How to clean a weed grinder

First Time Cleaning

Before using it for the first time, it is a good idea to clean your weed grinder. Start out by unscrewing each of the 4 pcs and inspecting them. Sometimes there could be small flakes of material left from the manufacturing process or from the screen edges. Wipe the grinder down with a little isopropyl alcohol and use a q-tip if needed to get into the grooves. It is now ready to use.

Cleaning After Use

Frequent cleaning isn’t necessary, but if the kief clogs the screen or makes the weed grinder difficult to turn you may want to clean it. Before cleaning, you will want to collect as much kief as possible. A trick for this is to place a piece of paper on a table and tap each piece of the grinder on the paper thus shaking off the kief. If there is a lot of buildup, you can place the grinder in the freezer for 15-20min prior to this as it will help loosen it up.

Once the bulk of the kief has been collected, use a toothpick or fine tipped object to remove as much as you can from the grooves. You can try flicking the screen with your index finger, but be careful not to dent or damage it. Finally, wipe the grinder down with ISO alcohol and use a q-tip to get in the grooves.

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  1. df says:

    just a suggestion on cleaning. i’ve found a small plastic bristle paint brush (like the ones you get from those cheap water coloring sets) to be an excellent way to fully and thoroughly clean your grinder.

    • Michele says:

      I clean the brushes from old tubes of mascara. Those get the kief out of the threads of the grinder really well. Re-use/recycle, y’all :D

      • Ruby says:

        That’s a good idea.ty

      • Denis says:

        We’ve had some interest in a wjteraet, especially from some of the companies we are sharing the space with and I personally would totally love to get one. It’s all about the capital investment though. If we can find a way to finance it, we’ll absolutely go for it! Let us know if you have any ideas.

    • Connoisseur of Cannabinoids says:

      The brushes used for applying color to hair are made with nylon bristles and are available in many sizes. They work great for brushing kief from final chamber. Brushes used to clean coffee grinders are similar but usually under one inch wide. I use a 1.5 inch for most jobs and a 0.75 inch wide (both flat) for details. For scrubbing, I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with a solution of 71% isopropyl alcohol on each piece.
      OBLIGATORY CAUTION: isopropyl alchohol is very flammable! Ensure there is appropriate airflow. Do not smoke while using isopropyl alcohol. Do not use near any open flame, vapors may ignite if a flame is present!!!
      If using a ultrasonic cleaner, be sure the outside has been wiped down thoroughly with alchohol to prevent oils from hands and other contaminants! After the ultrasonic cleaning I use a small nylon scrub brush (from home improvement store) with 90% alchohol as a solvent and rinse. I collect and save all alchohol used. After filtering through a coffee filter to remove large particles (trichromes disolve rapidly in alcohol.) It will be thick with trichromes after alowing to evaporate in an area with good circulation (covered with tripple layer cheesecloth.) The result will be a thick, gooey residue that can be added to an appropriate base, such as butter or oil, to cook with. This residue is very similar to Rick Simpson Oil, minus the decarboxilation step where heat is added. In this situation, the heat is added when it is cooked. The grinder will air dry. Be sure to rinse the screen to remove any trichrome residue. If it is not rinsed appropriately, it will become clogged again quickly.
      Be smart, be safe and have fun!
      ~ZZW, 2015

  2. smok3y says:

    Alternative cleaning method: For heavily used grinders :)
    1. Take glass container and fill it with just enough alcohol to submerge the largest part of your grinder of choice (I used a sharpstone).
    2. With the grinder fully dismantled take each piece and soak each grinder tier individually, give each one a gentle shake and stir. *(soaking too long, or shaking to hard will ruin the finish of the grinder, and contaminate the finished product.)
    **3. After each tier has been cleaned, your glass should be filled with a dingy green solution, pour the good stuff onto a glass dish. *(This expands the surface area to cause quicker evaporation).
    4. Once all the alcohol has evaporated you will be left with the kief and potent resin that once inhabited every nook and cranny of your grinder. Enjoy.
    **To speed up the evaporation step: Take a separate glass dish, fill it with steaming hot water, and set the glass with alcohol mixture in it on top.

    • momthtsmks says:

      Thanks for the cleaning tips! just cleaned my SpaceCase for the first time since I got it years ago & after the results I got i’m annoyed with myself for not doing it sooner lol

      • Wywyk says:

        far I’ve used it in several rcpeeis including a lighted-up cran-apple pie, made brown sugara0and even enlisted my daughter’s help to make some festive lightened-up gingerbread cookies

    • LadyT says:

      i cannot believe how much kief was stuck in my little grinder! thanks so much for the cleaning tips! Got a nice little stash from it now

    • Anonymous says:

      So question, how long is long enough to soak, and what is the good stuff you’re talking about? The dingy green solution?

    • Thedablord says:

      That’s probabky the stupidest most hurtin thing you possibly could do that’s fucking disgusting. Why ever use alcohol or Any other kind of solvent to clean keif from your grinder when you can just scrape it with a brush way faster and easier and without having to worry about health issues or your keif bursting into flames.

    • anon says:

      what if its a plastic grinder? its one of them cheap ones with the magnet in it

  3. mr_g74 says:

    I find cleaning them quite easy.

    1. Use a decent detergent, normally used for cleaning floors….Obviously diluted a bit, strip grinder and submerge overnight.

    2. In the morning, take it out and using a pipe cleaner, just give a gentle rub.

    3. Wash the grinder out and dry.

    4. Grind more weed up, skin up & toke away. Or just use a vapouriser for added bollox’dness.

  4. Buddha says:

    Listen to smok3y, this is how you economically get stoned. why waste what can be smoke by simply washing it and dumping it down the drain?

  5. O Yea says:

    What about the alcohol, does it affect the kief? i mean it was soaked in the stuff for 10s of minuets. It seems very clever, and if its safe im doing it now. But having my kief soaked in alcohol to me sounds dangerous. Do you know if a tiny bit of grease gets on your cigarette it can kill you instantly and if not it will give you brain damage. That’s effed up. So I’m not so sure about the alcohol soak. Please someone prove me wrong and show me that it disappears completely off my smokies…

    • KushDankyDank says:

      Lots of people use alcohol to make oil. It shouldn’t affect the keif

    • Alfonso says:

      It’s definitely worth smntehiog, even in beat-up shape. If it’s in great shape, it’s worth more. You might suggest he get in touch with us; we’d be glad to start him on the road of finding a buyer. That’s if he wants to sell.

    • Connoisseur of Cannabinoids says:

      Having smoked cigarettes while doing vehicle maintenance, I have never died and I have gotten everything from motor oil, bearing grease even PB Blaster (nasty solvent) on cigs and worst that happened was a coughing fit. True, it may affect me later in life but more dangerous to my health than that is Monsanto’s roundup that decimates ecosystems and leaches into well water which I was, and still am, exposed to involuntarily.

  6. MASSHOLE says:

    O Yea:

    THC is soluble in alcohol which is why it’s used to clean the grinder. Alcohol evaporates much faster than water. Leaving it out to let dry on a dish evaporates all of the alcohol leaving the THC behind. As long as you leave it out long enough so that the dish is dry, you’ll be fine. Hash is commonly made this way and I’ve never heard of anyone dying instantly or having brain damage.

  7. Common Sense says:

    O Yea- You cant die from getting a little grease on your cigarette and inhaling the smoke. If this were the case there would be a ton of dead mechanics all over the place and warnings everywhere about this problem.

    Dont believe everything you hear.

    Masshole has the gist about safety with the alcohol method

    • URNZVAY says:

      There is grease that GM makes for a recall involving the hazard warning switch on the 99 blazer. it comes with rubber gloves and a HUGE Warning that you will DIE if you Smoke Around or when applying that GREASE! I am a Technician and Yes You Can Die From certain kinds Grease especially if you are smoking! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS KNOW THE PRODUCT YOU ARE USING. DO NOT ASSUME. IT COULD COST YOU YOUR LIFE.

  8. timbo says:

    Get some certified super pure food grade ethyl alcohol if impurities is your concern. It ain’t cheap and not easy to find though. Cheaper, but not as pure and not sure how good it works: EverClear 190.

  9. WhiteNigger says:

    smoke that shit. soak it in iso for 45 seconds shake it good, dump it out on a plate, let it evaporate. NOM.

  10. thebunk says:

    just done the alcohol method, used surgical spirit, 95% proof….i have keif, and a yellow residue everywhere, it still stinks of surgical spirit, its been about 24hrs….any hints or clues? have a messed it up by using wrong stuff? no patient enough? i’ve done the steaming boiling water a couple of times…..many thanks everyone! hope its smokable soon :)

  11. Biohazard says:

    thebunk – you don’t need to go crazy, don’t over think it. Just simple 91-99% isopropyl alcohol is all you need. If you feel it isn’t really drying as quickly as you would like take the solution outside pour it onto a baking sheet – glass preferably and put a fan near it on a low setting – after it has dried there should be nothing but green “grease” looking stuff on your sheet – scrape that off and enjoy.

  12. This Guy says:

    im using an electric coffee grinder. how to clean?

  13. disjuan says:

    Im using electric coffee grinder too, need to know efficient method of cleaning and collecting!

  14. smogglet says:

    lol just get a toothpick pick all the resin weed etc etc out of it and then smoke it and wen ive picked all the stuff with a toothpick i use a old toothbrush and scrub it under some warm water and leave to dry for 30 mins or use a hairdryer if i need 2 use it quickly again :)

  15. PotBot says:

    Alcohol method is great for cleaning pieces as well. If you are finding the alcohol is taking too long, here is something I have done several times. Put your oven on WARM or the lowest setting on the knob, just above off. When its warmed up (NOT HOT!!) you can place the glass dish with the alcohol (90% or higher, less will take longer as it has a higher water content) and keif solution on the middle shelf of the oven. Leave the oven open just a tad so that the vapor can escape. Depending on how much alcohol was on the plate, you have just cut the trying time to 1/10 as long as it might have taken at room temperature. Be aware that alcohol is EXTREMELY flammable at higher concentrations, so it is important to exercise caution when doing this. I am a chef, so I do lots of cooking with these materials and know the dangers involved. As long as you keep it warm and not hot it should be fine.

    • Michele says:

      Ugh, please don’t do this. Too much of a chance for things going horribly wrong. You don’t want to set your house on fire. (or worse, your parents house) The ISO will evaporate fairly quickly, good things come to those who wait…:D

      • paulios says:

        He said ‘as long as you keep it WARM and not HOT’!
        That makes it low to zero risk of anything going wrong.
        I’ve done it that way for years and I’ve never started a fire or blown anything up! Lol.

    • Miezko says:

      How long would you soak your other pieces for?

  16. Crack baby from the 80's says:

    I just use a tooth brush and warm water and with the screen i just scrape it off with the scraper and run under water warm

  17. toby cojonas says:

    i want all my kief to be smokable, i haven’t yet touched my grinder, but i’m thinking of using a very small peice of wool, i’ve also tried using fine threads to poke the kief out of the screen. my screen is caked so if anyone knows of some type of mesh screen scrubber, let me know

    • Michele says:

      A baby’s toothbrush should do the trick. You might have to dip the brush in ISO to work out the clogs. Be gentle.

    • thenugshark says:

      i found out if you use a pin and scrape it along the kief catcher then it will brush it all out( i took more time and took an embroidery needle, just because they’re thicker than sewing needles, broke it in half, kept the sharp end, then i heated a thumb tack and pulled the prong out of there cause i found it was short, heated the pin i broke then slowly used the hot pin to melt its way back into the thumb tack handle) i find it works perfectly

  18. frank says:

    if you just soak each piece for about a minute each in some isopropyl alcohol and then use a tooth brush when its still wet all the caked keif and tar will come off extremely easily, just did it and got my grinder looking like new in about 15 minutes

  19. you rolder bro says:

    dude you can do just what I do to clean my screen. Take a straw and light the bottom of the screen and it will burn the kief, then as you are doing this use the straw to suck up the smoke you clean it and get high at the same time. ONE<3Love

  20. this weed is make me high says:

    gonna get some isopropol next time im at the store. would using a double boiler (two pots placed on top of each other, used for melting chocolate) speed up the evaporation process.

    • Michele says:

      Please don’t do that, ISO will evaporate quickly, why risk 3rd degree burns, or a house fire?

      Isopropyl alcohol vapor is denser than air and is flammable with a combustible range between 2 and 12.7% in air. It should be kept away from heat and open flame. Isopropyl alcohol has also been reported to form peroxides, which may explode upon concentration. Isopropyl alcohol is a skin irritant.

      • jombus says:

        This is not recommended if the cooker or heat source is still hot! I have a gas cooker so no way in hell am I putting high volumes of extremely flammable liquid near an open flame lol. I get around this by heating up a grill pan or skillet on the cooker, then turn the flame and gas off and set my pyrex dish with the iso onto the skillet thus heating the alcohol, making it evaporate quicker. At no point though are the alcohol or flame within the same space. Usually the iso in the pyrex is upstairs. REMEMBER! THe iso emits fumes like petrol that can ignite. But if you do this sensibly it is perfectly safe. To test the final product hold a flame to it very briefly, and if it ignites it still contains residue of the alcohol and needs to be heated further. But remember the cannabanoids burn and deteriorate at much lower temps than you would think. Doing this properly requires research and knowledge if you wana do it right and get a first rate product.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Def follow smok3y’s post above… i just did it and i could’ve sworn i got all the kief i could get by picking at it with a bamboo skewer, but when i soaked all the pieces of my almost clean grinder, i got some of the most potent stuff on a pyrex plate right now – a better high than most times i’ve smoked regularly.

    Thanks and nice post smok3y! :D

  22. Eddie says:

    TheBunk, your using 95 proof alcohol for drinking that is 45% alcohol! I believe they are talking about isopropyl alcohol which is 91%-95% alcohol. If your going to go it with a alcoholic beverage i think everclear would be the one to use because it is 190 proof or 95% alcohol.

    So that vodca you made yours with wont evaporate nearly as fast as what these guys are talkin about cuz it has half as much alcohol. I hope your batch works out alright.

    • Charlie says:

      This electric gdnirer is much easier on the hands, gets any desired texture in less than a minute, and i grind a little over 2oz of herbs before i need a battery change. So in´╗┐ the long run, i would say the electric is better than the manual gdnirers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a chance, coffee grinders are awful, they literally strip all the lied from the bud, like all of it and they throw it up on the inside of the lid. It’s a waste t use them unless you are making hash only and not smoking

  23. april says:

    Alcohol method works great and u can do the same thing with any sort of pipe too. To evaporate the alcohol just putit on a flat bottom glass plate in a room and light it on fire. As long as there’s no wind and nothing extremely flammable near u the fire will contain itself to the plate…it takes a few minutes but u will be left with a plate full of resin. Just use a razorblade to scrape it off and smoke it. Make sure u rinse out ur grinder/pipe with hot water before u use it again or it will taste like crap. I do this all the time when I’m desperate to smoke :)

    • Bicycle says:

      Meat grinder was a gift for my faehtr. He said it was easy to use and works great for making ham salad. For simple grinding it gets the job done. Its seems well made for the price and was fairly easy to clean.

  24. april says:

    Ohyeah u have to use 90% isopropyl alcohol or higher or the resin will still be wet and the filler in the alcohol wont burn off

  25. Luke says:

    About the soaking in alcohol and evaporation method. Would it be possible to soak in tequila or mescal or something and then drink the kief/alcohol combo? I just tried a THC tincture today it is fun stuff but I am not sure how its made.

    • Connoisseur of Cannabinoids says:

      Yes, but only if you decarboxylate your herb first. When you smoke or vaporize this occurs as heat is applied. For edibles (not baked) and tinctures, the decarboxylation requires an additional step. Baking also adds heat so there is no extra step when cooking.

  26. prince says:

    does the alcahol method work with the plastic grinder that comes with the volcano

  27. matt says:

    i like to put a dime in my chamber and shake it every once in a while to get my kief through the screen

  28. YourboyBlue says:

    I usually soak my glass pieces overnight in Iso, I figured this would work, doing the evaporation method right now…but damn if it didn’t clean my grinder to the way it looked when I first bought it…lol…very good thread…

  29. purls says:

    Hey it’s been a while since I had any chemistry, but I’m pretty sure Isopropanol is pioson at the levels you’d be exposed to if you use it as a solvent for something you later smoke. It’s fine for cleaning, but you’d be well advised NOT to smoke the leftovers. A much safer alternative is Ethanol (grain alcohol). Won’t work quite as quickly, but it is safe to smoke afterwards. Also, my grinder cleans up real nice in the dishwasher.

  30. Pananakot says:

    purls: We’re talking about Isopropyl alcohol, not Isopropanol. LTR

  31. somephuc says:

    As far as the screen and loose Keef on the rest of the grinder, i usually just clean off a spot on a smooth hard surface, (i.e. wood table, counter top etc.) and slam each peace (both sides if applicable) on it. then i take a business card or rolling paper package and scrape it up off the table! Never quite figured out how to get the caked on “hash” from the teeth without scraping some of the aluminum off with it.

  32. McBuddin says:

    WOW… Why are you using alcohol in the first place? The way I do it: I keep a dime on the screen in the grinder so all of the kief sticks to it. Then i get tweezers and simply put the dime in my bowl and toke. If you’re careful, you can tilt the grinder so the dime slides around and collects the kief. Just don’t knock it off the walls or the kief will fall off. This will be the best “dime” you ever smoke. Haha… get it? Cuz I’m referring to a dime-bag. Ahhh… i make myself cachinnate.

    And thats not the only reason I use the dime. It can be used to tap off excess kief stuck in the screen without getting your natural body oil from your fingers onto the screen. Thats no good, because it makes the kief stuck to the screen and your fingers. This is done by simply shaking your grinder while the dime is resting ontop of the screen after done grinding your reefer.

  33. murphy0017 says:

    alcohol and sea salt. equal amounts in a baggie. throw parts in and shake. clean stubborn areas with solution-soaked q-tipps. inexpensive and easy so you are sure to “keep it clean” often!!

  34. blubudda93 says:

    What about a wooden grinder? Any ideas? Its my fav and dont want to ruin it. Help! Thanks :)

    • Stoner91 says:

      I just dunked my wooden one in hot water for a few minutes, but it’s ruined the finish of the grinder…. Desist from this plan- it was a bad idea! :(

  35. TheStoner says:

    Just use a hard teethbrush to clean the shit out of your grinder.. Collect some kief and bake some brownies ;)

  36. What do? says:

    Bump! to budda93’s question. I really love how my wood grinder gets the job done, but it’s sticky as all hell after a year of use.

  37. nmgraduate says:

    just throw the shit away. suck it up and get more.

  38. emma says:

    interdental tools make great grinder cleaners especially if yours is miniature like mine and they’re tiny enough to keep in a thc compartment – if you haven’t seen them before they’re like tiny pipe cleaners people use to clean their teeth :)

  39. smoke weed everyday says:

    lets get stoned

  40. philip j says:

    i keep all my herb in a tuperware container and it gets all caked on the bottom. is it safe to use the alcohol method on my tuperware?

  41. Bpappa says:

    Iso alcohol, acetone, and butane all work as long as u use glass and evaporate the solvent completely o.o

  42. Elisafish says:

    A small stippling brush from art store is great for screen and
    threads. Good and stiff. Back up is cleaning brush that comes with an
    an electric razor.

  43. freeworld says:

    does soaking stems in alchohol work?

  44. Crystal says:

    Put a lil dab of butter on your grinder, got the thing moving in no time :))

  45. Best way to clean says:

    Use a kettle to boil water when the water is boiled drop grinder in to a cup seperated and pour boiling water in wait 5 mins take grinder out be careful not to burn yourself!!! And make tea with the water works everytime and gets u stoned win-win situation

  46. Burnzdro23 says:

    anyone use salt and alcohol? I use this on my glassware comes out looking brand new. Have used on my glider brand grinder for almost 10 years makes it look new also. Think im gonna try the evaporative process tho.

  47. 420blaze says:

    yeah can anyone tell me if soaking stems in alcohol works for making hash? iv no bud but a good few stems built up on my rolling tray, i normally make tea with them but if i can make some quality has even for one joint id be happy haha

    • Michele says:

      I would imagine that would work, good question! I saved some stems from my last grow, they are loaded with trichs. I was going to just peel the ‘bark’ from the stems and toss in my hash bags, but I might try the ISO soak instead…

  48. juju says:

    nuts! just throw a few plain peanuts or walnuts into either an electrical grinder or a manual one. this is quick and painless, no taste issues or chems or salt or water…

    • dungood says:

      hope you’re not smoking with any anaphylactics!!

      • Angel says:

        The meat grinder came whiuott any sort of instructions. Compared to other meat grinders I have seen quality seemed below what one should expect. As I assembled the grinder it appeared that the parts did not fit. I ended up returning it.

  49. bonestoner says:

    Alcohol works good been using for 30 years and letting evaporate and then smoking oil.Such an awesome high

  50. dungood says:

    i also use alcohol, but lean towards jack daniels.let it soak, give it a wee scrub and you’re good to go. top up with your favorite mix (hint: dr. pepper. really! try it.)roll up and you’re set for a wonderful evening. cheers!

  51. hiigh there says:

    You guys are awesome I love pot heads we need to unite lol .. good advice my grinder looks brand new

  52. Anonymous says:

    My mom gave me a grinder that she painted herself and now it won’t can I fix this??

  53. Anonymous says:

    no the best way is this and its. microwave a jug of water seperate all parts of the grinder then place all parts in the water DO NOT THROW THE WATER AWAY make a cup of tea or coffee bloody lovely

  54. dave says:

    I use vegetable oil and a q-tip to oil up the grinder from time to time to make it turn better when it gets sticky. I would never use bleach, cleaning products or alcohol.

    • Mac says:

      I soak mine (in a clean plastic bowl) with hot water and a little Dawn. Rinse in hot water and use sink sprayer for last rinse. For a little lube on threads and surfaces that rub together I use CDB Hemp Oil.

  55. mrgreenthumb says:

    Thanks for tips great help

  56. Hell Yea says:

    This post is awesome. However, I need to return to my bowl. Hell yea


  57. Danbridge says:

    I have a cheap $15 aluminum grinder that get FILTHY. I have to use a knife to scrape off the dirt and aluminum shavings from the edges. 1 tooth broke already and the kief screen is broken off too. I still use it to this day.

  58. swimsuperchronic says:

    just thourly cleaned my grinder n omg it feels like my brain is gonna float outta my head soon

  59. Anonymous says:

    If you soak each piece in isopropyl alcohol for 5 min rub it gently with a qtip it cleans it perfectly you can tip it in some hot water after to disolve the alcohol and just tap dry with a paper towel

  60. Maryjane says:

    I have 70% alcohol. Will that work?

  61. joyce kim says:

    what about shaking it in a jar of hot alcohol rice and salt not the screen worked for me and finish is fine didnt smoke the stuff

  62. jjoyce kim says:

    I did it overnite

  63. t-cat says:

    I have a 4 piece grinder that worked wonderfully until the top started spinning independently. Now it won’t grind! How do I reattach the burr piece to the lid?

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