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Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Chernobyl Strain

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Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Fill the air with the heady aroma of this robust weed strain while embarking on a journey to a fascinating destination! Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a potent blend of a flavorful, citrus-dominant sour lemon haze and an earthy lavender Sativa. These THC bombs are perfect for energizing you from day into night. Exploring nature has never been easier with this strain that camouflages its effects well until you find yourself utterly carefree without worries weighing down your shoulders or holding back vital errands to complete. But don’t worry, your little fingers will not be going numb.

Chernobyl’s got enough cannabinoids and terpenes to take “real life” off your mind so you can get lost in giggles before lying back spread-eagled in the grass. As the tranquilizers infiltrate your muscles, you’ll find yourself free of all cares, stress, strife – body or mind-related. Just sit back and enjoy where the land takes you!

Chernobyl’s THC Level is 22%

The THC levels of these feminized cannabis seeds are around 22% which is quite remarkable! This kind of strain provides you with an uplifting experience without too many psychoactive effects on the average stoner. Because of this specific reason, it has won the hearts of many medical users who use it to treat different disorders.

The aroma is rather pleasant and leaning towards the floral side. It has a sugary scent that can be very alluring. The taste of this particular feminized cannabis seed is a combination of earthy and sweet notes, which can be very inviting. It has an aftertaste that is as sweet as it comes. This is not surprising considering its lineage, but novice users might miss out on the tropical citrus notes.

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This feminized cannabis seed is 80% Sativa dominant, which only means that it has the favorable properties of both Sativa and Indica without too many sedative effects. This makes it an excellent strain for daytime use as it provides users with an uplifting experience while also having some calming qualities.

Effects of Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This strain provides a subtle effect at first, but eventually, it can be overwhelming. It typically leaves you wanting to eat something sweet and going on about your day, feeling refreshed and energetic. The peak high from this feminized cannabis seed is around the 60-minute mark, which is not too long. Thanks to its Sativa dominance, this strain is best used when you want to engage in social activities with friends or loved ones. The high from this feminized cannabis seed is very calming but not too stimulating that it becomes difficult to have a good conversation.

You will not experience any sort of ‘down’ or sedative effects, but it can induce mild euphoria, which is great for those who want to de-stress. This feminized cannabis seed is also known for making users feel really happy. This means it can help mental disorders, but this kind of strain can induce creativity, so some people use these feminized cannabis seeds for writing projects or just day-dreaming sessions that are more on the productive side.

People who have used this strain claim that it is one of the best for improving mood and overall well-being. It can also help with mental disorders such as PTSD and depression. This feminized cannabis seed is also suitable for relieving chronic pain, and it provides a sense of calm that helps you relax and forget about your condition. It has been known to offer significant relief from headaches as well.

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How Does Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

This strain is a good option for those who have been growing cannabis before as it can be grown indoors and outdoors. It also responds well to SOG, a sea of green, and SCROG growing methods which means you can use them even if you are trying to grow cannabis simultaneously.

She has a pretty straight growth pattern which makes it easy to manage plants when growing them in confined spaces. Maximum yields are achieved by training plants at the early flowering stage while preventing any knots or tops that could become hidden on larger plants due to the height of the internodes during the vegetative cycle.

Flowering time is 55-65 days with a noticeable effect up to two months which means you can expect the full results of this strain by the 10th week of flowering. If you have been growing cannabis for some time now, it should be easy to tell when they are ready by just checking out their pistols. Flowering can be quicker with better care.

Feminized cannabis seeds produce very dense buds covered with trichomes to the extent that it becomes difficult to spot pistils. The leaves will usually be dark green, and they grow in a pattern of large blades that are widely spaced apart.

This mostly Sativa dominant strain can grow up to a medium height indoors and outdoors. They also have a good branching structure that usually grows evenly, which makes them easy to manage. Depending on how you care for it, you can expect an average yield per plant with around 400 grams per plant indoors and 400 grams per tree outdoors.

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History of Chernobyl Feminized Cannabis Seeds

What happens when you take Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity as your parent’s strains and thoroughly breed to achieve a feminized sweet tropical tasting strain with 22% THC? Chernobyl! Yes, Chernobyl feminized cannabis seeds.

Chernobyl Feminized Marijuana Seeds

High THC and citrus goodness – what’s not to love about Chernobyl marijuana seeds? This sativa hybrid can ease aches and pains as well as depression symptoms, and grows well both indoors and out.


The only thing explosive about Chernobyl marijuana is its burst of citrus and lime flavor; unless you count its super-charged 22% THC content… Enjoy a happy, euphoric high from this delightfully tropical, sativa-dominant hybrid.

Predominantly offering a head high, the cerebral sensation delivered by Chernobyl marijuana is long lasting, and a favorite daytime strain among both recreational and medical marijuana patients. It’s very effective at helping cure a variety of aches and pains, with properties that help reduce muscle spasms and insomnia. The uplifting sativa qualities are ideal for gently treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, allowing patients to go about their day without feeling weighed down.

Considered the kind of strain best suited to gardeners with intermediate growing experience, Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds produce a beautiful flower on a plant that, on average, reaches a medium height. Indoors or out, expect a relatively moderate yield after about 55 to 65 days of flowering.

Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds will help you banish the blues and those aches and pains – order now!