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Cannabis seeds port townsend

Cannabis seeds port townsend

Discovery Garden is a beautiful garden and processing center perched on Discovery Bay in Washington State. It is our mission to grow truly regenerative cannabis–cannabis that regenerates communities, people, and its ecosystem.

We utilize biological and ecological management practices, consisting of “living soil” ecology and biological pest management. Because of this, our plants are very healthy and yield potent oils.

Our concentrates are made with potent flowers, unlike other processors who use only trim. Our topicals are made using nanotechnology which allows the cannabinoid compounds to penetrate the skin barriers. They were developed in collaboration with expert chemists in order to optimize effectiveness and consistency.

Recover your health and discover the wealth with Discovery Garden.


Regenerative Cannabis refers to growing cannabis with the philosophy and tools subsumed under regenerative agriculture . Why yet another term along with “organic” and “sustainable”? For one, regenerative agriculture practices go beyond organic practices and regenerative agriculture refers to a more specific set of practices than sustainable practices. With regenerative practices we are placing great emphasis on the soil food web, or “living soil”. Part of this approach involves not tilling the soil, or “no-till.” Furthermore, we are taking into account the wealth of ecological benefits provided by nature. This includes companion plants for hosting beneficial insects. It also includes keeping the natural vegetation in tact and thriving so that natural predators such as lizards and beetles can feel happy and welcome.

In essence, we are tapping into the innate potential of the land to regenerate resources used to grow healthy plants. More is left over than what we took. Phosphorous is provided by mycelial networks and other microbes. Nitrogen is provided by Nitrogen fixing bacteria. And most importantly, Carbon is being sequestered from the atmosphere into the soil. Not to mention our plants are healthier and more productive, we experience less disease, our soil has an impressive water holding capacity (only watering twice a week through summer) and we can almost entirely eliminate our dependency on fertilizers using only compost tea. So why farm any other way?

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Adventure Awaits

Founded in 2013, Mother Earth Farms grows the highest quality cannabis to fulfill its dreams of sharing the best strains possible with Washington State.

Here at Mother Earth Farms, we are a crew of weed enthusiast perfectionists that focus on every detail of the cannabis plant from the smell to the taste to give our customers the best experience possible. We continuously work on improving our strains and phenotypes and grow our plants in a state of the art greenhouses. We designed a custom-built facility where we process our flower and extracts.