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Amnesia auto cannabis seeds

Auto Amnesia Haze strain

Our Auto Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds from Linda Seeds are second to none in terms of quality. We guarantee that! The Auto Amnesia Haze Strain grows into a large cannabis plant, unusually large for an autoflowering strain. Planted under good conditions, i.e. planted during the outdoor high season (sowing: end of May to mid June, harvesting: mid/end of August to early September) or indoor under 600W with 12 plants/m², Auto Amnesia Haze hemp seeds achieve sensational results regarding the quality of the final product.

Auto Amnesia Haze produces long, very resinous inflorescences that spread the typical “Haze scent”. The flowers are compact but not rock hard. The plants grow Sativa-dominant despite Ruderalis influence. They have narrow leaf fingers and grow between 80-150cm.

A pleasant high, good yield and fine taste make Auto Amnesia Haze

The yield is up to 150g/plant outdoor, indoor you can expect 550-600g/m². Auto Amnesia Haze produces a pleasant “high”, which is much more “bearable” due to the Ruderalis influence and, unlike the non-self-flowering Amnesia Haze, does not manifest itself as psychedelic. Nevertheless, Auto Amnesia is very potent and rich in THC, just easier to handle.

These Auto Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds take about 85 days from germination to harvest. Please be careful with the fertilizer and use only minimal doses of PK13/14, Auto Amnesia Haze works very well with little fertilizer. Our strain offers you the opportunity to grow high quality sativa weed in cooler regions outdoors. Indoor growers will be most interested in the shorter flowering time of this sativa plant compared to the original Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Auto Feminised Seeds

Amnesia Auto is one of the most potent auto-flowering strains today. It is a cross of Amnesia Haze with ruderalis genetics to create a cerebrally psychoactive marijuana strain.

How Amnesia Auto Grows

Amnesia Auto will grow and mature in 12 weeks or less from germination to harvest. Its structure is very similar to the full-size Amnesia with the familiar Christmas tree pattern having multiple branches all covered in frosty buds. Yields are fairly generous at up to 110 gr per plant.

Amnesia Auto Taste, Smell, and Effect

Auto Amnesia has a distinctive aroma with an earthy pungency married to a Haze-y spiciness. The effect leaves little to be desired when compared with its full-sized relative with a soaring, cerebral feeling set to take you on quite a journey. Hold on tight for a thrilling ride, that, despite the name, you’ll never forget!