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Barneys farm pineapple chunk cannabis seeds

Pineapple Chunk – Barney’s Farm

Pineapple Chunk from Barney’s Farm is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the clone-only variety Pineapple with UK Cheese/Skunk #1and combining the best features of these highly-prized genetics in one delicious package.

With heavy yields of rock-hard, rounded buds that glisten with resin and possess a deeply sweet, fruity and intoxicating aroma, Pineapple Chunk will not disappoint either growers or smokers.

The mouth-watering mix of tropical fruit and skunky flavours makes smoking this strain a real pleasure, and it’s pleasantly powerful high will leave you happy and physically relaxed but still semi-functional, without an overwhelmingly strong couch-lock effect.

Pineapple Chunk is a vigorous hybrid, growing quickly into a compact, medium height plants with thick stalks and plenty of strong side branches. The large, wide leaves are dark green, turning deep shades of magenta, purple and almost black with low temperatures at the end of flowering.

It’s a very easy plant to cultivate in organic, hydro or aeroponics and gives impressively high yields indoors, particularly in SOG (Sea of Green) setups. Outdoors and in greenhouses, Pineapple Chunk does very well indeed, making the most of the extra space to reach a greater size and producing bumper harvests to match.

Pineapple Chunk is very stable and has good resistance to pests and diseases, showing surprising strength against botrytis, despite it’s incredibly dense buds.

If you’re looking for great bag-appeal, awesome flavour and a top quality effect, Pineapple Chunk is a great choice for growers of all levels of experience.

Barney’s Farm Pineapple Chunk info:

  • Sex: Feminized
  • Genetics: Skunk # 1 x Pineapple x Cheese
  • THC: 25%
  • CBD: 1.1%
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: 650g per m2
  • Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September

We would like to remind our customers that cannabis seeds are not listed in the European Community catalogue. They are products intended for genetic conservation and collecting, in no case for cultivation. In some countries it is strictly forbidden to germinate cannabis seeds, other than those authorised by the European Union. We recommend our customers not to infringe the law in any way, we are not responsible for their use.

Barneys farm pineapple chunk cannabis seeds

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The crossing of our famous Pineapple with our Cheese & Skunk #1 strains has created this new extremely vigorous and stable plant.

This mold and disease resistant plant brings together the essence and flavors of these three outstanding strains.

The earthy Cheese & Skunk flavors are followed by a pineapple aftershock, giving this strain a delicious and unique taste.

This plant has a high yield, with a massive THC output, and enough CBD to give a powerful couch-lock effect.

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds from Barneys Farm Seeds

  • Type: Feminised
  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
  • Genetics: Pineapple x Skunk #1 x Cheese
  • Effect: Cerebral Energy, Gentle Euphoria, Reinvigorating Sensation, Creative
  • Indoor Yield (g): up to 600 gr/m²
  • Flowering Time (days): 55 – 60
  • Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: September
  • Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 3rd-4th week
  • Height (cm): 90/100cm
  • Height Indoor (cm): 100cm
  • Indica %: 80%
  • Sativa %: 20%
  • Medical: No
  • Taste: Sweet Pineapple, Cheesey, Pine
  • Aroma: Earthy, Cheesey, Pineapple
  • Resistance to Mold (5=Best): 3
  • Resistance Against Botrytis (5=Best): 3
  • Resistance to Powdery Mildew (5=Best): 4
  • Resistance to Spider Mite (5=Best): 3

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seed Stats

Breeder: Barneys Farm
Seed Type: Feminized
Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
Most Popular Seeds: Most Popular Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Period Type: 12/12 Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Strength: Super Strength
Yield: High
Indoor Height: Medium (81cm – 140cm)
Hardiness: Resistant to Disease
Strain Type: Hybrid, Asia-Central, Central America and Caribbean, South American
Medical Strains: Cerebral, Couch Lock, Creative, Euphoric, Uplifting
Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
Outdoor Harvest Time: The End of September
Smell/Taste: Cheese, Earthy, Fruity, Pineapple
Stock Availability: In Stock

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