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Cannabis seed sorter diy

Cannabis seed sorter diy

Thank you for visiting Mile High Hemp. Our interest in Hemp started back in 2013 when the state of Colorado legalized the cultivation, processing and sale of hemp. We learned that the hemp plant can be developed into numerous products that can replace many of the current products on the market that are detrimental to our environment and our health. Since we had always been looking for an environmentally friendly occupation, it was easy to make the next move into the hemp industry.

Hemp is a product with many uses, including Food, Livestock Feed and Bedding, Clothing, Body Care, Plastics, Construction Materials, Car Body Parts, Paper, Cord, Environmental Cleanup, Batteries, Industrial Products, Medical, Energy Fuels, and much more.

We participated early selling seed and plants to farmers interested in the industry. And eventually started manufacturing seed separation equipment, which we do today.

DIY Seed Separator

Here is a slick DIY seed separator by one of our UK brothers that is a good job and worthy of sharing.

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Brother Ollie offers the following pre-processing video:

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Cannabis seed sorter diy

Material: hemp seed,cannabis seeds

Capacity: 150-200kg/h

Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Description: The hemp seed separator machine is perfect device, features high shelling rate, good separating effect and good quality.

Product Features

Our hemp seed separator machine is a perfect dehulling equipment, which can remove the shell and then separate the shell and kernel. It has high production efficiency and high peeling rate, and low damage.

Working Principle of Cannabis Seed Separator and Sorter Machine:
First remove the hull from the hemp seeds / cannabis seeds, then separate the unhulled hemp seeds and various impurities from the mixture, and the unhulled hemp seeds will return to the hulling process again. continuously working.

Hemp kernels can be used for subsequent oil extraction processing, or be classified and processed into various foods.

Working Vidoe of Hemp Seed Separator for Sale:

  • The application of circulating shelling can greatly increase the shelling rate.
  • The mechanized connection between processes greatly improves production efficiency.
  • The hemp seed sorting machine increases the screening area, making the selection and separation more thorough.
  • The structure is reasonable and the space is small.
  • High degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance.

We supply complete sets of equipment for industrial processing of hemp seeds, including hemp separating machine, sorting machine, cleaning equipment, etc., which can meet the requirements of users for large-scale mechanized continuous production.