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Candy cane seeds

Growing Candy Canes

This is a fun, magical Christmas activity to do with your kids this holiday season. It is simple, relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t take any time at all to set up, but the magic and excitement last forever. Your kids will forever remember planting and growing candy canes.

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It’s really simple, really fun, especially when your kids are younger and still truly believe in the magic of Christmas.

What You Need:

  • tic-tacs – we have used white as pictures but we have also used red and white which were perfect for growing red and white candy canes
  • sugar
  • candy canes
  • a container to “plant” in

How to Grow Candy Canes

Fill up your container with sugar. Blake took the lead on this one while I sat back with the camera and enjoyed watching them plant their seeds.

They taste tested the seeds to see if they were good to be eaten like that, like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, they were surprised that they tasted like mint.

Then take your seeds and start planting them.

They each took turns planting some seeds.

After they were planted we had to figure out where to put them for them to grow. They decided on the fridge. Where it is dark and cold, which is how they figured the North Pole is, where Santa, of course, is, and where Candy Canes must be.

This is a great chance to let your kids take the lead and their imagination grow.

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Austin figured that because we were growing candy canes, the seeds must be magic, and she had no doubt that they would grow quickly.

Later that night, those seeds grew magically into seeds. We must have had really fast-growing seeds but yours don’t have to.

More Ideas

You can easily draw the growing of your seeds out. One way to do this is to use mints, that way the round tops look similar to the roundness of the candy canes.

You could bury candy canes in your container depending on the size of your candy canes and the size of the jar, and pull them up a little more each night to give the illusion of them growing.

Grow a Candy Cane

My girls were in awe over this simple christmas craft and couldn’t wait to do it again. Read on for the easy tutorial.

You can use sugar, soil, or “snow” to grow your candy cane. You can even use Oreo crumbles or chocolate powder. We already had planting soil on hand, so we opted to use that. The soil also made the “growing” process more realistic to an inquisitive three-year-old.


  • Rosie and Jewel began by filling their pots 1/3 of the way with potting soil.
  • Then, we added the “magic” candy caneseeds.
  • The girls filled the pots the rest of the way with soil and then excitedly watered their candy canes!

Growing Your Candy Canes

Rosie and Jewel were so eager for their candies to grow that I thought, “Why not twist this into a lesson in patience?”.

  • The girls checked on their candy canes about a million times and delighted in watering them.
  • After two days something started to grow.
  • By day three the candy canes had fully grown. I can not tell you how excited these little girls were to wake up in the morning and discover this!
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They were absolutely tickled! They haven’t stopped talking about it- a magical holiday memory made! Rosie has already asked if we can grow another candy cane.

  • I used tiny pieces of a broken candy cane to sprout our canes on day two.
  • I left a tiny piece of the wrapper on the candy canes so that I could stick them into the dirt without getting dirty. Then, I took the pots into the kitchen to “uproot” them and magically got rid of the wrapper without the girls seeing.
  • You could just as easily rinse the dirt off or use chocolate powder or sugar in place of soil.
  • Make candy cane slime.
  • Make a candy cane disappear.
  • Make candy cane paint.
  • Make candy cane play dough.
  • Make beaded candy canes.
  • Make fizzing candy canes.
  • Make candy cane reindeer.
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