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Which marijuana seed banks do you trust?

Hello everyone! At GWE we have a list of recommended seed banks, so we try to regularly poll all our users to see which companies/breeders you all are using!

So, for those who order cannabis seeds online, who do you recommend?

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Bonza, first time user, will come back. It was fast, easy, stealthy enough(not sure what qualifies anymore), tons of free seeds. And they offer more strains than I could grow.

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I used them once a few years ago, and also had a good experience and the seeds germinated well. Thanks for the tip! I’d love to hear other people’s experience with Bonza, too!

Update: Apparently several people have had problems with their customer service, more info here: rs-to-be-stuck

Hey Sam, they came in their signature seed pod, labeled and everything, see pic. I transferred them all to individual ziplock bags though with a printed fact sheet in the bag as well.

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Sensible Seeds. Was supposed to get 5 free top pick seeds and 5 premium for free. They sent me 10 premium seed. Discreet fast shipping to the west coast. At the time they weren’t taking credit cards.

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on an all things considered scale of 1-10, i’ve used/my rating. Seedsman 10/10, Nirvana 10/10, Cannapot 11/10, Bonza 5/10.


9fingerleafs , it’s because it was just a superior experience all the way around. for example, placed order about 3 a.m. on a sat night/sun morn and they had shipped by tuesday morning.

to contrast, my order from bonza spent more time sitting in one spot at HWDC than did the entire order, from start to finish, from cannapot.

and they were SO nice and friendly over email. and they emailed me (not the other way round) to tell me my order had shipped, included the tracking/shipping info., etc. so i gave them 11/10.

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I have used SeedSupreme a few times: they offer tracking without having to sign for package (something I couldn’t get on Seedsman), great customer service, great communication and selection.

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Wanted to use Nirvana or Seedsman but didn’t want to send cash or bitcoins (at checkout could not use a CC). Ordered from Southern Oregon Seeds, with a personal check. Ordered 5 seeds of NL feminized and got 3 free (cinderella99 feminized)). Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Did have some concerns about ordering within the USA and also had limited selection in stock.


If it helps, I’ve ordered several times from Nirvana with a debit card. Once they ask for a photo of my card with the numbers blacked/blocked out so I could prove I had the card in hand. Otherwise, never an issue.

Hey Stoney Tony, listen just some friendly advice about using a Debit Card — In most cases if a purchase goes bad you’re on the hook for it, with a cc you can usually dispute the transaction and get it canceled.

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I have used SeedSupreme and MSNL, I ended up using them because at the time they were the first 2 I found that took my credit card with no issues. Some of the others, at that time, were having problems with their cc systems and some you had to go through your bank and let them know it was your charge — I like easy –
No problem with either, but prefer Seed Supreme, nice little bags of seeds all labeled. Used cash with MSNL, one time pain in my ass but it finally went through.


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For delivery I like ILGM/Bergman ( just got my order in 13 days) and Nirvana for quality ( still waiting for my order ) , Seedsan quality good too but they have been out of seeds I ordered, takes 2 days to respond, 2 more days to confirm substitute reorder seeds, and takes a month or more to get here after that.

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True North seed bank and Crop King Seeds – both in Canada, so no borders to cross. Both excellent service. Bought twice from Crop King and I had mail delivery the same week I ordered. True North has more strains to offer tho’.


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Seedsman for the best variety. Their own seeds are pretty good too. Have used them multiple times. Three thumbs up! Nirvana looks really good, but usually order their strains through Seedsman. Nirvana has that credit card fee which they should seriously consider discontinuing.

I have never ordered from them, but from internet reports dutchseedshop should definitely be avoided.


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I have only used Nivana with no complaints other than their selection is not as extensive as others ( but good enough for me) and having no idea what their free mystery seeds may be. I just give them to a friend that lives on a large farm to grow outdoors. I have visions of them sweeping the floors at the end of the day and putting all seeds collected in the “mystery seed” bin!!

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I have used both Nirvana and True North. Product, customer service, shipping time etc. were a 10 for both suppliers. Only complaint about Nirvana, (not really their fault), is that I had a difficult time with their payment options and ended up sending cash through the mail. True North uses Paypal and payment was easy and quick. Using Nirvana required a 10 day wait period while the two post offices took forever to get my letter to Nirvana.

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