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Best humidity for germinating cannabis seeds reddit

Best humidity/temps for sprouting/seedlings?

I currently have my germinated seeds in a clone dome and they’re currently all pushing through the medium. A couple actually have tossed the shell and is opening up its first set of leaves. I’m confused on the ideal temp/humidity for this stage of the plants life cycle. The dome is currently around 85% and 80f. Any help is appreciated!!

Man, thank you!! Understanding that the plant doesn’t have a developed root system helps me so much! I for some reason cannot find info online, or the info I do find is widely different from one another. One page tells me 60% humidity while others say 85%.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge the germination/seedling stage is basically one stage together. Once all seedlings show their cotyledons I’ll switch the lights from 24/0 to 18/6. Following that once they grow the first set of serrated leaves I’ll begin feeding/watering the plants when dry with 20% runoff at seedling strength until there’s 3 sets of leaves; then I’ll begin veg.

Being my first grow and not a lot of info out there on the ph/feeding schedules on the medium I’m using (fox farm cocoloco) since it’s amended with worm castings, bat guano etc; I’m not to sure when I’ll need to add nutes or what the ph should be. I have so many questions it’s ridiculous

Germinating marijuana seeds

Hey everyone I’m having a little trouble with germinating my seeds. I balanced the ph levels in 2 6in rockwool cubes and they’ve been in a dome since the 19th and I don’t see a thing. I’ve got so many different opinions on light idk what to do so if anyone has a 95% germination rate please school me. Any help, much appreciated

UPDATE: woke up this morning and one them just shot up man it’s crazy because 8 hrs ago you couldn’t see shit. I’m happy and nervous. I don’t want to fuck this up lol

Paper towel damp not soaked in a plastic baggy folded over stick it in a kitchen cabinet leave door closed for 2 days and check back should be gtg don’t worry about ph for seeding.

Right on the money solid method, the paper towel will tell you if they sprout or not and once the do it easy to tare away and place as needed.

Same here. 100% easy. I put mine on top of my router for a bit of warmth.

I’ve done about 30 seeds. I use a small germination mat and sandwich the seeds between paper towels. I’ve had good luck around 85° F. For some reason I have not had good luck with germinating directly into the rockwool. I think it’s because they tend to germinate better in complete dark. Just paper towels in a tray covered in a magazine or something not heavy in order to block the light. Keeping them damp is enough, not saturated.

I don’t know anyone who has a 95% success rate. I don’t know if that’s possible. My personal rate was under 75%. Keep the seeds that do not germinate and let your supplier know. Don’t get upset with them and they will probably replace the seeds that didn’t take. In my experience a plant will let you know it wants to grow almost immediately. I’ve had them germinate in less than two days using this method. Also important to note is that I’ve had strong plants rarely take three weeks to germinate. My personal cutoff is one month before I count the seed as not viable.

Also, I don’t think pH is critical here unless you’re over 7 or under 5. The seedlings don’t require any outside nutrients for a while so I have just used tap water. But it’s good practice to monitor and won’t hurt anything.

I hope this helps. I’ve lost a lot of seeds to improper germination but this method gets good strong seedlings pretty quick. I definitely recommend trying different things to find what works best for you. My main point is if you keep them damp, dark, and warm they’ll crack within three days if they’re viable.

How crucial is heat during germination?

I’m germinating 5 afghan seeds in peat pellets in my grow tent completely in the dark. I have my apartment’s temperature set to 78 but my grow tents thermometer still says 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit. According to my research, seeds germinate in 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. How crucial is it for that 73.9 to be above 75? Also humidity level is 55%.

They will germinate just fine at those temps. There is no need btw to germinate them in the tent. Just germinate them in your app if youre so concerned about it or you can invest in some heated mats to put under your cups.

I did the paper towel method, and just put it on my ps4. A laptop would prob work as well. I think heat just speeds up the process.

The process goes faster if it’s warm, it’ll probably grow a fair bit faster in warmer temps too. I have a feeling mine was stunted because it was cold in my tent.

They will germ just fine. But if you can add a lil heat they will grow faster. Adding heat basically replicates the warmth the seed would feel if it was outside and the sun was shining on the spot its at. The warmth giving it a bit more energy to use to grow and if the spot is getting sun, a lil more incentive for it to sprout quickly before its overcrowded/taken by another plant.