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2pak seeds

Feminized Blueberry Seeds 2 Pack

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2 Pack Re-Fill- Organic Sunflower Seeds and Soil

For those of you who want the convenience of having potting mix and seeds for 2 crops of organic sunflower shoots delivered right to your door, we offer this re-plant kit, with the adding benefit of savings due to lower shipping costs.
While we still encourage you to buy organic potting mix locally, to save on shipping expenses, this re-plant kit offers convenience for those who do not have a local source for these essential products.

Timeless Seeds Black Butte Chickpeas – 16 oz (2-pack)

These very special chickpeas are unique to Timeless and are an extremely versatile product with a delicate aroma and subtle flavor profile.

And did we say nutritious? Oh my! Timeless’s latest nutrition testing gave these results: low fat, no cholesterol, extremely low sodium and low natural sugar, and – a real protein punch, with an added kick of iron and potassium. Can you say healthful eating? An ideal plant-forward protein for any meal.

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When you buy our beautiful Black Butte Chickpeas, you will occasionally find what looks like a white seed. Look closely, that’s actually a chickpea that has cracked open; the inside is creamy white.

Black Butte Chickpeas™ is a trademark of Timeless Seeds, Inc.