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Abusive og cannabis seeds for sale

Abusive OG Cannabis Seeds

Abusive OG is one of the cuts that were close to the original strain being more Sativa dominate . The clear headed nature of the Abusive OG strain hints to its Sativa dominance but don’t let this fool you. OG Kush was labeled as a Kush for a reason and not just to confuse you. It’s to resemble its potency and ability to knock out the patient just like a Kush . The strong clear headed effect uplifts the patient in a state of euphoria seems to make you forget your pain instead of the intense body effect you get from a heavy Indica . That’s why moderation with Abusive OG strain is suggested because one hit will make you happy; the next will put you to bed. Patients love this strain for its classic lemon pine taste and smell along with its award winning effects. The true version of Abusive OG strain is only in clone form and produces low yields. If you find one that has different results more than likely it was a cross, as the original Abusive OG strain is a low yielding plant and was crossed with other Indica s and Sativa s to obtain bigger yields.

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Clear Headed
Knock out

Abusive OG Cannabis seeds

We do not stock or ship original Clone Only Strains seeds worldwide and we don’t guarantee secure shopping, discrete stealth and crush-proof shipping and quick delivery. All seeds that we don’t sell online are hand picked and guaranteed from the original breeder including the original packaging. Germination rate is regularly tested and well over 90%

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Below are the genetic characteristics and information about the Abusive OG Marijuana Strain from Clone Only Strains. If you are looking to buy bulk seeds, or have any questions or remarks about Clone Only Strains seeds, please contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

If the “buy now” button does not appear, it means this particular strain is not in stock. Before you purchase Clone Only Strains seeds, check the crucial characteristics of Abusive OG from Clone Only Strains below. Scroll down to check related cannabis seeds that we have on stock.

Seedbank: Clone Only Strains Average flowering time: mostly indica Category: indoor, outdoor, Flowering details: N/A Feminized: Abusive OG, unknown,Available as clone only. Origin: OG Kush x