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Afghani lemon seeds


Afghan Lemon is a highly refined and stabilized phenotype of Balkh Hashplant. This legendary Afghan landrace has been used for hundreds of years for making exceptional hashish. The Balkh province is home to some of the best sieved hashish in the world such as the famous “Milk of Mazar” and the “Old Golden One”. Afghan Lemon is therefore the cream of the crop and one of the best hash plants in the world!

In 2019 the Khalifa team found an outstanding lemon phenotype in the heirloom Balkh genetics. It was frostier than most and had an incredible flavor profile, which is why they stabilized this unique phenotype to turn it into a true breeding strain.

Afghan Lemon is a true Afghanica which produces bushy plants with incredibly sturdy stems that never require support and are wind proof. This fruity IBL is robust and beginner-friendly. It can thrive with minimal care and doesn’t stretch much. Outdoors a relatively dry climate during the end of flowering is best. The plants can withstand heat and cold spells, but heavy rains should be avoided towards harvest. The buds are dense and heavy, with great bag appeal. As with most Afghan cultivars, good indoor airflow is essential to prevent mold. Topping your plants once also helps in growing less dense colas that are easy to care for. The plants can develop attractive dark red shades towards the end of flowering.

Afghan Lemon consistently produces flavorful lemon-scented plants. When touching the flowers, the resin on your fingers leaves a strong lemon and hash smell that lingers for several minutes. The taste is also a delicious blend of lemon and old school hashish. Unlike most lemony hybrids, Afghan Lemon’s aroma is fresh and natural. It is very different from the candy/lemon cleaner scent that many California strains have.

This pure Indica has a super smooth smoke that quickly brings about a strong body stone. Although it is potent and long-lasting, the effect isn’t overwhelmingly narcotic but pleasant and relaxing. An ideal herb for lazy afternoons and the evening. Afghan Lemon has great medical potential and is an excellent choice for making concentrates.

Afghani #1 Feminised Seeds

Afghani #1 feminised gives growers the opportunity to grow a classic indica hash plant without the fear of unwanted male plants in the grow room. Robust, fast to flower and highly resinous this strain has been bred from the finest Afghan hash plants which were adapted to high-altitude, mountain climates to produce masses of THC-bearing resin in a short season.

Afghani #1 grows very strong, medium-sized plants that require quite a long vegetative growth period to reach their full yield potential, 8 – 10 weeks is ideal. Once flowering is initiated these plants will approximately double in height. If shorter plants are required then a shorter veg. will give plants about 1 metre tall. Foliage is profuse with dark-green broad leaves. Topping can increase yields but growers are warned that this will add considerably to the time allowed for vegetative growth as the plant needs a few weeks recovery time with renewed growth taking place.

Flowering lasts for 7 – 9 weeks and these plants tend to produce a single large stem whose bud sites join up to form one very large, contiguous central cola. Plants grown outdoors should be finished by the end of September in the northern hemisphere. Calyx development is prolific and, as the plant matures, they become incredibly dense and hard with resin. A notable feature of this strain is that there is much less loss of weight and volume when dried than with many other cannabis strains – a sign of heavy resin production. Trichomes cover the outside of the buds forming a sticky layer that betrays this strains origins as a hash-producing plant. Tapping the dried buds gently will create a cascade of resin particles, the raw material for hashish production.

The prevalent flavour of Afghani #1 is of resin with notes of sweet, earthy, incense-like spiciness. The primary effect is of powerful body sensations, relaxing and sensual in the extreme as well as very long-lasting. Less experienced smokers might find it somewhat debilitating and overly soporific those who are more experienced will love the sheer power of the high. It has been shown to be a great appetite stimulant (the munchies) it is also good for general relaxation for those suffering from stress as well as providing a natural solution for sleeping problems.

Most modern indoor strains owe their fast-flowering and short-stature to Afghani plants such as this. Why not go straight to source and find out for yourself what a pure indica strain is like. Get yours from Seedsman today.