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Cannabis seed genetic testing

Plant & Cannabis DNA Testing

Genetic testing allows you to glimpse into the genetics of a plant long before you’re able to observe what they actually will look like.

A small amount of DNA collected from a leaf makes cultivation more efficient by saving you time, electricity, water, labor, and ultimately your wallet.

​Get ready to unlock the full potential of your harvest!

Outgrow The Competition


DNA testing can identify male plants months in advance, or powdery mildew infected plants weeks in advance.


The time and space saved by DNA testing also reduce the amount of electricity, water, nutrients and other resources.


Early identification of plants to be culled frees up space while plants are still young which enables more efficient staggering of crop cycles.


Powdery mildew and fungal contaminant screening eliminate worries about crop loss as you approach harvest.

Leading Innovation In Plant Genetics

​​We use the most sensitive DNA detection method available, quantitative PCR (qPCR), to identify specific genetic targets without revealing the exact underlying DNA sequence. With no restrictions on order size – we support cultivators of all types.

Choose one of our services to learn more about specific applications and pricing.

Cannabis Genetic Authentication | Strain Fingerprint

Sex/Gender Identification

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Our laboratory protocols and sample collection instructions were designed with you in mind. We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible standards in genetic testing. From quick turnaround times, to providing free replicate tests for all samples and free repeat tests for samples that fail both replicates in the first round – you can count on us to deliver a premium service and results you can be confident in.

Go Beyond The Lab

Cannabis Hermaphrodites – Which Sex Carries the Hermaphrodite Trait?

To the best of my knowledge, cannabis hermaphrodites are genetic females, by definition (two X chromosomes). We at Delta Leaf have never seen nor heard of a genetically confirmed Male plant that ended up developing female flowers. Does this mean the hermaphroditic trait – or the genetic tendency for an individual plant to develop both male & female flowers – can only be passed on by the mother?

The Ultimate Guide To Pheno-Hunting

Cannabis is an amazing plant for a wide variety of reasons. However, it’s the genetic diversity of cannabis as a species that truly sets it apart from most of the other crops that are grown and cultivated by humans. Be sure to leave us a comment after reading through.

Why DNA Sex/Gender Testing Is A Game-Changer In Cannabis Cultivation

Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing Delta Leaf does many things well, including offering cannabis growers an innovative method of DNA testing that lets them know whether their plants are male or female months before sex could be determined by traditional methods.

LeafWorks Cannabis & Hemp DNA Sex Test

Want to identify male cannabis & hemp plants early in the growing cycle?

Save up to 8 weeks and reduce operational costs by up to 20% with the LeafWorks Cannabis & Hemp DNA Sex Test. You can identify male cannabis & hemp plants as early as 7 days post germination.

The LeafWorks Cannabis & Hemp DNA Sex Test is 99% accurate and because we use more biomarkers than the competition, we greatly reduce false positive test results allowing you to confidently remove male plants quickly.

  • Turnkey collection and submission kit is provided for every order
  • Simply mail your cannabis or hemp plant samples using the collection cards provided
  • Up to 4 plants collected per card
  • National and international orders accepted
  • Tests available for licensing
  • Order up to 25 cards: $60 per card; only $15.00 per plant
  • Order 25 to 250 cards: $50 per card; only $12.50 per plant
  • Order over 250 cards: $40 per card; only $10.00 per plant

3-7 business days after the lab receives your samples, depending on volume of cards to be processed.
LeafWorks only accepts samples through the LeafWorks DNA submission kit. We will not test or receive Schedule I tissue.

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