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Bog cannabis seeds

B.O.G. Seeds

B.O.G. Seeds is based in United States and has a product line containing over 17 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

B.O.G. Seeds was founded in 2000 by a group of cannabis lovers. At first the founders grew medicine cannabis for themselves, friends and family for many years. They even published the book “Bonanza of Green” in 2005.B.O.G. aka BushyOldGrower became popular due its helpful tips for cannabis cultivation and the full collection of all famous original strains. It was named “The Bubblegum Guru”.B.O.G. Seeds has success among smokers, indoor and outdoor grower thanks to reasonable price, high quality and big assortment. The company produces strains with good mold resistance, short flowering and heavy yields of top-quality buds even in humid regions. The strains successfully took many Cannabis and Med Cups. The famous B.O.G. Sour Bubble is the flagship variety specially for all kush fans. It won the 2008 Los Angeles Medical Cup. And the other outstanding Bogglegum strain took the 1st place Best Indica in the High Times San Francisco Med Cup in 2011.
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B.O.G. Seeds Strains and Seeds List

Sour Boggle is a new indica dominant creation in the B.O.G. Seeds collection. This plant has high THC levels and excellent mold resis..

SweetCindy is the cross between Sweet Tooth #3 and Cindy99 that was presented as “Cinnamon Girl”. The result indica dominant plant is..

Sour Bubble is a very unusual sweet variety that based on the delicious BOGBubble genetics. This is a very potent strain with high m..

Bogglegum is a pretty indica dominant plant. The unique BOGBubble and the famous Northern Lights #5 were crossed to creat it. The re..

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Sour LSD is an indica/sativa hybrid with well-balanced properties of the both genetics. Two potent strains the L.S.D. and the Sour Bu..

LifeSaver is a strong indica cross between JCB (Jacks Cleaner, Blueberry) and BOGBubble. The strain has great medical value as a me..

Blue Kush is the result of the crossing between BOG Blue Moon Rocks and BOG Sour Bubble. This is indica dominant plant with a smooth ..

Sour Grape is a mostly indica plant that based on the crossing between two fragrant strains – Grape Punch and Sour Bubble. The result..

Grape Punch is a special orange variation of a Bogglegum that was crossed with a LifeSaver to create it. The strain demonstrates ener..

Sour LifeSaver is the result of the crosing between LifeSaver and SourBubble. This is a mostlly indica plant with a high quality crop..

BOG Bubble is an indica dominant strain that based on the crossing between two famous varieties the Bubblegum and the Kush. The resul..

Sour Strawberry is one of the most fragrant strawberry strains. It is “must-have” variety for all cannabis gourmets. This is a well b..

Blue Moon Rocks is an indica dominant plant for Blueberry fans. This is the result of the combining of delicious BOGBubble and amazin..

Sweet & Sour Cindy is a unique indica dominant strain that based on the crossing between the Sweet Cindy and Sour Bubble from the..

Sour Dubble is a combination of two sour strains Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble. The result plant inherited the growth of Bubble and aro..

LifeStar is the result of the combining of a SensiStar and a LifeSaver from B.O.G. Seeds collection. This is a potent indica dominant..

L.S.D. is a mostly sativa plant that based on the legendary NYC Diesel genetics that was crossed with a LifeSaver. This unique strawb..

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B.O.G. Seeds

Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder B.O.G. Seeds. We’ve collected data about 18 Cannabis Strains breed by B.O.G. Seeds ( 3 of this strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 6.45 out of 10!) Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety – and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about B.O.G. Seeds. Its also possible to visualize all B.O.G. Seeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps – check it out!

18 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain
BOGBubble 48
Blue Kush 52
Blue Moon Rocks 53
Bogglegum 42
Grape Punch 48
L.S.D. 50
LifeSaver 48
Lifestar 50
Sour BluTooth 60
Sour Boggle 49
Sour Bubble 52
Sour Dubble 58
Sour Grape 55
Sour LSD 63
Sour LifeSaver 51
Sour Strawberry 55
SweetCindy 99 53
SweetCindy ‘05 49

Strain Map + Hybrids

Family Tree Map

More info about this breeder:

BushyOlderGrower lives in a cave somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Growing indoors for 30 years since before the invention of HID lighting. Known as the Bubblegum Guru because of the love for this sweet strain Bogglegum and Bogbubble are hardy bubblegum variations that have been selected for hardiness, yield and quality of the bud. Better than average yields with shorter than normal flowering times make these a good choice for both commercial and personal stash growers.


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B.O.G. Seeds

BOG Seeds is a Mom and Pop operation started in 2000. As High School Sweethearts we shared a love for the Cannabis. After our marriage in 1972 we spent many years growing medicine for ourselves, family and friends. In the 70’s we were one of the first to have an Indoor Grow. In 2005, we published a Book titled “Bonanza of Green” on Indoor Growing with continuous production.

When came online in 1999 Bushy Old Grower (BOG) was #12 in the sign up list. BOG made himself known by posting beautiful pics of Cannabis and by talking with others about helpful growing tips. BOG has been referred to as “The Bubblegum Guru” because of the presence of Bubblegum in all the Original Strains. Sold worldwide for many years now our reputation has grown due to the success of the strains in a variety of environments. Our reputation
of quality at a reasonable price has attracted both indoor and outdoor growers.

BOG Strains have competed successfully in many Cannabis and Med Cups. Sour Bubble is our Flagship strain for kush lovers. Sour Bubble won the 2008 Los Angeles Medical Cup, 1 st place overall! In 2011, Bogglegum was 1 st place Best Indica in the High Times San Francisco Med Cup!

Local NorCal Growers have proven our strains outdoors to be very hardy and mold resistant. BOG Strains finish early and produce copious yields of high quality outdoor medicine, even in moist areas.

We guarantee our seeds to your satisfaction and will replace any seeds that don’t perform as expected. The hardiness of BOG Seeds has been acknowledged by many fine growers worldwide!