cake. When this group of great breeders met another great group of growers from Humboldt, California in 2017 the idea for a cross collaboration was born and through lockdowns and crossed borders they are now pleased to present a completely new range of genetics, born from this melding of great breeder minds. All of these new strains are available in Regular, Feminized Photoperiod and Autoflowering Feminized varieties.

Humboldt Country in California is known to be the source of a great many exciting cannabis strains, especially when it comes to aroma, looks and cannabinoids but Seedstockers realised that most of the strains available there are only availabel as clone-only strains and it is very hard to find them as acceptable stabilized seed varieties. Seedstockers began by making S1 crosses of a great many strains that they came across in California and realised that a lot of these genetics where not suitable for direct seed reproduction. They found that whilst the taste, aroma and cannabinoids remained of high quality, the vigour and stability and yield of these strains needed a great deal of work.

After a great amount of trial and error Seedstockers have now seleted 5 of their best crosses and are proudly presenting them for sale! These five strains are called Panty Punch, Blue Moby, Mack and Crack, Thunder Banana and Apolllo Black Cherry. All of these strains represent the fine quality of seeds that can be achieved when two great collections of breeders come together and work towards a singular goal. Seedstockers stand behind these strains and boast that they all produce a great taste, great yield and a very friendly price! There are some very exciting terpene and cannabinoid profiles amongst these new strains and Seed City is very proud to offer the full range of Humboldt x Seedstockers strains, available as both single seeds and full packs, at the lowest prices online!


Seedstockers have established links to the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seed industry.

The Seedstockers team offer high quality seeds from the very best breeders including the latest USA genetics.

Quality is the foundation of Seedstockers success, the seeds are all sourced and produced using prize winning genetics direct from the breeders.

Seedstockers strains are available in packs of 3, 5 10 and Bulk.

Bulk Seed packs contain 25 seeds.

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Amnesia Auto Amnesia Auto Feminised is one of Seed Stockers bestselling Autos. It’s an easy auto to grow, Amnesia Auto Feminised grows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result. Indoors Amnesia Auto.

Seed Stockers Amnesia Feminised is a timeless classic, selected for extreme potency. Amnesia Feminised is a pure-bred Haze variety which has a famously strong smoke (typically 23%-24% THC) and is not recommended for inexperienced smokers.

AK420 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers. AK420 Auto Seed Stockers AK420 Auto Feminised cannabis seeds offers the home grower an ideal combination of quality and quantity. The prize-winning genetics originally come from AK47.

Seed Stockers found a special genetic line after growing hundreds of AK47 plants from seed. This genetic line is uncomplicated to grow, recommended for new growers due to the robust growing characteristics. AK420 Feminised cannabis seeds.

One of Seed Stockers heaviest yielding Auto varieties, BCN Critical XXL Auto Feminised is also a powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+. These legendary genetics from Kritical Bilbo X Critical Mass are reliable and consistently heavy.

Seed Stockers BCN Critical XXL Fast Feminised takes around 56 days to bloom. The fast genetics mean that this variety should be ready after 8 weeks of bloom, with hybrid Indica/Sativa buds that are extremely potent with the excellent ‘.

BCN Critical XXL Feminised Cannabis Seeds are another award-winning Seed Stockers cannabis classic, most famous for the extremely strong high which has satisfied countless growers. Seed Stockers breeding experts in Barcelona obtained this.

​BCN Power Plant Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Seeds Stockers. BCN Power Plant Auto Feminised grows well with 20 or 24 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest indoors. Like all Seed Stocker Autos, these.

Power Plant was originally a Dutch Passion classic famed for XL harvests and a fantastically enjoyable high. Seed Stockers BCN Power Plant Feminised is a prized phenotype selected in Barcelona which produces exceptional strength cannabis.

​Big Bud Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers. Big Bud Auto Feminised is another XXL Auto from the Seed Stocker collection. The Big Bud genetics produce plants with huge growth potential, especially in optimum conditions. THC.

Big Bud Feminised is one of the heaviest yielders in the Seed Stocker collection. This productive and potent variety was bred specifically for the XL blooms with consistently high THC levels. The Big Bud Feminised genetics are an.

Blackberry Gum Auto Feminised is one of the best-looking Autos that we have seen with a rich fruity taste and aroma to match. The Blackberry Gum Auto Feminised will be the first jar you reach for in the evening, its a very powerful smoke.

Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum Feminised is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant with a dark female Blueberry clone from a cannabis club in Barcelona. The Blackberry Gum line is an unusual fruity phenotype.

Seed Stockers CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Auto Feminised is a CBD rich Auto with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The genetics come from crossing Silver Haze with CBD Compassion, the 1:1 selection was stabilised, feminised and made into an.

Seed Stockers Frizzy Kush Feminised is an Indica dominant outdoor photoperiod variety was selectively bred over several seasons in the Pyrenees. The genetics came from the green phenotype of Frisian Dew crossed with Hash plant. The goal.

Seed Stockers Golden Lemon Haze Feminised is a photoperiod variety using genuine Haze genetics and produces some of the best quality cannabis you could wish to grow. The genetics come from some high-quality Haze parent genetics, the Haze.

Seed Stockers Nicole Cream Feminised cannabis seeds are another strain featuring the best of the USA’s recent genetics. Genetics: Nicole Kush x Extreme Cream Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering Time.

Seed Stockers Northern Lights Auto Feminised is an established genetic line with XXL harvests and will appeal to growers looking for an uncomplicated hard-hitting Indica. THC levels are 22% and the cannabis has a strong sedating and.

Indica lovers look no further, Seed Stockers Northern Lights Feminised cannabis seeds come from prize-winning parents (NL2 x NL5). Northern Lights Feminised produce very strong and consistent Northern Light plants with XL harvests of.

The genetics behind Seed Stockers O.G. Candy Dawg Kush Auto Feminised cannabis seeds were produced by crossing a potent and heavy yielding Candy Kush/ Chem Dawg hybrid with an exceptional OG Kush. Seed Stockers used selective breeding to.

The most potent original OG variety that Seed Stockers have come across in several years of searching. O.G. Candy Dawg Kush Feminised is a photoperiod variety which has THC levels of 23%+ and has a distinctive sweet candy taste to.

Possibly the strongest Auto in the Seed Stockers collection, O.G. Kush Auto Feminised is all about maximum quality and potency. Yields are above average, but perhaps not as heavy as other Autos in the Seed Stockers collection. However.

Seed Stockers original OG Kush combines a deeply satisfying and rich genuine Kush taste with one of the strongest smokes in their collection. O.G. Kush Feminised is a top quality and top strength cannabis seed variety made with the best.

Seed Stockers Santa Marta Haze Auto Feminised is a THC rich Autoflowering Haze variety which is very easy to grow. The genetics come from Amnesia Haze x Santa Marta, which is a Colombian Jungle Haze. This Autoflowering version takes around.

With a 15-week bloom time, Seed Stockers Santa Marta Haze Feminised is the best genuine Haze variety in the Seed Stockers collection. Santa Marta Haze Feminised genetics come from Amnesia Haze x Santa Marta (Colombian Jungle Haze). Santa.

Sticky Fingers Auto Feminised are one of the finest and most potent cannabis varieties in the Seed Stockers collection. Sticky Fingers Auto Feminised takes around 75 days from seed to harvest with 20 hours of daily light, finishing at.

Sticky Monkey GG#4 Feminised is a premium quality USA photoperiod variety made from original Gorilla Glue #4 genetics by a breeder that specialises in producing THC rich varieties suitable for concentrate fans. Many good varieties will.

Seed Stockers Super Skunk Auto Feminised is a simple and uncomplicated variety to grow, yet she produces great quality buds time after time. THC levels are good at 22%+, and the smoke quality is excellent with a strong, penetrating hash.

Seed Stockers Super Skunk Feminised is a special Skunk line selected for consistently high THC content of 22%+. Super Skunk Feminised is very easy to grow with harvests which are well above average in both quantity and quality. This.

Thin Mint Crack Auto Feminised takes its name from two of the most impressive USA genetics in recent years, the ‘Thin Mint’ phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies famed for THC levels of around 25% with an intensely relaxing laid-back high and.


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