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Bruce banner auto cannabis seeds

Bruce banner auto cannabis seeds

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It’s such a fan favourite we had to make an auto version for the you: Bruce Banner Auto!

Bruce Banner Auto maintains the pungent, strawberry, diesel, chem scents and tastes cherished from the original.

With the mostly Sativa genetics Bruce Banner Auto comes on fast with a mostly cerebral effect quickly allowing you to slip into a deep state of relaxation while staying alert and mindful.

Bruce Banner Auto, as you would expect with the name packs an extremely resinous, monstrous yield at up to 500g/m² indoor and around 100g/plant outdoor.

Additional Information

Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Sativa
Strain Genetics (Ghost OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel) x Auto Ghost OG
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 65-70 Days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month 10 Weeks from Sprout
Medical Conditions ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Nausea, Stress
Taste / Flavor Strawberry, Sweet
Effect Active, Cerebral, Uplifting
Plant Height Average
CBD Content potent Review by Gingenator


got about 3 oz dried per plant
grown in a 50 gal fabric pot
I am very pleased with the quality of the bud super frosty I will definitely grow this again
only issue I had is i grew 2 plants and one had so many seeds I’m talking like 5 seeds for every joint i rolled but it didnt affect the qualiy of the weed so not a big issue (Posted on 4/8/2022) Very impressed Review by Michael


This strain has been awesome. Very resilient to stress. The lower leaf density on the buds make it easy to trim. The plants are relatively small but the light gets to most of the flowers so the relative yield is high. I got 4 oz and 6 oz from the first two grows off of one plant. I’ve optimized the growing conditions now and the current grow looks the best yet. It’s also our preferred strain for potency.

Summary: easy to grow, good yield of colas as light penetrates well, potent, and much easier to trim. (Posted on 1/23/2022) Update. Review by James bean


After dry/cure of the other 3 Banners:
All were different phenos. Of the 4 total ladies 2 were indica leaning, 2 more evenly split hybrid buzz.
1 in particular had the trademark Bruce Banner flavour in Aces (1 of the hybrid).

Yield was great too with one producing just over 100g dried bud -from an auto at 79days!

All 4 are very potent enjoyable smokes and definitely deserving the Elite status. (Posted on 6/11/2021) Dont make Bruce get angry again Review by Morty


Grew another freebie given by a friend, totally different phenotype than the previous one i grew. grew longer by about 20 days and seems to have developed the kush side more. no strawberry smell, more of a deep earthy aroma. sugary trichomes. definitely gets you zooted. i like this strain (Posted on 4/19/2021) Big yield. Review by James bean


Sprout to harvest in 70 days but could’ve gone another 2 or 3 days.
Got 2.5 + oz dried. 2 gal pot in FFOF soil, GH nutes, 400w led. Harvest height was only 21” but she was LST all throughout.
Missing 70% of that trademark Bruce Banner taste but it’s still there. It is a very potent hybrid smoke leaning towards indica (I’d say 70/30).

Very happy. Have 3 more going into flower. (Posted on 3/21/2021) Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bruce Banner Review by BigDaddyCool 73


Grew some Bruce Banner this year. Outside in soil. 70 days from sprout to harvest (May 19- July 28). Harvested just over 2oz of quality dried and cured bud.

Once cured, I could smell the strawberry phenos. When I busted up the bud to roll a joint the smell of disel was deliciously pungent.

The buzz was spectacular. Excellent daytime sativa. Uplifting and euphoric. Much better than I expected from an auto.

Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

Delta9 Labs bred Bruce Banner III from an OG Kush and a Strawberry Diesel. Not only does this signify sky-high THC content up to 27%, it also guarantees a great flavour profile that maintains a unique diesel aroma mixed with sweet berry tones.

Grown indoors, Bruce Banner III can reach heights up to 150cm where she will reward you with 500-700g/m² of world-class bud. Outdoors, this 50% sativa 50% indica may stretch to heights of 210cm, churning out as much as 800g/plant. The strain’s flowering time is 8-10 weeks.

Potency is one of the top qualities of Bruce Banner III. For those on the search for the highest THC specimens around, you can rest assured your needs will be met, with some phenos clocking in at 27%. Needless to say, this makes for an incredibly powerful and fast-hitting smoke that may even overwhelm some of the more seasoned smokers out there, so better take it slow when you enjoy this lady.

Despite her crazy potency, Bruce Banner III is nicely balanced. She will start you out with a burst of happy euphoria, which will then turn into equally awesome relaxation. This makes the strain a good daytime smoke if you want a boost of creativity and inspiration. But thanks to her indica side, she also makes for a chilled-out session as well.

Bruce Banner III delivers a very satisfying experience that features the earthy notes of a Kush, accentuated by the diesel notes from Strawberry Diesel with a hint of berry on top. Rich, tasty, and mouthwatering, she’s a top choice even for spoiled cannabis connoisseurs!

Grower’s Choice brings us a stellar variant of the legendary Bruce Banner III phenotype that sure won’t disappoint. This lady delivers a potent smoke that is equally effective at night as she is during the day.

Bruce Banner Auto Feminised Seeds

Bruce Banner Auto is the auto-flowering version of the famous Bruce Banner strain. It is Sativa-dominant, high-yielding, and a veritable resin-producing factory, superb for making hash and extracts.

How Bruce Banner Auto Grows

Taller than the average auto, its height range is between 110 – 150 cm; Bruce Banner Auto has large shade leaves that sport thin fingers and several strong side-branches covered in bud sites at maturity. Its grow-cycle takes 10 – 11 weeks from germination to harvest; indoor yields are 450 – 600 gr/m2, while outdoors, each plant produces between 50 – 200 gr. Buds are a light green shade, but the swollen calyxes appear entirely white at the end of flowering due to the enormous quantity of resin they generate, ideal for makers of extracts and concentrates.

Bruce Banner Taste, Smell, and Effect

Taste notes of sweet berries and diesel fuel give a clue to its Bruce Banner provenance. THC content reaches 25% with less than 1% CBD, while the effect is powerfully uplifting, easing away stresses and worries yet highly functional and motivating. It is even recommended to help with pain management issues.