Cali Crusher

4 Piece Clear Top

4 Piece Clear Top

Do you want a grinder that will impress your friends, but is still affordable? Cali Crusher offers designer weed grinders perfect for those looking to “grind in style”. This review will go over several of the cool features that separate their products from the competition.

How do you know it is a Cali Crusher?

  • Designer Grinders – According to Cali Crusher, their line of herb grinders are the “world’s first designer grinders”. The styles offered include a variety of stunning colors, sizes and other options. However, possibly the coolest trait about Cali Crushers is that many of them have clear tops.

  • High Quality – Cali Crushers are CNC (computer numerical control) machined to create near perfect consistency and precision. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, their products are light, very strong, and durable. The diamond style teeth cut through herb like butter while the micron screens on their 4 piece options collect only the finest pollen.

  • Affordable – Even at new, retail prices, the grinders are relatively inexpensive. For the quality and look, the grinders are being given away. Even the most expensive grinder they have is still under $50 and includes a mechanical hand crank to make grinding even easier.

Drawbacks of Cali Crushers

The biggest complaint about Cali Crushers is that the teeth are sharp enough and sometimes leaves herb in the grinding chamber.

Cali Crusher Options

2 Piece Hard Top

2 Piece Hard Top

2 Piece Grinders ($15-$20)

2 piece Cali Crusher grinders are strong, compact and durable. They fit easily in your pocket, and with prices under $20 online this option is perfect for the budget-minded smoker on the go.

The 2 pieces are only offered in a 2″ diameter but they come in 3 colors: gold, black and purple. Unfortunately, they do not offer the clear tops for the 2 piece option, but again, the quality and price of these grinders makes for a great value.

4 Piece Grinders

4 Piece Hard Top

4 Piece Hard Top

2 Inch Hard or Clear Top ($25-$35)

The 2 inch diameter, 4 piece bud grinders from Cali Crusher include kief screens. They come with numerous options including clear tops and a greater variety of colors than the 2 piece option. They are also very affordable with the hard and clear tops priced under $30.

The 2 inch, 4 pieces come in green, red, purple, black, pink, gold, blue and silver. Every color is offered with either a hard top or a clear top.

2.5 Inch Hard, Clear or Crank Top ($30-$40)

Crank Top

Crank Top

The 2.5 inch diameter, 4 piece bud grinders from Cali Crusher also include kief screens but the styling options include an optional hand crank. The hand crank makes the grinding operation even easier on your wrist.

The crank top, 2.5 inch grinder is only offered in black, but the top is clear making it a very nice looking addition to your smoking accessories. For less than $50, brand new, the Cali Crusher 2.5″ Black Crank Top 4 Piece Aluminum Herb grinder is definitely an enticing option if you need to grind sticky or very dense nugs.

For whatever reason, perhaps a structural or durability issue, the 2.5 inch 4 piece options do not include clear tops except on the black, crank top version. The colors however, include the same choices from green, red, purple, black, pink, gold, blue and silver.

The Lowdown on Cali Crushers

Cali Crusher Designer Grinders get our thumbs up and would make a nice addition to any smokers collection. The prices are very fair and the style choices make them contenders for the best value grinders available. For the same price as high-end competitors, you could get multiple grinders from Cali Crusher.

Compare Prices

Unlike most brands, the best prices on Cali Crushers are normally found by ordering manufacturer-direct!

Homegrown 1.7'' Inch Tobacco Herbal herb Grinder 4 Layer Cali Crusher Grinder
Homegrown 1.7'' Inch Tobacco Herbal herb Grinder 4 Layer Cali Crusher Grinder
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Cali Crusher XL 4 Piece 3
Cali Crusher XL 4 Piece 3" Hard Top Grinder
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Newest Cali Crusher Grinder 45mm Tobacco Grinder 4 Piece Grinder Herb Spice Crus
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Cali Crusher Grinder
Cali Crusher Grinder
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Cali Crusher Herb Grinder Large 4 Piece Silver…
Cali Crusher Herb Grinder Large 4 Piece Silver…
Price: $31.16 Expires: Tuesday Aug-27 View Deal

4 Visitor Comments
  1. cali crusher says:

    I want to grinder for plant sample grinder please send a quotation with supplier in India

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Silver 2″ Hardtop 4 Piece Grinder and there’s metal shavings in the chamber.

  3. Hussnain says:

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  4. 1snowman says:

    I have problem I just bought a small Cali crusher 4 piece in blue the problem is that when I went to wash it I noticed that the water was blue so I rinsed it repeatedly and my last step is to rinse it with alcohol well the alcohol came out blue not a good thing. I vape and don’t like chemicals’ in my meds. I want to return it and exchange it for one that is color fast.
    Robert LaRouche

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