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Cannabis seed banks netherlands

Best Dutch Cannabis Seed Banks

The Dutch seed banks are responsible for some of the most popular Cannabis strains. This is partly due to the fact that personal Cannabis use is allowed in the Netherlands. But it is also due to their long tradition, as most of them were established decades ago. In today’s article we will show you the best dutch cannabis seed banks. This list has been done by analysing the history and the strains of the dutch seedbanks.

The Best Dutch Cannabis Seed Banks

The Netherlands has been gather most of the great pioneers of legal marijuana for a very long time. Thus, in this country, marijuana personal use has been decriminalized since the 1970s. This legalization created a great positive climate for the creation and expansion of numerous cannabis seed banks.

In fact, Dutch seed banks have been internationally praised for their good work in documenting, preserving and creating new premium quality cannabis seeds. Much of the credit for Dutch breeders and growers comes from their good work in travelling around the world selecting the best seeds. In many cases these seeds were simply conserved, selecting the best descendants; while in other cases 2 or more international genetics were combined to obtain new strain with optimized characteristics. For example, seeds that give rise to more resistant, productive and powerful plants…

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest seed banks in the Netherlands. This institution was founded in 1987 in the city of Amsterdam. Its creator, Henk van Dalen collected and cultivated Cannabis seeds from all over the world for decades. As a result of this research, he was able to create a reserve of top quality international seeds from all over the world: the foundation of Dutch Passion.

One of the words that best define the work of this Dutch seed bank is “pioneers“. This is because Dutch Passion were the first seedbank to introduce the feminized Cannabis seeds on the market. This milestone made easier growing marijuana and allowed less experienced growers to succeed in their crops.

Some of Dutch Passion’s most popular and collected marijuana seeds are the next ones: Blueberry, a mythical seed from the 1990s obtained by the also mythical DJ Short. Also, noteworthy is his Mazar, a classic seed specimen with resistance and widely used in obtaining new generation seeds.

Sensi Seeds

To talk about the best Dutch seed banks in the Netherlands is to talk, in part, about Sensi Seeds, who, like Dutch Passion, played a pioneer role of in a still-to-be-formed cannabis seed industry. Sensi Seeds history dates back to 1985 and the person leading the project is Ben Dronkers: activist, philanthropist and the owner of one of the largest and most varied Cannabis seeds brands in the world.

Sensi Seeds’ work stands out from that of other banks because of its mythical seed catalogue. Sensi Seeds is possibly the Dutch seed bank with the oldest varieties. These come from seeds that Dronkers collected during his travels and which he would later use to obtain new top quality strains.

It is difficult to choose only 2 Sensi strains to highlight here, however, the Skunk #1 strain is a product of combining and selecting the best Skunk hybrids in the world. Also worth mentioning is her Jack Herer, one of the first seeds to be 50% balanced between Indica and Sativa.

Green House

The next stop on the list of the best banks in the Netherlands is the Green House Seed Company. This is another of the most popular and pioneering companies in the market. It was founded in 1985 by Arjan Roskam, a traveler that became amazed by the marijuana strains he discovered on a trip to Thailand.

On his return home Roskam applied the knowledge he had gained in Thailand and began working with the first Sativa genetics grown in the Netherlands. Over the lasts decades Green House and Roskam have become very well known, in part because of the Strain Hunters documentary series in which he and the sadly deceased Franco Loja travelled the world in search of the best Cannabis seeds.

Without a doubt, Roskam’s work with the Haze family is noteworthy, and the Arjan’s Haze #1 stands out for its effects and huge production, even though it’s not an easy strain to grow. What is, and is accompanied by a lot of resin, is the Himalaya Gold, another of the best Green House strains ever.

Barneys Farm

Amongst the best seedbanks in Holland, Barneys Farm and its creator, Derry, stand out. This seed visionary settled in the Himalayas during the 1980s, where he documented and saved landrace strains that he brought to Amsterdam to begin the search of the best phenotype.

Once in Amsterdam, Derry did a lot of work with seeds from both East and West Asian regions. The result is a catalogue full of different strains from all over the world that are often awarded in the HTCC and other cannabis competitions.

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Again, choosing the best seed from Barney’s Farm, one of the best seed banks in Holland, is a difficult task. But the Acapulco Gold, descended from the noble Mexican Sativa heirloom lineage, and LSD, one of the most psychedelic and exquisite tasting seeds, stand out.

TH Seeds

TH Seeds is another of the best Dutch seed banks ever. It is a bank with tradition, which opened its doors in 1993. Behind the project are Adam and Doug, two Cannabis enthusiasts who have built an excellent reputation by breeding the best quality Cannabis seeds for decades, with all the quality expected from the best Dutch seed banks.

From their home base Adam and Doug built one of the 1990’s Cannabis epicentres. Amsterdam was one of the Cannabis capitals at the time, and the TH Seeds founders instructed and trained young people who came to their location to work with them creating some of the best cannabis strains.

Their Bubblegum is one of the most popular seeds in their extensive catalogue, available in regular and also in the feminized version. Also noteworthy is their variety Darkstar, an old-school Indica high quality strain.

Serious Seeds

Another one of the Holland best seed banks with more tradition is Serious Seeds. Its creator, Simon, founded the bank in 1994, after gaining much experience in collecting Cannabis seed genetics from around the world. It was one of his trips to South Africa, when he started to feel a real interest in the Cannabis plant.

Simon and his team are indebted to some of the most popular seed varieties from around the world. These come from the combination and genetic selection of the best specimens, which earned him a very large place in the best Dutch seed banks in history.

To speak of the best Serious Seeds strains is to speak of the Ak 47, one of the most awarded strains ever. Also, noteworthy is their Kali Mist, one of the most appreciated Sativa varieties.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics was founded in 2004 by Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni in Amsterdam. Although it is one of the best seed banks in Holland today, the founders of this house are very American. This is because its creators focused on developing the best Cannabis seeds from the American West Coast.

Today, DNA Genetics is one of the biggest corporations in the world cannabis seeds market and has trade agreements with several countries. Thus, the first gram of legal marijuana sold in a dispensary in Canada belonged to DNA Genetics.

One of the most outstanding varieties in DNA Genetics’ catalogue is the Kosher Kush, one of the jewels of the Kush strains. Another of their most collected seeds is the Tangie, a seed with exclusive genetics and deep citric aroma.

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The most famous Dutch seed banks

Cannabis lovers owe the Netherlands for having been the pioneers in the legal consumption of marijuana worldwide, which is not bad at all.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of controversy due to misinformation on the subject and Dutch seed banks serve as a reference for proper functioning in the sector.

The seed banks in the Netherlands are among the most successful in the world, thanks to the constant study and development of new seed varieties focused on improving product quality and user sensory experience.

Next, we’re going to bring you a brief compilation of the most famous existing Dutch cannabis seed banks, so that you know part of their history and relevance within the great variety of seed banks that exist worldwide right now.

Note: at the end of the post we clear up some doubts about how to order seeds from the Central Bank of marijuana in Holland and about whether it’s possible to bring seeds from Amsterdam to Spain. If you’re interested, stay with us.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seed Bank is possibly the largest cannabis seed bank in the world. This company was founded in 1985 by Ben Dronkers, who founded the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

Among the Dutch seed banks, Sensi Seeds is one of the most recognized not only in Europe, but worldwide.

An organization born to revolutionize the sector and, nowadays, one of the most renowned worldwide, due to the fervor they have in carrying out their research, which has allowed them to win various cups and awards worldwide.

Their most important commitment is with those people who need cannabis varieties for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Among its most recognized and award-winning varieties you can find the following:

– Skunk #1 by Sensi Seeds: more than a decade in the cannabis market. This is a feat that has endured over time and that few varieties of marijuana can match. After all that time it’s still at its peak, being one of the favorites of consumers by far.

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– Ruderalis Índica by Sensi Seeds: with its high degree of CBD and low THC, it’s one of the best cannabis varieties for medicinal uses, since it doesn’t produce too many euphoric effects.

Green House Seeds

Do you know which Dutch seed bank has won the most Cannabis Cups? Green House Seeds has 34 Times Cannabis Cups on their window display, 19 Highlife Cups and many other national and international awards that guarantee the quality of their varieties.

Their headquarters is in Amsterdam, from where they have made very important contributions with their varieties of medical marijuana.

They’ve specialized in developing varieties of autoflowering, regular and feminized seeds. Their colored seeds, developed in 2008, are famous. The success of their indica and sativa mix packs is also renowned.

They have a great variety of seeds, so on this occasion we will highlight for you the best known and sought after:

– Sativa Super Lemon Haze of Green House: lemon-scented marijuana? That’s the most characteristic property of this cannabis strain, whose flavor also has that particularity. Parallelly, they have developed flavors of grapefruit, lime and other fruits. With this seed they won the “best strain of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008” award.

– White Widow by Green House: it’s a cross between a South Indian indica and a Brazilian sativa variety. Its high resin content makes it ideal for extractions and medicinal purposes.

– Super Silver Haze of Green House: it’s one of the specialties of the house, a high quality seed with excellent effects, both recreational and medicinal. It is appetite stimulating and very effective against pain.

TH Seeds

TH Seeds is one of the most renowned Dutch seed banks. Its motto is “Protect genetics and serve humanity“, and we must say that they fulfill it with careful passion.

They were the pioneers in introducing species that weren’t well known in Europe, especially from the United States. They specialize in feminized and regular seeds.

They have proposed to isolate and stabilize the genetics of quality seeds that come from the United States and other parts of the world.

One of their best-known varieties is the Indica Bubblegum, which produces a large amount of quality resin and is the favorite of many producers because of the reliable features of their strains..

Dutch Passion

This is one of the best Dutch seed banks. It was founded in 1987 in Amsterdam and has the merit of being the first in history to develop feminized cannabis seeds.

They’re characterized for not relying on the many awards they obtained, but are constantly innovating and creating new varieties and improvements in their products. Dutch Passion, always thinking about their customers.

They are genuine representatives of the “Dutch passion” because of the production and development of quality seeds, that’s why they receive such wide preference among growers.

Their researchers on genetics controls of the different strains have allowed them to develop very famous seeds, like the Think Different, a self-flowering strain that can be cultivated indoors or outdoors.

Barney’s Farm

When looking for Dutch marijuana seed banks, Barney’s Farm is quite a reference. Founded in the 1980s, their specialty is the crossing of various seeds, which has allowed them to discover new products for the consumers’ delight.

Among the varieties developed by Barney’s Farm that have earned them the preference of growers, we can name the following:

– Utopia Haze of Barney’s Farm: this variety won first prize in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup, as the best sativa seed. Developing this excellence took three years of hard dedication and studies.

– Vanilla Kush of Barney’s Farm: this is the 2009 Cannabis Cup winning seed. With a scent reminiscent of vanilla and lavender with a touch of lemon and orange, it’s a delicious variety widely used for therapeutic purposes against muscle pain.

Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds, another Dutch seed bank that came to life in the 80s thanks to the experience of its founder in Positronics, it is the most famous grow shop in Amsterdam. Although you should know that his store didn’t officially open in Holland until 1995.

They have a wide variety of hemp products and their hybrid cannabis seeds are of excellent quality. Among its most outstanding products we can name Jock Horror (Nirvana) feminized, Haze 1 feminized, Wonder Woman feminized, Auto Bubblelicious feminized, etc.

Sagarmatha Seeds

Sagarmatha Seeds is a Dutch bank that was created in the 90s with the boom of the tulips grow shop in the country. They’ve specialized in self-flowering strains, although their feminized seeds are recognized for their excellent quality.

Among the varieties of Sagarmatha Seeds we can name AK-48 feminized, Blueberry Bud feminized, Purple Pinecone feminized, etc.

Soma Seeds

What better founder of a seed bank in Holland than a Rastafarian. That’s Soma, the founder of Soma Seeds, who since the 70s learned how to grow his own marijuana and, today, his seed bank is recognized among the best in Holland.

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Soma has a philosophy of life focused on what is natural and this is reflected in the seeds they offer to the public. The sensory experience they offer is so delicious you have to try them.

The varieties available to the cannabis world of Soma Seeds are the following: Amnesia Haze feminized, Buddha’s Sister feminized, Somango feminized, NYC Diesel feminized and SomaRi feminized.

White Label

Sensi Seeds founded White Label with the goal of offering a low cost alternative for consumers and growers. They needed an option that would allow them to lower the huge inventory of the seeds produced.

Those seeds that have been in stock for longer than normal are taken to White Label where they’re offered to the public so that they have access to high quality marijuana at a lower cost.

This bank is an excellent option to access excellent varieties developed by Sensi Seeds at bargain prices.

For example, in White Label by Sensi Seeds you can get feminized cannabis strains such as White Label Skunk #1 (the original, sold as surplus), White Label Super Skunk (same as the previous one), White Label White Skunk and many other quality seeds.

Serious Seeds

In 1994, a young biology professor named Simon decided to create his own marijuana seed bank in the Netherlands after returning from a trip to Africa where he fell in love with cannabis.

From then on he put himself into making genetic crosses with the purpose of creating increasingly better, more resistant varieties of marijuana that offer the maximum sensation to the users.

Serious Seeds has been repeatedly awarded thanks to varieties such as its famous Double Dutch and Warlock. We can also name other outstanding varieties such as AK-47, Chronic, White Russian or Kali Mist, among many others.

So far we’ve made a selection for you where you will surely have found the best Dutch seed bank adapted to your taste, something that’s an achievement if we consider the high quality of the banks from Holland. Of course, there are many more, for example, the Royal Queen Seeds that also deserves to be on this list.

How to buy seeds from Dutch banks?

Many people ask how to order seeds from the marijuana central bank in the Netherlands, something that may be too broad a question.

We say this because there really isn’t something like a “marijuana central bank”, there are these Dutch seed banks where you can request your seeds in person, buy online at their official websites or at other online distribution stores such as PEV Grow.

But, before making your purchase, remember to verify if they ship to other countries, in case you live outside the Netherlands.

Now, regarding the question of bringing seeds from Amsterdam to Spain, it’s convenient that you know that, contrary to what most people believe, selling marijuana to certain countries is illegal in Holland.

Its consumption and planting are regulated by the state, but shipping marijuana in an airplane or other means to get it out of the country is not allowed.


The Netherlands is not a quintessential farming country, but tulips and marijuana are an honorable exception. From the latter we can say that the production of feminized, self-flowering and hybrid seeds is high quality thanks to the healthy competition among the Dutch seed banks.

This is how they’ve come to have great specialists in the creation and development of new cannabis varieties, which compete with the best in the world. Or maybe it’s the world that competes against the best in Holland?.

Whatever it may be, we’re facing experience founded on technology, innovation and love for the development of the cannabis sector, which has so many followers worldwide.

Marijuana has been crucified everywhere, but Dutch seed banks, and the inhabitants of this country in particular, have helped clear its image by showing the world the healing and medicinal potential of cannabis.

Today we know, thanks to seed banks and grow shop initiatives in the Netherlands, that this weed is beneficial in many ways both for healthy recreation and for improving people’s health.

We hope that you liked all the information in this article and it allows you to get to know which are the main Dutch cannabis seed banks that exist today.

In your case, how did it go when you tried the Dutch cannabis seed banks? We would love your opinion about it, especially what has been the marijuana variety that you liked the most and why.

Don’t be a killjoy and share your experience in the comments !

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