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Blue kross seeds

Blue Cross Gentian

Giving off a dramatic blue and cream bicolor effect, these compact, bushy, flowers grow to be 8- to 10-in. tall and have a 12- to 18-in. spread. In partial shade to full sun, Blue Cross Gentian is a hardy, bright, beautiful and easy-to-grow variety. It is also ideal for hummingbird and butterfly gardens! Zones 3-7.

Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country using the shipping timeframes outlined below. We continually monitor weather conditions for extreme hot or cold and adjust shipping schedules as needed. Due to hot weather conditions, we are unable to ship most plant items in July and August.

The type of product you order or the weather in our area to yours may affect the anticipated shipping schedule, shifting earlier or later, depending.

Trees and shrubs are kept in the nursery row until full dormant for optimum stress protection.

In all cases, we choose the fastest, most efficient way to send your orders via the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx. Large orders or large items may be shipped to you in multiple packages.

Sorry, we cannot ship products to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO or outside the contiguous United States. Please provide a street address as some products are unable to be delivered to Post Office boxes.

Blue kross seeds

This is the rare, green-throated white form of this lovely, totally hardy, late flowering plant which will improve in size over the years. . Learn More


Brilliant blue flowers open in large floppy clusters at the end of arching stems bearing willow-like leaves like its larger near namesake. This rarely-seen dwarf form is native to mountain meadows in Europe and western Asia, and is easy to grow in most garden situations as long as it has plenty of organic material added to the soil as it likes moist, rich, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. . Learn More

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This is the rare and very beautiful pink form of this late summer flower, with heavy, arching sprays of very late trumpet-shaped flowers appearing from July to October. It is an incredibly long-lived and totally trouble-free plant that everyone should grow, although it takes 2 or 3 years to really make an impressive sight, but is well worth the wait! . Learn More


Stunning late summer blooms from August until October when most other colour has gone. The choice bicoloured form. Aptly named with pure white-throated blue trumpets spaced up graceful arching srems. . Learn More


This is a large-flowered, short-stemmed gentian, very similar to G. acaulis, the two species differing on G. clusii in the absence of green stripes inside the corolla, and also by the shape of the corners between the petals which are more pointed. In addition, G. clusii prefers limestone areas whereas G. acaulis is usually found over silicaceous rocks. It grows mainly in the Pyrenees, Alps, Apennines, and the Carpathians. . Learn More


Plants form a low, bushy clump of large dark green leaves, bearing four-petalled, bright blue flowers that are held along arching stems, in late summer. These can make ideal edging plants for the border or woodland where they prefer a moist soil. Clumps may be easily divided in early spring and although many gentians are somewhat fussy plants, this species is so foolproof that any gardener will succeed with it. . Learn More


Tubular, deep purplish-blue tubular flowers with whitish throats open on low leafy foliage, very late in the year in August. This very easy-to-grow gentian works wonderfully well when tucked into crevices in stonewalls or nestled amongst other plants in the garden as it spreads wider than it is tall. . Learn More

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Exquisite kingfisher-blue flowers, more commonly with rounded points on the trumpet, face upwards on completely compact mats of foliage. Vaguely resembling Gentiana acaulis, this is one of the scarcest species in cultivation and quite a challenge to flower to perfection. . Learn More


A tough and hardy, back-of-rockery gentian, which puts up arching stems of purplish blue flowers from midsummer onward. It will tolerate some shade, but best given its own space with adequate light in good soil. . Learn More


Crawling, dark-leaved, rock clinging stems sprout deep blue trumpets unaffected by heat or drought here where it steals the show on our rock garden every summer, before dying down each autumn. . Learn More


Strong, noble spires of large, golden, star-like flowers open in late spring over clumps of large basal lily-like leaves. A superb gentian and one of the most magnificent, easy-to-grow, and long lived plants you can ever wish to grow. . Learn More


This semi-evergreen gentian has clusters of electric-blue flowers atop its upright stems, clad in dark-green, ovate leaves in late summer and early autumn. It prefers partial shade, although it will grow in full sun provided the soil remains moist, and is even good in containers or for adding late colour to a border. . Learn More