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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Pelican State.

From Mardi Gras to Southern cooking — Louisiana just got better by introducing medical marijuana.

However, cultivating cannabis seeds is still illegal. Therefore, you’ll need to look over your shoulder if you decide to grow weed seeds in the Pelican State.

Read along to discover the best online seed banks that ship to Louisiana, top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and an in-depth overview of cannabis laws in Louisiana.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of a few US states where nearly anything goes.

From outdoor drinking to topless celebrations during Mardi Gras — Louisiana still outlaws cultivating marijuana seeds at home. Cannabis laws in Louisiana can be confusing, which is why we’ve listed a summary of cannabis laws in Louisiana below:

  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • Recreational cannabis is illegal
  • Growing cannabis seeds from a seed bank are illegal
  • Small amounts of cannabis are decriminalized

Between decriminalization and medical marijuana — you can comfortably consume cannabis products in Louisiana as long as you stay within the legal limit. However, growing cannabis seeds at home is prohibited, which limits your ability to consume trustworthy cannabis.

Below, you’ll discover our favorite online seed banks, recommended seed strains to grow this season, grow tips, and the history of cannabis laws in Louisiana.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana

When it comes to growing marijuana seeds in Louisiana, you must consider a few essential aspects.

From when to germinate cannabis seeds to potential problems, you’ll have a better understanding of how to grow cannabis seeds in Louisiana once you’re done reading this section.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana

Louisiana is the very definition of the deep south.

In other words, Louisiana exhibits hot and humid temperatures that are nearly unbearable for those coming from drier locales. However, how does the climate of Louisiana fit into the picture of when to germinate weed seeds?

Well, the answer is simple — Louisiana’s warm climate enables cannabis cultivators to germinate marijuana seeds as early as March. However, we recommend sticking to a generalized growing schedule and planting your seeds by the middle of April.

However, if you buy autoflowering seeds, you can pull off multiple harvests within a single season by sprouting the seeds by March.

Alternatively, indoor cannabis cultivators can germinate marijuana seeds at any time due to the controlled environment.

As a word of warning — Louisiana exhibits high humidity levels, which poses a threat to seedlings. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on your marijuana seedlings for the first 10-days post-germination.

Louisiana is the very definition of the deep south.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana

Whether you grow cannabis seeds in Plantation Country or Greater New Orleans — there’s always the possibility of running into problems.

Here’s a list of problems that you may experience while growing marijuana seeds in Louisiana:

  • Law enforcement
  • Thieves
  • Inclement weather
  • Pests and diseases

As you can see — each of the issues poses a serious risk to your crop and your safety. Below, you’ll find each problem discussed in further detail.

Law Enforcement

If you have a cannabis garden at home, the last thing you want to see is the police strolling to your front door (or barging through it).

Therefore, your sole objective while growing cannabis seeds is to remain unseen. In other words, your cannabis garden, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, should remain out of sight at all times.

Furthermore, cannabis plants reek during the vegetative and flowering stages. Therefore, you must incorporate a carbon filter while growing marijuana seeds indoors.

If you grow cannabis seeds outdoors — make sure you plant similar-looking crops around your marijuana garden, such as tomatoes.

By doing these simple, yet, often forgotten methods, you can avoid the boys in blue during this year’s growing season.


Cannabis flowers fetch a high price on the black market in Louisiana, making thieves a severe problem for cannabis cultivators.

Not only is a stolen cannabis crop a disaster — but it also puts you in a potentially dangerous situation. Aside from you and your family’s personal safety, you can’t call the police — unless you’re willing to self-incriminate yourself on cannabis cultivation charges.

Therefore, you must follow the golden rule of cannabis cultivation: never tell anyone you grow weed.

By keeping your cannabis hobby to yourself, you’re less likely to run into any thieves in the night. However, you should always incorporate security measures, such as video surveillance, high fencing, motion-detecting lights, and home alarms while growing marijuana seeds at home.

Inclement Weather

From devastating hurricanes to suffocating humidity — Louisiana is well-known for its bad weather.

As a cannabis cultivator — you must be aware of hurricane season. Hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, is no joke.

For instance, Hurricane Katrina flooded most of New Orleans and resulted in over 1,800 deaths. Although this is a depressing statistic — it’s a part of Louisiana’s geography.

As you can imagine, cannabis crops can’t weather a devastating hurricane that makes landfall in the Pelican State.

Aside from horrific hurricanes, many cannabis seed strains can’t handle the high humidity in Louisiana. Therefore, you need to carefully select mold-resistant seed strains on an online seed bank to avoid dreaded outbreaks of powdery mildew.

As a cannabis cultivator — you must be aware of hurricane season which lasts from June to November.

Pests and Diseases

With so much humidity, it’s no wonder why Pests and diseases hound Louisiana’s agricultural crops.

From powdery mildew to bud rot, your cannabis plants are in danger if you fail to incorporate a solid IPM plan. The first layer of your IPM program should come in the form of organic pesticides and fungicides.

The second layer of your IPM plan should come in the form of pest and disease-resistant seed strains. Luckily, online seed banks feature filters where you can search for resilient seed strains for your local environment.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana

Now, let’s discuss our top-rated tips for growing cannabis seeds at home in Louisiana.

Whether you’re growing down in the bayou or an apartment in New Orleans — these tips will help you pull down ounce after ounce come harvest time.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Bank in Louisiana

First and foremost — always buy cannabis seeds from a trustworthy online seed bank.

Remember, you don’t want to throw your money away to a scam website or bogus seed strains. Therefore, finding a reputable seed bank is paramount when buying marijuana seeds in Louisiana.

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Seed banks are the gateway to thousands of verified seed strains, and it pays dividends to choose a high-ranking online seed bank. Once you’ve locked down the perfect online seed bank — make sure it ships to Louisiana!

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Louisiana

Next, you must buy cannabis seeds according to your local region in Louisiana.

Your goal must be to find mold-resistant seed strains due to the high humidity. Issues, such as bud rot, are prevalent in Louisiana, and it makes sense only to grow weed seeds that can handle the wet environment.

Find seeds that can withstand high-humidity environments.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least is to plan your cannabis garden.

Even if your marijuana seeds from a seed bank arrive earlier than expected — don’t germinate them until the indoor or outdoor garden is set up. From irrigation to grow light systems, ensure everything is ready for your incoming cannabis crop.

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Louisiana?

Now, let’s talk about the two different types of seed banks and which is the best option for residents in Louisiana.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Louisiana

Cannabis cultivation is illegal, which means germinating marijuana seeds is against the law.

Therefore, you’re unlikely to stumble upon a local seed bank while walking through New Orleans. However, you will come across medical marijuana dispensaries. Sadly, you will not find cannabis seeds for sale at local MMJ dispensaries in Louisiana.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Louisiana

The only way to buy cannabis seeds is from online seed banks that ship to Louisiana.

Here are our two favorite online seed banks that deliver to Louisiana-based addresses:

ILGM and MSNL Seed Bank offer thousands of top-shelf seed strains, from award winners to ultra-rare seed packs. Furthermore, ILGM and MSNL Seed Bank are among the world’s leading seed banks, thanks to their top-rated customer service.

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – High Quality Genetics. Shipping Worldwide.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Louisiana

Without further ado — here are three seed strains that’ll take your harvest to another level this year.

From trichome-drenched buds to star-studded effects, you’ll find nothing but top-shelf qualities when it comes to the seed strain below.

Skywalker OG Feminized Seed Strain

Nothing screams top-shelf like the Skywalker OG Feminized seed strain.

From ultra-dense buds to tangy and dank terpenes, the Skywalker OG seed strain is set to impress. Whether you’re a die-hard indica fan or not — the Skywalker OG seed strain is a must-try this year.

Overall, the Skywalker OG seed strain flowers within 8-weeks and presents a crazy-high yield that’ll make any grower happy. With a THC range that blows past 26% — you’ll feel one with the force for hours on end.

Last but not least, the Skywalker OG Feminized seed strain is mold-resistant, which is perfect for Louisiana’s humid climate. Whether you grow weed indoors or outdoors — the Skywalker OG seed strain is a top choice for this year’s grow.

Power Plant Fast-Flowering Seed Strain

Power Plant Fast Flowering

When you’re after ounces on top of ounces of top-shelf buds in a jiff — look no further than the Power Plant Fast-Flowering seed strain.

The Power Plant Fast-Flowering seed strain is one of the easiest varieties to grow — whether you grow indoors or outdoors. You’ll experience mind-blowing yields in as little as six weeks when growing the Power Plant Fast-Flowering seed strain.

Overall, we recommend the Power Plant Fast-Flowering seed strain when you’re pressed for time and need to get a heavy yield ASAP.

If you’re ready to transform your garden into a cannabis factory — grab a pack of Power Plant Fast-Flowering seeds today!

Purple Haze Feminized Seed Strain

If you’re ready to experience mind-blowing effects that last an eternity — look no further than the Purple Haze Feminized seed strain.

The Purple Haze Feminized seed strain is the legendary sativa-dominant hybrid that influenced Jimmy Hendrix’s Purple Haze. From energetic to trippy effects, you’ll never find a dull moment with the Purple Haze seed strain.

Overall, the Purple Haze seed strain is easy to grow and exhibits strong resistance to mold. Whether you grow the Purple Haze Feminized seed strain indoors or outdoors, you’ll find the canopy covered with purple-tinged buds glistening with trichomes in as little as 9-weeks.

The History of Cannabis in Louisiana

Louisiana is slowly but surely embracing progressive cannabis laws.

However, the road to legal medical marijuana was challenging — especially in Louisiana’s conservative-led government. Below, we’ll discuss the past and present cannabis laws in Louisiana.

Cannabis Laws in Louisiana

From cannabis prohibition to medical marijuana — Louisiana has joined the ranks of cannabis-friendly states in the USA.

Below, you’ll find historical accounts of past and present cannabis laws that continue to shape marijuana legislation in the Pelican State.

Louisiana Prohibits Cannabis

In 1924, Louisiana voted to outlaw all forms of cannabis in the state.

According to statistics, however, there were less than 50 cannabis-related convictions in the entire state in 1930. In other words, cannabis was not considered a major issue in the Pelican State.

Louisiana Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In 2015, the Governor signed HB 149 — a law that set the framework for legal medical marijuana in Louisiana.

However, it wasn’t until 2019 that the first legal medical marijuana sale occurred. Overall, medical marijuana patients can purchase weed products but cannot grow marijuana seeds at home.

Furthermore, only non-smokable cannabis products are legal under HB 149. However, a new bill, HB 391, was recently passed, which allows MMJ patients to consume cannabis flowers. Although HB 391 was passed — it will not go into effect until January 2022.

Medical marijuana patients can purchase weed products but cannot grow marijuana seeds at home.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana License in Louisiana

If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana — head over to Louisiana’s Board of Pharmacy.

Once there — register your account and begin the application process. Once approved — you’ll have access to any of Louisiana’s nine medical marijuana dispensaries.

Louisiana Decriminalizes Cannabis

Although it was long overdue — Louisiana finally decriminalized small amounts of cannabis.
In 2021, the Governor signed HB 652 — a bill that decriminalized small amounts of cannabis in Louisiana. The bill states that individuals caught with less than 14-grams of cannabis are subject to a $100 fine but no possibility of jail time.

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Although HB 652 isn’t genuinely decriminalization — it’s a far cry from the days of jail time for minor possession.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Louisiana

Overall, growing cannabis seeds is illegal in Louisiana.

However, possessing cannabis seeds isn’t necessarily illegal. Instead, the act of germinating marijuana seeds is prohibited. Therefore, ungerminated weed seeds are not believed to be illegal.

Furthermore, local seed banks are not permitted in Louisiana. However, once recreational cannabis comes to Louisiana — local seed banks may become a standard fixture in the Pelican State.

The Best California Dispensaries to Buy Cannabis Seeds & Clones

Growing your own cannabis is now legal in California under Proposition 64. If you happen to smoke often, consider gardening mandatory.

This simple but revolutionary act will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, provide a fun hobby, and give you access to rare cultivars that you can’t find at local dispensaries. Plus, watching cannabis grow is one of life’s pleasures, encouraging a more personal connection to the plant, and a deeper appreciation to your DIY supply.

California is the best place in the world to buy legal cannabis seeds — since 2018, they’ve been on sale in dozens of stores across the state. All you need is a valid I.D. showing you are 21 and over, and some cash. Here’s the best dispensaries in California to get your garden growing in 2019.

Start fantasizing about your backyard crop by browsing the menus, find the plants best suited to your needs at a dispensary near you, and begin planning your Spring garden now!

Best Southern California Seed & Clone Stores

Buds and Roses in Studio City, Los Angeles

With fresh drops from Dark Heart including fun, new strains like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Napali Pink, and Mirage, expect to find clones at this acclaimed L.A. dispensary along with about 20 seed varieties from Equilibrium Genetics, including several CBD-rich strains. Choose from Black Lemon Glue, Orange AC/DC, Cheese Lights and many more, ranging from $45 to $79 for a six-pack of seeds. Set a few plants out on your sunny patio to enjoy while you relax poolside!

BARC Beverly Alternative Relief, near Beverly Hills

Yo, the one percent needs good herb, too. Maybe it’ll chill them out a bit — make ‘em more magnanimous. Pop into clone outlet BARC near Beverly Hills to scoop up new clones from Dark Heart Nursery including Original Glue, CBD-rich Remedy, and the on-trend Black Jack at BARC this winter.

Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs

Desert dwellers south and east of Los Angeles can tap the power of the blazing sun to grow their own affordable supplies of CBD-rich cultivars from Equilibrium Genetics — in stock at Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs. CBD Glue Tide 1:1 takes the joy of Original Glue’s aroma and pairs it with the soothing effects of CBD. The strain Orange Romulawi promises a trippy mix of citrus, sedative Romulan, and energetic Malawi. As for “Lemon Wookie Glue”? That’s all you to discover.

805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo County

The weather and soil of San Luis Obispo County makes it an agricultural center for all kinds of produce, cannabis included. 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach is your connection to seeds from top-ranked California breeder Cali Connection. Cali Connection’s feminized Blue Dream Haze is so easy to grow, you can toss a few beans in your backyard, set it, and nearly forget it till harvest.

Don’t Want to Grow?

Leafly Finder Locates Top-Shelf Flowers Near You


Best Northern California Cannabis Seed Stores

Bloom Room in San Francisco

Tucked into an alley in downtown San Francisco, this tiny shop has a reputation for carrying boutique flowers that you can’t find anywhere else, and their seed selection is no different! Here you’ll find a dozen unheard-of varieties from Cult Classic Seeds, a Sonoma County breeder with novel genetics named American Girl, Ripple, and SmokeyMon, fairly priced at $100 for a ten-pack. Don’t leave without picking up an eighth of flower from Red Beard Farms or JAHnetics, you’ll be glad you did!

Berkeley Patients Group in Berkeley

This pioneering Berkeley dispensary stocks just a few seed varieties from Cali Connection, Crockett Family Farms, and TGA Seeds. Look for the CBD OG seeds if you’re interested in growing a CBD-rich variety, while TGA’s Vortex is a lovely award-winning sativa that would benefit from stretching out in a sunny backyard. Prices at BPG range from $80 for a five-pack of Vortex to $110 for 12 seeds of Crockett’s highly resinous Clifford cultivar.

Harborside in San Jose and Oakland

A robust genetics department stocked with seeds and clones has always been part of Harborside’s trailblazing business model, with knowledgeable staff available to assist with cultivation questions. Over a dozen Dark Heart clones were in stock recently, including Do-Si-Dos, Purple Punch, Sherbet and Blackjack. Look for seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, including favorites like Lemon Kush, Humboldt Headband and GS Cookies, priced at $110 for a 20-pack.

Bumper Crop: Grab Crockett seeds this year and vault to the front of the pack. (Courtesy Crockett Seeds)

Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata

It’s worth a road trip up to Humboldt to visit this genetics mecca, where you can choose from an overwhelming 200+ varieties of seeds from industry leaders like Humboldt Seed Company, TGA Genetics, Rebel Grown, Crockett Family Farms, and DNA Genetics, as well as rarities from local breeders like South Fork Seed Collective ,and NorStar Genetics. Look for old-school favorites like Cannalope Haze from DNA Genetics, Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection, and Jack’s Cleaner from TGA Genetics, who also offers five seeds for just $30, making it more affordable to mix and match a few different varieties. HPRC lists more seeds on Leafly than any other place in the world!

Satori Wellness in McKinleyville

With over 80 seed varieties in stock, Satori Wellness is a great spot to score genetics from Humboldt Seed Co., Crockett Family Farms, and Talking Trees Farms. Prices range from $50 for six seeds from Equilibrium, with 20-packs from Humboldt Seed Co. holding steady at $100, and a ten-pack of sought-after Melon Chunks from Dying Breed at $350. Commercial growers can stock up on 100 Pineapple Tsunami seeds for $399, enough to plant a field full of this CBD-rich cultivar. Small-scale growers can source enduring classics like Jack Herer, OG Kush and AK-47, which have become hard to find on dispensary shelves, and if you go on “Farmer Fridays,” you get 10% off seeds!

Santa Cruz Naturals in Aptos

Pick up fun flavors from Crockett Family Farms at this Aptos dispensary, including feminized varieties of hot new strains Cherry Poppins, Georgia Peach, and Slurpee Syrup, which are guaranteed to produce female plants, eliminating guesswork for growers. A six-pack of feminized seeds costs $125, compared to regular varieties of Banana Pie and Strawberry Fields priced at $115 for a 12-pack.

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CannaCruz in Santa Cruz

This bud boutique only stocks a few select seeds from Equilibrium Genetics, including classic cornerstone genetics like Northern Lights, which every grower should plant at least once in their lifetime. Smoking Northern Lights is like taking a time machine back to the 1990s, when kind bud was slowly spreading throughout the United States and grunge reigned supreme. Prices for six seeds range from $40 to $70, making it possible to pick more than one strain for your summer garden. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the Super Sour Orange, a cross of Super Sour Diesel and African Orange.

Mercy Wellness of Cotati

Another outpost for Equilibrium Genetics with almost 20 varieties in stock. Get your garden started at minimal cost by spending just $40 for six seeds of either Orange AC/DC, Dream Queen Glue, CBD Orange Tide, Lemon Wookie Glue, or Cookies Glue. For $70, choose from an interesting old-school Panama Red cultivar with 2:1 CBD ratio, or Nelson’s Ledges, a legendary strain from Ohio with a colorful backstory.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Los Angeles

Interested in growing your own marijuana plants? Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Los Angeles! Our dedicated and trusted growers provide us with the best cannabis seeds available on the market today. Lab tested for genetic quality, our fully feminized marijuana seeds may yield up to 15 ounces of usable marijuana per plant- wow! That means that not only is growing your own marijuana plants fun and educational, it’s also cost effective. Shop our online catalog of fully feminized marijuana seeds today, order through our secure network, and get your seeds delivered right to your door in as little as five days!

Disney Blue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

While this strain (and all cannabis) is definitely reserved for adults, Disney Blue is an enjoyable way to amp up some creative energy before experiencing some deeply relaxing effects.

Lethal Purple Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Best after experiencing the end of a long day, Lethal Purple delivers some spaced-out mental and physical effects, ending in deep relaxation.

Apollo 13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Apollo 13 will start a party in your brain with vivid colors, flashes of light, and a boost in focus and concentration. This sativa-dominant strain can combat ADHD and depression.

Kiwiskunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Fragrant and potent, Kiwiskunk marijuana impresses gardeners with its sturdy and resilient structure. Beginners to cannabis cultivation will appreciate adding this sweetly aromatic varietal to their theraputic grow efforts.

Honey Boo Boo Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As easy on the nose as it is in the garden, Honey Boo Boo marijuana is a moderately potent indica dominant hybrid that benefits every kind of consumer with delicious effect.

Purple Arrow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Turn to Purple Arrow Autoflowering marijuana seeds whenver you’re having a negative day and need a boost of euphoria. This indica-dominant hybrid can elevate a user’s mood, decrease stress and anxiety, and also help with insomnia and pain relief.

Khalifa Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Created by the rapper himself, Khalifa Kush is a daytime indica strain that leaves you happy and in the mood to socialize with others, whether it’s friends, coworkers, or even strangers.

Quin-N-Tonic Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Quin-N-Tonic marijuana may have a quirky name but its effects are anything but. The cannabinoid ratio in this hybrid is nearly balanced for a soothing effect that is medically beneficial for patients with ailments ranging from physical to mental.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Northern Light Genetics

Pure Love Autoflowering AK Autoflowering White Widow Autoflowering
THC Level 10% 19% 26%
Treats Depression, Pain, Stress Depression, Pain, Stress Depression, Pain, Stress
Flowering Time 50-60 days 55-65 days 50-60 days

Wondering How to Grow Marijuana Plants in Los Angeles?

Growing marijuana plants in Los Angeles has never been easier. Recreational users may grow up to six plants at a time, while medical card holders may grow up to twelve. Not sure how to get started? Check out our handy grow guides for tips on how to get your seeds germinating quickly. We’re so sure that you’ll have success growing with Pacific Seed Bank, we offer a 90% germination rate guarantee on all of our seeds! To learn more about the growing process, visit our educational section.

Legally Growing Weed Seeds in Los Angeles

We did it! Recreational marijuana is finally legal in the state of California, joining Oregon and Washington to make the west coast the best coast. While medical users have enjoyed the benefits of medical marijuana for a few decades, recreational users may now also possess and grow marijuana plants for their own use. Pacific Seed Bank is North America’s #1 source for fully feminized marijuana seeds. We offer a huge selection of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Kush, and CBD cannabis seeds. Hand-picked and shipped to you in contamination free glass vials, shop our online inventory today and get weed seeds delivered right to your door!

Best Marijuana Strains for Relaxation

Rat race got you stressed out? Is your day filled with traffic, deadlines, horrible bosses and sky high rent? Marijuana is known to offer many medicinal benefits, including sedation and pain managements, as well as offering calming effects to its users. Try one of these strains for maximum relaxation:

Did the 4/20 Holiday Start in California?

Another famous symbol of cannabis culture was born in the cannabis state (Southern California) in the ’70s. “4:20”, generally regarded as the stoner holiday, originated with a group of students as a code word for a time to meet and toke up (this was in the days before smartphones when we had to make plans ahead of time and hope that our friends showed up). The code was picked up by none other than local musicians and stoners The Grateful Dead. The Dead successfully spread the 4:20 magic around the country, along with their funky jams and laid-back west coast style.

In 1972, California became the first state to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. It was the beginning of a decades-long battle, and in 1996, California became the first state to successfully legalize medical cannabis for qualifying patients with the Compassionate Use Act. This was a huge first step towards mainstream acceptance of cannabis as medicine, and of acceptance into the mainstream culture in the U.S.