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Blue rhino cannabis seeds

Blue rhino cannabis seeds

Acquires many of the qualities Blue , and even in advanced stages of flowering has shades from blue to magenta.

Color , aroma and flavor that will take to the woods . Sedative effect , medicinal use.

Blue Rhino takes on many of the qualities Blue , and even in advanced stages of flowering has shades from blue to magenta. These are plants that looks out of the ordinary, with a huge central bud . Not a huge issue because of its component and develop small amounts of leaves or foliage, although large . Minimum internodal distance and thick branches successfully bear the weight of large flower clusters .

Blue Rhino is the result of careful selection among hundreds of plants in a classical aging process ensures obtaining one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more experienced growers were demanding . By Blue genetics original female from British Columbia was selected for its unique properties that provide a flavor and aroma reminiscent between blueberry and currant. Regarding the genetic Rhino , known for its almost narcotic medicinal virtues , given its high content in CBD include the perfect hybrid between plants Afghan , Brazilian and Indian .

Its use is advised late in the day with clearly introspective .

SMELL : The Rhino varieties are very different from the Blue , yielding the fusion of the purest Indica aromas , definitely a scent that integrates the most delicious berries like blueberry and currant. A plant unusual .

TASTE : The merger of the two varieties produces a unique flavor that includes woods , spices and berries , without doubt one of the new flavors that will surprise you .

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EFFECT : Tremendously medicinal, relaxing and soothing for its high content in CBD . Recommended for recreational use free time used in chill -out environments.

Blue Rhino needs space to successfully develop its root system. In indoor cultivation in the flowering stage will not reach large dimensions. It is advisable to lower the temperature in the last two weeks of flowering , as this will influence Blue much more visible (color , aroma and flavor ) . In field crops with high exposure to the sun , Blue Rhino develops its full genetic potential , producing the biggest hearts of the whole garden. It is more desirable to our catalog for obtaining hashish , as Blue Rhino produces an enormous amount of trichomes of high quality with a bluish tint. Surprise !!

Blue Rhino strain

With the strength of a rhino, let yourself travel to a dreamlike world leaving you relaxed and peaceful.. This Indica is “Excellent for Pain” and has received a prize from the BESFES study. It is the result of meticulous selection from dozens of plants. A female native to British Colombia and recognised for its unique properties stimulating the senses with its Blue genes. From all the Rhino family, this strain is prized for its medicinal virtues, with an almost narcotic essence. This plant has a classic growth process that’s guaranteed to be one of the strongest and most exquisite hybrids. Typical of Blue lineage, in advanced stages of flowering it presents tonalities that range from blue to magenta. They are plants with an unusual appearance and an enormous central bud. It requires space in order to develop its root structure satisfactorily, with a minimum internodal distance up the stem and thick branches. It doesn’t reach large dimensions due to its indica component and develops a low quantity of leaves, although they are large in size. During the flowering stage and when grown indoors it won’t reach large dimensions. It is recommended to lower the room temperature to (15/18ºC) in the last two weeks to heighten the Blue influence in colour, aroma and flavour. In outdoor cultivation with high exposure to the sun, Blue Rhino will develop all of its genetic potential, producing the largest and bluest buds in any garden.

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Aroma: It’s a cocktail of the most pure Indica essences and the Rhino strain, with a more complex aroma than the Blue family. It has a fragrance that embodies the most delicious fruits of the forest such as blueberry and blackcurrant.

Flavour: Unique, including noble woods, spices and fruits of the forest, with earthy notes, flavours that are sure to surprise.