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Best Seed Banks That Accept Prepaid Visas Online!

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So, you’re ready to purchase some cannabis seeds online, but you have a prepaid VISA card you’re looking to use? Thankfully, there are a few top seed banks that accept these prepaid visa cards!

In this article we’ll be looking over the pros and cons of using these cards as a payment method, and everything else you might need to know before beginning the ordering process! Here are our favorite seed bank choices:

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Seed Banks That Take Prepaid Visas:

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Prepaid Visa for Cannabis Seeds?:

IF you aren’t aware, the Prepaid Visa cards have been around since the 1970’s and are very similar to traditional debit cards, but are often a popular gift to receive. They are extremely versatile because once you have registered them, they can be used pretty much anywhere where a traditional Visa card or Mastercard might be accepted. These cards are preloaded which means you don’t have to connect your bank account to fund them. If you are looking for a US seed bank that accepts a prepaid debit card, then you’re in luck, because there are quite a few!

This makes them an excellent option for purchasing cannabis seeds online, because it gives you an extra layer of security and privacy. This means that you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your banking information and it also gives you another layer of privacy protection and can help block your name and other personal information from prying eyes. This is similar to Bitcoin in terms of anonymity and privacy protection.

What Are The Cons of Using A Prepaid Visa Gift Card?:

There really aren’t too many downsides of using these cards. They do a great job of being accepted pretty much anywhere where credit cards are accepted, but occasionally things get a little weird and they don’t work. The only other drawback is they aren’t as quick as something like using Paypal or Cash App. That being said, I generally haven’t had any issues, so I definitely recommend them!

Which Seed Banks Even Take Prepaid Visa Gift Cards As A Payment Method?:

As I’m sure you know, there are hundreds of online seed banks available so it can be difficult to choose. That being said, after years of buying seeds online we’ve compiled our list of favorite seed banks that accept prepaid cards as well as offer competitive prices, high quality seeds, and great customer service.

Crop King Seeds:

Crop King Seeds is one of the biggest and best seed banks around, and they’re based out of British Columbia, Canada. They have a handful of physical locations in Canada, and have years of experience! They ship worldwide and offer honest prices.

I personally thing Crop King Seeds has some of the best seed selections out of any seed bank, and their customer service is the best in the business. They have an extremely easy-to-navigate website that allows you to filter strains by type of strain, effects, growing climate, indoor vs outdoor, and many others. They will surely be able to offer a strain that you’re interested in!

CKS is my go-to seed bank regardless of what payment method I’m looking to use, and I recommend it to anyone looking for seeds online.

Final Thoughts on Prepaid Visas and Marijuana Seeds:

Overall after reading our review you can safely and confidently say that buying marijuana seeds with a prepaid visa gift card is a great option. It definitely helps with privacy and security protection and is a simple enough solution, that i’d recommend to pretty much anyone! If you’re looking for seed banks that will accept your prepaid visa, then look no further than Crop King Seeds!

Payment Information

True North Seed Bank offers many convenient ways to pay for your order.

Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

1. Credit / Debit Card (MasterCard) – USA only (online or over the phone (416-679-0421))

We cannot accept cards that are not registered for international use. Your payment will be declined automatically by the banks.

– We use overseas banks through our processing company: Payofix. The transaction will be processed outside of North America and may be subject to extra/international bank charges.

– You will receive an email from Payofix with your transaction status (IE: Approved or declined) and transaction reference ID – which is how the charge will appear on your credit card statement.

PLEASE NOTE: Debit and Credit Card payments are subject to 7.5% Card Processing Fee.

2. Wire / ACH Transfer – USA only 5% OFF

3. International Money Order (USD or CAD only)

4. Cash – please use a bubble envelope and registered mail for safety. We cannot be held responsible for cash lost in the post.

5. Bank Transfer – NOT available for USA & Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: Bank Transfer payments are subject to CA$17.50 fee.

6. E-Transfer – Canada only

7. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. 25% OFF + FREE SEEDS

Our online sales are 3D Secure, 256 bit encrypted and hacker safe making it a very safe place to enter your details. All phone order payments are put through a secure VSP terminal online and once the payment goes through, we do not hold any records of clients credit/debit card details and all other client information remains highly confidential.

International Gift Cards are also accepted online and over the phone should you not have a credit/debit card. You must also call the gift card company to register the card and tell them you are purchasing overseas so they can activate it for international use.

We cannot accept cards that are not registered for international use if you are ordering outside of Canada.

Please don’t forget to include your order number for offline payment methods . For safety we recommend using bubble envelopes and registered mail.

You will be able to select your payment method during checkout. Full payment instructions will be provided on the screen and in a confirmation e-mail.


You can buy cannabis seeds at True North Seed Bank using the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin – Mainnet (BNB), BUSD (BEP2), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), NEO (NEO), TRON (TRX), Waves (WAVES), NEM (XEM), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), USDC (ERC20 & BEP20).

Select the “Pay by Cryptocurrency” method in checkout and complete your order as normal. After clicking the “Place Order” button you will be redirected to an external secure payment page.

Review / update your details, select your preferred coin and click a “Complete Checkout” button to see all necessary payment information including our wallet address and a QR code.

Follow the instructions on the screen and send your payment immediately as the time to receive payment is limited. Please remember to include enough funds to cover network fees.

If your funds do not reach us within the time provided on your payment page, your order will be cancelled.

Payment Processing Fees

Payment Processing Fee depends on your selected payment method:

1. Credit / Debit Card payments – 7.50%
2. Bank Transfer payments – $17.50 CAD
3. All other payment methods – NO FEE

Payment Processing Fee will be visible in checkout in the final review of your order.

Printable Order Form

If you do not wish to process a transaction online or over the phone, you can download a printable order form from our website which is very easy to complete. Then purchase a (International) Money Order from any Bank and post it to us with the completed order form.

These must be made payable to ‘NASB’, in USD or CAD. If made out to any other name, the money order may be destroyed and result in your order not being processed.

Once we receive the (international) Money Order we will check that the payable amount is correct before processing the order.

Please remember to include delivery costs and any additional EXTRA SAFE shipping costs, as it can hold up your shipment.

Important Information

1. Orders must be paid for in full before any goods will be shipped.

2. You will be charged in CAD (Canadian Dollars).

3. Prices displayed in other currencies (for example USD, EUR, GBP, BTC) are approximate, as they are recalculated daily from CAD for your reference.

4. Due to currency conversion and rounding, the amount you see on the screen will usually be slightly different to the amount on your statement.

5. Customers are responsible for bank transfer charges.

6. Customers are responsible for Import Duty/Tax in their respective countries where applicable.

7. Please note, only one discount / coupon code applies per order.

Payment Issues

If you have any questions regarding payment please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.