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Can you buy cannabis seeds in canada legally

How to buy legal cannabis seeds in every province (almost)

Growing your own weed is a perk of legalization and most provinces allow Canadians to grow up to four plants per household. A homegrow is a great opportunity to understand the plant on a deeper level, as well as save a ton of cash.

And it all starts with a seed.

While most people know how and where to buy legal cannabis products, accessing legal cannabis seeds can often be a more challenging process (and in some places in Canada, functionally impossible).

Three years on, access to legal seeds — like much of the rest of the cannabis market — depends entirely on where you live.

British Columbia

Is it legal to grow here? Yes

Are seeds available? Yes

Where can I buy? Seeds are available through both the private retail stores and the provincially-run BC Cannabis Stores.

British Columbia is often considered the epicentre of cannabis cultivation in Canada, with “BC Bud” known worldwide. It’s hard to deny the influence the west coast has had over Canada’s entire cannabis culture.

At the time of writing this article, the provincial supplier only had one variety of seeds listed — Bubba Kush Seeds by 34 Street Seed Co. The province’s independent retailers have more seed selections on their store menus, and some even have a couple of varieties to choose from.

Our top picks:


Is it legal to grow? Yes

Are seeds available? Yes

Where can I buy? Seeds are available at many of the province’s private retail stores.

On a per-capita basis, no province has a greater saturation of cannabis retail than Alberta, with one store for every 6,300 citizens. In early March 2022, the government stepped out of the retail game, allowing the private sector to takeover the responsibility for sales and delivery.

So it should be of little surprise, Alberta is one of the better provinces for seed access. Nearly every dispensary menu we looked at has at least a few types of seeds available, and most have at least two or three options.

Our top picks:

  • Tweed – Argyle seeds
  • Next Generation – Blueberry seeds


Is it legal to grow? Yes

Are seeds available? Yes

Where can I buy? Seeds are available at most private stores, and through private delivery.

If you were inclined to make the case that an entirely private cannabis market is better for consumers, Saskatchewan’s seed market could help make your case.

Virtually every store has something available, both for in-store shopping and for online sales. And to boot, the prairie province has the best deal we found nationwide at Kiaro, La Ronge: four Pink Limeade seeds for ten bucks. Seeds for the people of Saskatchewan!

Our top picks:

  • OneLeaf – Citrus Biscuits
  • Pristine – Lillooet Landrace
  • 34 Seed Street Co – Mango 1:1 CBD

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Is it legal to grow? No.

Not much else to say about Manitoba. Right from the get-go of legalization, Manitoba chose, according to the government “to set the limit at zero, effectively prohibiting the cultivation of non-medical cannabis in the home.”

(There are still many ways to get your hands on some seeds in the Postage Stamp Province, but “legally” isn’t one of them. Use your imagination on this one; loose lips sink ships.)


Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Yes.

Where can I buy?, and select retail stores.

Ontario has some of the best selection of products and a flourishing private retail market. It also has—with the utmost respect for my Ontario stoner friends—one of the strangest and most frustrating cannabis markets in the country.

At first, there was only online retail; then there were physical stores, but only a handful. Now there are “too many“. Private stores at first couldn’t do delivery—then they could, then they couldn’t again, and now they can once again.

Seed prices are kind of high in Ontario, but the variety is unparalleled. Most packs of seeds will run you north of $30 but the province has the widest selection of strains, with 28 different products available at the time of writing (including a rare find when it comes to seeds — a high CBD strain).

Our top picks

  • Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis – Sunshine Pine
  • CRG Pharma – Charlotte’s Diesel seeds


Is it legal to grow? No.

Though the ban on home cultivation in Quebec was temporarily lifted following a court ruling in 2019, in 2021 it was reinstated, and Quebecers who are caught growing pot plants at home face a $750 fine per plant.

As such, no seeds are available for purchase through Quebec’s provincially-run SQDC stores.

New Brunswick

Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Yes.

Where can I buy? Seeds are available at all Cannabis NB locations and online.

If you’re regularly growing cannabis plants year-round using legal seeds, then consistent availability is important—and New Brunswick’s seed market, sold through provincially-run Cannabis NB—is nothing if not consistent.

At the time of writing, there were nine strains of seed available. All are regularly in stock at each of the province’s 20 dispensary locations, in addition to being available for online orders.

All of the packs are typically the same price—5 seeds for $54.99—and most are supplied by 34 Street Seed Co., a brand owned by Alberta-based ANC Cannabis.

Our top picks:

  • 34 Street Seed Co – Pineapple Express
  • 34 Street Seed Co – Zkittles x FPOG

*Our dispensary finder searches cannabis retail menus based on your location. The retailer gets 100% of their sales, Leafly doesn’t take a percentage.

Prince Edward Island

Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Sometimes.

Where can I buy? PEI Cannabis, if they are selling.

While it’s perfectly legal to grow the usual four cannabis plants in Prince Edward Island, as of February 2021, there were no seeds available through the provincial retailer.

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Zip. Zilch. Nada. All we can suggest is that you check the PEI Cannabis website regularly.

Nova Scotia

Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Yes.

Where can I buy? Seeds are available through the provincial NSLC Cannabis stores.

Nova Scotia’s provincially-run NSLC Cannabis stores have a decent amount of reasonably priced seeds—six seeds for $29.99 in most cases. Much like other provincial markets, seed availability and access vary. At the time of publication, the NSLC had 18 types of seeds from 3 producers.

Our top picks

  • Dutch Passion – Critical Orange Punch seeds
  • 34th Street Seed Co – Double Chocolate seeds
  • Jax Genetics – Sweet Release

Newfoundland & Labrador

Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Sometimes.

Where can I buy? Provincially run Cannabis NL website, and private retail stores.

Much like PEI, Newfoundlanders are legally able to buy seeds. But in reality, it can be difficult to do so.

While seeds have been available for purchase in the past, they are only sometimes in stock through the provincial retailer. At the time of writing, no seeds were available to order online, and none of the store menus we were able to access listed seeds for sale.


Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Yes.

Where can I buy? Seeds are mainly available through private retail.

Cannabis seed availability is by no means widespread in Yukon Territory, that’s likely because the territory only has three stores outside the capital city of Whitehorse.

Still, for those living in the urban core, accessing seeds should be no trouble—we were able to find at least two stores with seeds in stock in Whitehorse, and one in Carmacks. Selection, of course, is limited.

Our top picks

  • Pristine – Headband
  • Tweed – Bakerstreet
  • Bold Growth Genetics – Northern Lights

Northwest Territories

Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Yes.

Where can I buy? ReLeafNT, and potentially in other retail stores.

It is hard to offer too much advice about buying seeds in the Northwest Territories, as there’s not a lot of info online (and Leafly isn’t about to expense me the airfare to conduct a speculative fact-finding mission…)

Late in 2021, the territory closed its online sales making ReLeafNT the de facto online retailer for the territory. They do sell seeds — although what was in stock fluctuated depending on when we checked.

Our top picks:

  • Humboldt Seed Co – Magic Melon
  • 34 Street Seed Co – Bubba Kush
  • Humboldt Seed Co – All Gas OG


Is it legal to grow? Yes.

Are seeds available? Not currently.

Cannabis consumption remains pretty stigmatized. The legal market also hasn’t really taken root there yet — there is only one retailer, Nuna Cannabis in Iqaluit, but that store doesn’t currently sell seeds.

Can You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

A substantial number of states allow medical marijuana, along with a growing number of places that have legalized recreational cannabis. The public is becoming more aware of the potential benefits of marijuana. People also realize that the damaging side effects of cannabis are often overstated, although some are real. Nonetheless, there is a softening in the stance towards the plant, which is even apparent on a political level.

As well as allowing people to use weed, an increasing number of states are relaxing restrictions on growing it at home.
You’ll need seeds to do so, but this is where it gets complicated for American residents in particular. Even if you live in California, where it is legal to grow cannabis at home, and purchase seeds from a Colorado-based seed bank, your package can STILL be confiscated.

Indeed, you could get in more trouble buying seeds from within the US than from an overseas country! This is the reason why most reputable seed banks that you hear about are located in Europe! This article delves deeper into the legality surrounding the purchase of cannabis seeds in the United States and offers tips to ensure you buy a high-quality product.

Marijuana Seeds Law

Cannabis remains a federally illegal substance in the United States. The plant’s seeds are also classified as cannabis, just like concentrate, flower, or edibles. As cannabis seeds are legal in certain states, seed banks operate within America’s borders. However, most of the best-known sellers operate in Canada or Europe. Let’s find out who can purchase seeds in the United States.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Any State?

As the nation’s cannabis laws state that the substance is federally illegal, it is technically against the law to buy, sell, or use it anywhere in the country. Indeed, the federal government could arrest someone for consuming cannabis if they so choose because federal law supersedes state law.

However, a majority of states allow medical marijuana, and a growing number permit adult-use cannabis. At present, the United States government has shown no indication that it wishes to interfere with a state’s right to legalize marijuana.

The current situation means you can legally get a cannabis seed from a dispensary in states where recreational cannabis is legal. In medical marijuana states, you’ll need to produce an MMJ card. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to purchase cannabis seeds.

Things are different online. It is illegal to transport cannabis seeds across state lines regardless of whether the plant is legal in both states. Therefore, you can only buy the seeds online if the seller is located within your state, and it is a location where adult-use marijuana is allowed.

Of course, you can take the risk of having your seeds confiscated by trying to order online anyway.

Is There Any Reputable American Seed Bank?

Although the United States is one of the world’s most progressive countries in marijuana legalization, the plant remains federally illegal. As long as this remains the case, users face all manner of complications. Ultimately, purchasing marijuana seeds online is only possible if you live in one of a select few states.

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If you are concerned about legal issues, we recommend purchasing your seeds directly from a dispensary rather than buying them online. However, residents of Colorado should have no difficulties in theory. Stores such as The Farm and The Green Solution regularly advertise their online seed options. It should be a quick and easy process to buy them online if you are a resident of Colorado.

Elsewhere, it can be a matter of pot luck (pun intended). First and foremost, we can only recommend online seed purchases if you live in a state where growing marijuana at home is legal. If your package gets intercepted, you could face legal consequences, although this unfortunate situation is relatively rare.

You need a reputable seed bank capable of shipping to numerous states that understands the need for discretion. Such companies know how to package their goods to evade detection. If the seeds are confiscated, the firm will either send a new package for free or refund your money.

Which American Seeds Banks Are the Best?

California-based I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is one of the most trustworthy seed sellers we have found in the United States. The website and store are run by Robert Bergman, who is an expert marijuana cultivator. He offers dozens of options and provides FREE shipping to customers in the United States and Europe.

Rocket Seeds is another American seed bank with a positive reputation. It operates out of the Bronx, New York, and is famed for its rapid shipping.

There are numerous Canadian seed banks known for selling excellent products. Noteworthy brands include Crop Seed Kings, MJSeeds, and Beaver Seeds.

Certain online marijuana seed sellers in the United States try to use subterfuge to ensure their customers receive the seeds.

It is possible to buy seeds from stores only if they are ‘used’ as luxury bird food or fishing bait additives.

In February 2015, one month after cannabis legalization went into effect in Washington D.C., the D.C. Cannabis Campaign organized a ‘seed sharing’ event in the country’s capital. As part of the new law, anyone aged 21+ who attended the event was legally allowed to receive an ounce of seeds. Unfortunately, the laws surrounding purchasing marijuana seeds online in the US have remained as clear as mud in the years since.

European Marijuana Seed Banks

Many of the American seed banks that offer marijuana seeds source them from a seed bank in a European country. When we bemoan the issues that cause federal and state laws to become unclear and confusing, it is important to remember that the US is effectively a continent with 50 different states and additional territories.

Europe is also a continent, and it also has more than 50 countries. The laws surrounding marijuana seeds vary according to each nation but become less confusing because they are separate states. That’s not to say that things don’t become complex!

In principle, cannabis seeds are not illegal in Europe, and it is possible to purchase seeds from another country. In general, when a product enters a European country, it becomes subject to that nation’s laws. The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a 1962 framework for marijuana legalization, is an international treaty that was signed by 180 countries.

In the treaty, marijuana is classed as an illegal substance, but marijuana seeds are not illegal. As international law takes precedence over a country’s own laws, cannabis seeds are technically legal in all 180 countries. Alas, it isn’t as easy as that, and it is much safer to purchase seeds from one European country than another. Here’s a look at marijuana seed laws in a few major European nations:

  • Germany: As seeds don’t fall under the German Narcotics Act, they are technically legal to purchase. However, Germany has prohibited the sale of cannabis seeds across the nation, the only EU member state to have done so. As Germany is subject to the EU’s free movement of goods, having seeds sent to Germany is fine.
  • United Kingdom: At present, the UK allows for the purchase, sale, or trade of cannabis seeds whether you purchase them domestically or from another European nation. American buyers tend to use UK sellers such as Seedsman, who have been selling seeds globally since 2003. However, we’re not sure what will happen once the UK has left the EU. By the way, UK residents are not allowed to germinate cannabis seeds.
  • Netherlands: It is shocking to learn that despite the nation’s relaxed attitude towards marijuana, it is still illegal! However, you should have no issue purchasing cannabis seeds from a Dutch-based seed company. Companies such as Nirvana, MSNL Seeds, and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds also enjoy good reputations.
  • France: Cannabis seeds are legal as long as they are not used for growing. However, you will struggle to find any reputable French cannabis seed dealer.
  • Spain: Spain has a similarly lenient policy as the UK. Residents can buy and sell seeds as long as they are for personal use in private areas. Shops need legal authorization to sell seeds. Alicante-based Herbie’s Seeds is a highly rated seed bank.

Types of Marijuana Seeds Available

There are three distinct types of marijuana seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

These seeds come from one female and one male parent. As a result, there is a 50/50 chance that the plant will be the feminized version that carries all of those wonderful cannabinoids. As you have no control of the plant’s gender, there is a chance that you’ll waste weeks waiting for the gender to be revealed.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You should purchase feminized seeds instead of their regular counterparts. These seeds have no male chromosomes and are guaranteed to provide resinous bud. In other words, you don’t have to wait for a guarantee which is NOT the case with ‘regular’ seeds.

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Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

This type of seed is your best option if you want to grow your weed indoors. These seeds have genetics that evolved in northern Eurasia which means they are strong and sturdy. They are mixed with Cannabis Ruderalis, a plant known for its ability to grow in harsh weather conditions.

One of the biggest advantages of autoflowering seeds is their ability to produce a minimum of two outdoor crops. When you grow them indoors, however, you can produce four or five crops per annum. Certain strains can become mature in just ten weeks! They are heavily resistant to mold and pests and produce a much higher yield when exposed to a powerful light source.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

Your safest bet is to stick to one of the reputable seedbanks outlined in this article. Look for companies that have been in the industry for a long time and have earned a significant number of positive customer reviews.

When you purchase a packet of marijuana seeds, make sure the seller explains where the seeds came from and how they were crossed or backcrossed. Don’t risk your money on seeds with no history because there’s no way of telling what you’ll end up with.

The top-rated seed banks are old hands when it comes to getting their products through customs. Some of them offer discreet shipping, which usually involves hiding the seeds in other objects. Therefore, even if a customs official opens the package, it looks like someone else.

The perfect place for seeds…

For your part, it makes sense to make a few small or medium orders. First of all, a large order could draw unwanted attention. Secondly, if one of the packages is confiscated, you won’t lose your entire order.

Finally, you could consider paying via cryptocurrency. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin leave no official record. The issue here is that the volatility of crypto means your order could become expensive in hindsight. Imagine paying in Bitcoin, only to discover that the digital currency’s value doubles in the following two weeks!

Final Thoughts on Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

As much as we would love to provide a definitive answer to the title question, we have to admit that it is complicated. You can purchase seeds within most states where growing marijuana is legal, but the issue is clouded by the fact that marijuana is federally illegal. Then there is the small matter of the nuances of state and even local law.

You should be able to purchase from seed banks in the UK and Netherlands, but make sure you do your research and find a reputable company. The last thing you want is to buy what you think are feminized seeds, only to discover that they are regular seeds capable of producing male plants!

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Homegrown CannabisCo

Homegrown CannabisCo are the masters when it comes to seeds. Offering a massive variety of cannabis seeds that are well categorized, not only does this company create a resource for superb quality options including feminized seeds, it also provides extensive growing information for those looking for some support along their journey.

Will Customs Confiscate My Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, but only if they find them! Some reputable seed banks claim that customs confiscate only 5% of their shipments. A growing number of seed banks use discreet shipping. This involves sending additional ‘gifts’ you didn’t order to conceal the seeds. You’ll receive a confiscation letter instead of the seeds if your purchase is halted at customs. However, the top-rated seed banks tend to offer a money-back guarantee if this happens.

Is It Illegal to Send Seeds in the Mail?

As cannabis is federally illegal, transporting the plant’s seeds across state lines is against the law. This is the case even if you are sending them from one adult-use state to another. However, there is little chance of getting into legal trouble. For a start, it is possible to buy them for research or collectible purposes rather than using them to grow plants.

You’re more likely to get in trouble for sending marijuana seeds from one state to another in America than sending them into the US from abroad. However, it is rare to hear of anyone getting into legal trouble for sending cannabis seeds in the mail. Usually, the worst-case scenario is that your seeds are confiscated.

Why Are Most of the Top Seed Banks International?

It is mainly due to legal issues. The world’s best seed banks are generally located in places like the Netherlands, UK, and Spain, where marijuana laws aren’t as strict as in the United States. US cannabis law means an American seed bank faces greater legal issues when sending products from one state to another than their international equivalent.

However, there are a few high-quality American seed banks, such as I Love Growing Marijuana.

Can Non-Residents Buy Seeds Online?

It is not a good idea! As marijuana is federally legal, non-residents can be deported from the United States if they have a job in a legal cannabis dispensary! Indeed, even the use of legal marijuana can result in deportation. Therefore, we would urge non-residents NOT to purchase cannabis seeds online or in a dispensary. Even if there is a relatively small chance of being caught, it isn’t worth the risk.

Is Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online Safe?

The answer is ‘yes,’ but only as long as you buy the seeds from a reputable seed bank. Apart from I Love Growing Marijuana, MSNL Seed Bank, Crop Seed Kings, and Sensi Seeds have all established a reputation for high-quality seeds. These companies provide seeds with a high germination rate and offer an excellent range of strains.