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Pure Indica Feminized

For supreme relaxation, is there any other strain that can beat Pure Indica? As the name says, it is authentically 100%. The exact lineage is a well-kept secret, but its characteristics cannot be denied. Besides the intensely tranquilizing impact, the plant itself is short, compact, and very easy to grow. In addition, the highly resinous and chunky buds are earthy and sweet, with a touch of fruit mixed in. This strain has a moderate THC level of 14% that is complemented by 1% CBD.


For the novice grower, Indica-heavy strains offer a great many advantages. Pure Indica Fem is one of them – a smallish plant that can fit in almost any size grow space. It has one main cola, although it can grow a few sturdy lateral branches from which additional bud sites can emerge. The intermodal gaps are small, resulting in tightly-packed foliage. It is highly resistant to most bugs and diseases, and it grows fast and furious for an early harvest time.

This strain’s buds are not large compared to others, but they are very dense and aromatic. They are light green in color, extremely resinous, and emit the sweet and loamy bouquet that is the signature of Afghani Indica landraces. Because these nuggets, as well as the foliage, are so compact, the most important thing to watch out for is moisture-related diseases, especially bud rot. But as mentioned, this is not likely to occur unless the relative humidity (RH) is allowed to go higher than 70% in the vegetative stage and 50% during the flowering stage.

As with all cannabis varietals, the best growing medium to enhance the terpene profile is organic soil. You may also use coco coir or hydroponics. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but this strain can readily adapt to any of them.

Flowering Time

In a controlled setting or indoors, Pure Indica Fem’s flowering stage is a relatively short 7 to 8-week time frame, another marker of its mysterious Indica lineage. Outdoors, the buds can be harvested starting in October. This leaves plenty of time for drying and curing before the winter furlough.


Because this strain has a short stature, a grow room with a high ceiling is not necessary. Left untrained, it will not even exceed 90 cm (35 inches) in height. However, it is recommended that several plants be clustered to maximize the use of space and the yield. This technique is called the Sea of Green (SOG) and is especially suited to leverage the plant’s small size. By placing 7 to 10 plants close together, about 30 cm (1 foot) apart, an average harvest of 200 grams (7 ounces) per square meter can be expected.

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In the open air, Pure Indica Fem thrives in warm and sunny climates, although it is hardy enough to withstand cooler temperatures. Breezy conditions are advantageous because the continuous gas exchange boosts growth and the entire plant becomes stronger by growing extra tissues from resisting the wind. It also helps dissipate excess moisture.

That being said, you can lend your crop a hand if the growing area receives minimal air movement. Regularly prune the bottom leaves and the non-essential twigs to encourage better airflow. This also gives you the opportunity to inspect the plant and stop pathogens in their tracks as soon as you see them. If everything goes well, each shrub yields 200 to 300 grams (7 to 11 ounces) of smokable pot.

Medical Application

Whenever a patient goes to a medical marijuana dispensary and says he needs something that relaxes, it is automatic that an Indica strain is the first to be recommended. The Pure Indica strain is an excellent candidate due to its calming effects. It can be used to alleviate anxiety-related disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and panic attacks.

It also has uplifting properties that could ease depression and bipolar disorder. It goes without saying that the profound relaxation helps individuals suffering from insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns, too.

Furthermore, this strain is fortified with 1% CBD, which works together with THC for even more therapeutic benefits. It softens the psychoactive effects of THC, increasing appetite and stopping nausea. This is especially beneficial for patients who have a hard time dealing with chemotherapy and HIV treatment.

Adverse Reactions

Pure Indica’s 14% THC concentration is considered moderate by modern standards, plus it is also tempered by CBD. Nonetheless, overconsumption could cause unpleasant side effects, such as dizziness, paranoia, and heightened anxiety. Light to moderate intake should only cause the usual inevitable reactions: dry mouth and dry eyes. Rehydrate constantly with non-caffeinated drinks and use moisturizing eye drops to relieve these temporary discomforts.

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Based on the name alone, you can already predict Pure Indica’s recreational effects. From the first toke, it calms the mind and keeps you in a worry-free state for at least an hour. Some users report a hyperawareness of their surroundings. Colors are more vivid, and sounds are amplified. Even so, it will not make you nervous or jittery. The impact is more of a peaceful observation of the wondrous things around you.

Gradually, the effect on the body starts to manifest. A feeling of lethargy spreads from head to toe. The experience is not oppressive or heavy. Instead, your limbs and torso will feel light as feathers. At this point, it is up to you if you wish to revel in the euphoria or go to bed.

Because of this weed’s superb aroma and flavor, you might be tempted to take one drag after another in quick succession. Be warned that if you do so, it will knock you right out. This would be a pity since you will miss out on the extremely pleasurable experience.


Due to its ocimene content, this strain’s aroma is sweet and herbaceous. It carries the smell of damp earth covered with moss. It is not particularly pungent or hash-like, although it is still unmistakably ganja.


As you smoke Pure Indica, the unexpected flavor of mixed fruits coats your tongue. That is because ocimene also imparts a citrusy taste. Upon the exhale, a bit of spice will tickle your lips.

Similar Strains

There are other 100% or very close to 100% Indica seeds available at i49 if you want to bulk up your collection of ultra-relaxing weed. Some of them also have illustrious lineages and long histories. Hindu Kush Fem, for instance, originated from the wild mountain valleys of the Himalayas, extending from Afghanistan to Pakistan. This landrace strain has been in use for thousands of years, and its seeds are still popular due to the high 22 to 32% THC content.

Another favorite around the world is Northern Lights Fem. This 95% Indica delivers deep and blissful relaxation like no other, capturing the experience of gazing at the Aurora Borealis. The colorful buds carry the refreshing aroma of pine needles, the better to evoke the serenity of nature. With 18% THC inherited from its Afghani ancestor, it is the go-to strain for managing stress, pain, and anxiety.

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Mazar Fem also has Afghan genes, with Skunk #1 thrown into the mix. It is known for its mildly skunky yet sweet and spicy aroma that is strangely alluring. This Indica-heavy hybrid has won numerous awards, including the top prize at the 2008 Cannabis Tipo Forte Fair in Bologna, Italy. Like its cousins, this plant only grows to a moderate height, maxing out at 180 cm (70 inches) outdoors, where it can produce up to 450 grams (16 ounces) of pungent weed.

Or, perhaps you wish to augment your stash with energizing Sativas. Batting for this side is Neville’s Haze Fem, a cross between Haze and Northern Lights #5. The resulting plant is almost pure Sativa and can stretch to a towering 4 meters (13 feet) in height. The flowering time is also quite lengthy at 10 to 14 weeks. Nevertheless, the generous 650 to 800-gram yield (23 to 28 ounces) of stimulating and motivating pot is worth the care you put into it.

For a balanced effect, though, go for Gorilla Glue Lemon Fem. The Sativa genes from Lemon Haze add a lively kick to the sleepy high of Gorilla Glue #4. The first toke is uplifting and energizing, and the giddy euphoria will make you believe that you can take on the world. But soon, a numbing sensation spreads from the neck down to the extremities, ultimately ending in couch-lock. The physical tranquility is complemented by a cheerful state of mind – a mash-up that makes this strain beloved by many enthusiasts.


World of Seeds Pure Origin has obliged us to travel through the five continents in search of the most interesting indigenous genetics. Therefore we can offer you, without almost having to leave home, premium and exclusive seeds.

100% pure varieties, ranging from authentic and exotic Brazilian beauties, going through the stunning and wild African jewellery to finally reach Thai ancient relics, such as those Marco Polo brought back from his travels to the East, many centuries ago.

And if all of this sounds like little to you, apart from its feminized version, we offer them in their regular versions, for the lovers of pure strains who want to obtain male individuals and thus create their own crosses, from these spectacular genetics, so difficult to find in many occasions.